7 Easy Ways to Improve Your GK

Top 7 Easy Ways to Improve Your GK (General Knowledge)

Do you want to win millions of rupees by competing in the show 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' directed by Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan? Or do you want to get a government and banking job by cracking this difficult entrance test? If so, you need to have common sense. Decades of common sense have been crucial to success. As a student, I was never a topper. But when it came to common sense, there were no students in my class - not even those who could beat me. Therefore, I was selected to represent my school in several general knowledge quiz competitions. As usual, we have won a few, lost a few. Nevertheless, I was happy with the certificates given to all participants. Common sense or GK is something I always find interesting. And it's easy to find. I had no talent in studies. Yet I gained general knowledge from my daily activities without any extra effort. Nowadays common sense is very important. Especially if you are looking for tough entrance test cracking and apply for a government job. Therefore, I will tell you the easy ways to improve your GK. But let us first understand what common sense is.

Top 7 Easy Ways to Improve Your GK (General Knowledge)

What is General Knowledge?

General knowledge is knowledge about various subjects which, as opposed to extensive knowledge of a particular subject, is called Collins Dictionary in English. That's right. Because you can be an expert in any subject and we have no knowledge about the things around you, the importance and significance of our lives. Of course, we all have some common sense. Only the degree of our knowledge differs: some have general knowledge, others have less. So if you want to increase your general knowledge, here is the easiest and most affordable way.

Ways to improve General Knowledge

Just before a big GK quiz competition, it seemed impossible for me to increase general knowledge by reading books at the last minute. Instead, one has to learn common sense every day from different knowledge.

1. Watching TV

Surely you watch a few hours of TV every day. Tune in to a good news channel for daily bulletins. Watch a popular Indian news channel as well as major foreign, especially CNN and BBC. Thanks to cable TV and direct-to-home satellite systems, major Indian and foreign channels will appear with your movie and entertainment channel packages. News bulletins are the single best source of general knowledge. They enrich you with what is happening in your city, state, country and the world. If you miss news bulletins for a day, check out weekly news roundups and news reviews. They provide great insight into what is happening. Also remember to watch interesting channels like Discovery, National Geographic and History. These are gold mines of information and enhance your basic general knowledge in interesting ways. Bollywood's popular TV show, 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' is all about GK. You can also watch this show to increase your GK. Next time you can't find a good movie or television series or just get bored - watch a news channel, Discovery, National Geographic and History Channel.

2. Listen to the radio
Listening to the radio is a habit that is dying fast. Smartphones are chanting Doa for news and news summaries on a number of great habits, like a hat-trick on the radio. You may be unfamiliar, but lots of radio stations host short GK quiz competitions for their listeners. You can dial the host and provide an answer to win the prize. Or simply contact them to increase general knowledge. You can also listen to the radio while doing housework or traveling between home or office or school. Radio listening is a great recreational activity. I found it very exciting on foreign radio stations. And unknowingly they were helping to improve my general knowledge.

3. Read newspapers and magazines

Another great way to improve general knowledge is to read newspapers. Unfortunately, reading newspapers is a habit that is rarely seen among young people. Your family is definitely buying a daily newspaper. Spend a few minutes every day reading various important news and current affairs from India and the world. Also, read several good magazines every week. Here I will add that it is not important to buy the latest magazines to increase your general knowledge. Even back problems that can be purchased from paper scrap dealers around the corner will provide adequate knowledge about the various problems and issues. Newspapers have two distinct advantages: they are cheap and available in all languages. You can take them anywhere. In addition to improving your GK, newspapers help you gain better language skills.

4. General knowledge websites

We live in the internet age. This makes it easy to increase basic common sense. Understandably, there are countless websites where you can get all kinds of information for free. There is only one danger: not all information on different websites may be true or proven. Therefore, only those websites that carry factual information need to be viewed blank. Here I will list some great websites where you can access general knowledge for free.

1. Britannic

Britannica is a world-renowned brand of encyclopedias and is the most expensive. However, you can access some of their GK articles through their website. Britannica.com carries general knowledge in simple and readily available language.

2. Encyclopedia

This is a free online encyclopedia. You can find information on millions of things through Encyclopedia.com. General knowledge topics are easy to read and understand on this website. They bring good learning experiences and pictures and illustrations to improve GK.

3. History

The website is part of the world-famous History Channel. You can only have channels in TV or DTH packages. Regardless, you can access their website, history.com, and access information to enhance general websites. This is a very reliable source for GK.

4. InstaNerd

I never heard of this website a few months ago. Now, I'm bound to instanard.com. The Instanerd. my website displays brief information on a topic. If you want to know more, click on the link. If satisfied, you can move on to the next short slide.

5. Wikipedia

There is a general feeling that Wikipedia does not provide accurate information. Anyone can post or edit a topic. This is not entirely true. The information on Wikipedia is basically accurate. It provides links and references to every important part of any topic.

6. Academic kids

If you are a parent and want to increase your children's general knowledge, take them to academic kids. This is a great website created especially for great kids. It contains a variety of common-sense topics that are presented in a style that kids will instantly like.

7. YouTube

There are numerous channels on YouTube that provide general knowledge. Try Ted-Ed. The channel has about eight million subscribers worldwide. TED-ed videos are created by a group of 15 professional educators who are proficient in general knowledge.

5. GK Apps

Have a good smartphone? Download a good app that will help you increase your general knowledge. Since you may have some problems finding the right app, I'll list a few

Encyclopedia of Farlex: This application is presented by a famous free internet dictionary, Thefridorian.com. Farlex's encyclopedia contains more than 330,000 entries on various subjects and more than 44,000 pictures and illustrations.

General Knowledge - World GK: Reviews posted by users of this app indicate that it is fairly good. The app provides information on about 15,000 topics for free and during various entrance exams in India.

General Knowledge (2019): Understandably, this application is updated every year. General Knowledge (2012) contains information on a gold mine that you need to do something for the most difficult entrance exam in India for government and banking work among others.

History Channel (Documentary): This application came from the History Channel. You can watch documentaries shown on this premium channel. View Most content is free, unless you choose to pay.

Hindi and regional language applications: If you have countless G.K. Likes to get information on topics, but choose the ones that are available in Hindi and other regional languages ​​of India.

6. General knowledge books

You must have heard of the Encyclopedias and the Book of the Year. They help to increase your general knowledge. But increasing common sense through books can often prove to be a slow and sometimes futile realization. Nowadays most people refrain from reading. Further, the encyclopedia contains information on countless topics. If you don’t search for anything in particular, the proverbial sentence on the straw needle will be similar to the search.

Another major problem with encyclopedias and yearbooks is the inability of people to remember everything they read. So, you may forget the answers to some relevant general knowledge questions that are characteristic of an entrance exam.

But it doesn’t have to be frustrating. I encourage you to go ahead and buy that encyclopedia or yearbook to improve your general knowledge.

But be sure to watch TV, read newspapers and GK websites. Encyclopedias are force multipliers that will only give a fine tune to your existing general knowledge.

There are some great encyclopedias, reference books and year books that you can use.

Manorama Year Book: This great year book is published every year by Kerala based publishing group Malayla Manorama. It is available at upmarket bookstores and online retailers for Rs 300 each. The Manorama Year book is very effective if you want to crack the rigorous entrance test.

Motherland Year Book: Published annually by Mathrubhumi Printing and Publishing Co. Ltd., the Motherland Year Book is one of the best places to increase general knowledge about India.

Limca Book of Records: This book draws the name from Limca, a lemon flavored carbonated beverage brand from Coca-Cola India. The Limca Book of Records contains a wealth of information on groundbreaking records set up by individuals and organizations in India and abroad.

Encyclopedia Britannica: You can buy the complete and latest Encyclopedia Britannica for around Rs. 200,000. The cost per set for older versions is around Rs 30,000. If not, you can download free versions of this amazing series from the Internet for free. It is available on Kindle.

Other Best General Knowledge Books: Hundreds of encyclopedias and general knowledge books are available in bookstores and online. You can buy these depending on your budget. But make sure they only come from reliable sources.

Entrance Exam Guide: As Indian soldiers apply for different types of entrance exams every year, there is a rich industry of guides for cracking these exams. These guides have lots of questions and answers that can help you increase your general knowledge.

7. Take part in quiz competitions

Participating in quiz competitions is a great way to improve your basic general knowledge. Schools in your area must conduct quiz competitions as part of their annual day celebrations. Quiz competitions are very entertaining. You have to learn and enjoy. Interschool quiz competitions will also be held in your area. These are usually announced in local newspapers. Sometimes, schools charge a small fee from visitors to raise funds for charities. Otherwise, they are free. Take part in this inter-school quiz competition to increase your general knowledge.


I have shown you eight great ways to increase your general knowledge. It is best to acquire GK from multiple sources depending on just one or two. I would say that the most important thing to increase your general knowledge is to get off the smartphone. There are scientific studies that prove that prolonged use of smartphones has a very bad effect on your brain and its learning abilities. Before concluding, I would like to add that improving your general knowledge is not an overnight practice. It takes years of patience and effort.
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