Find out Who Created a Fake Instagram Account

Find out Who Created a Fake Instagram Account - Working Method

Instagram offers an exciting range of location-tracking functions designed to help people track where a photo has been captured. 

It also has options that tell you who took the picture While there are many advanced features available that want to track the details of people who captured the photo and where the shot was captured, it does not show you who created the account.

What do you do first when you come across an Instagram account? Suppose a private Instagram user sends you a request to follow. So, to get a better idea of ​​whether the account is fake or real, you must look at their personal Instagram profile.


How to Find out Who Created a Fake Instagram Account

Many people create fake Instagram accounts to track their ex, track the activity of others and track the location of someone's Instagram account.

Fortunately, tracking a fake Instagram profile is easy. All you have to do is open their profile, click on the follower's list, check their posts and profile pictures. There are also several Instagram fake ID finder apps that allow you to easily track fake IDs.

There are several ways to determine who created an Instagram account. These are quite reliable, and some are perfect for identifying the person who created the account.

In this post, iStaunch will show you a complete guide on how to find out who created an Instagram account.

Let's take a look at some effective tips to track the creator of Instagram account.

How to find out who created an Instagram account

1. Personal Instagram Viewer by iStaunch

2. Track Instagram profile IP address

3. Ask the owner

4. Check their profile

How to find out who created an Instagram account

1. Personal Instagram Viewer by iStaunch

Third party tools are the first thing that crosses our minds when we want to find the creator of an Instagram account.

To find out who created an Instagram account, all you have to do is open a personal Instagram viewer with iStaunch. Enter the username of the account and let the app track the actual user.

Here's how you can:

Open the private Instagram viewer.

Type the username in the box provided.

Enter captcha for verification.

Then tap the submit button.

Then you can see who created the Instagram account

However, the process is not as simple as it seems. This may sound simple, but it takes a little research to track the actual user of an Instagram account. Also, you will need detailed access to their email and contact details to find out who created the account and whether the person is genuine.

2. Track Instagram profile IP address

If you're wondering how people track Instagram accounts, it clicks on location tracking URLs. Basically, it reveals the user's IP address, making it easier for you to track the person So far, this is the only possible way you can track the actual user who is running an Instagram account.

Here's how you can:

Open the Grabify IP Logger website.

Create a random customized URL.

Start a conversation with the target user and send them the link.

As soon as the person clicks on this URL, their IP address will be recorded on the Grabify website.

Refresh the Grabify page and the IP address will appear.

You need to do this wisely so that the person does not suspect any unusual activity.

Alternative ways:

Open the Instagram IP Address Finder.

Type in the username whose IP you want to find.

Enter captcha for verification.

Then tap the submit button.

You will then see the IP address of the Instagram account.

Once you find the IP address of the Instagram profile, you can track the location on Google Maps using the IP Address Tracker with the iStaunch tool.

3. Ask the owner

Sometimes, asking the user directly about who they are is the easiest way for them to know. Fortunately, this method works for some. If you have good and smart communication skills, you can easily track this user. However, if the user has created a fake account, there is a high probability that they will not want to give their identity to a stranger.

You can send a message directly to the person by going to their profile and asking, "Who are you?" You must explain why you want to know the details of the account creator. What motivates you to ask that person is who they are so that they can meet with you and find a reason to reveal their identity.

One can also check when the account was created and how many times the username was changed to learn more about the profile.

You can use Instagram's "About this account" feature to find out when an account was created. You'll see when someone joined Instagram, their country, previous username, shared followers account, and active ads.

Please note that this feature is not available in the desktop version of Instagram, so you need to use the Instagram app to access it.

Fake Instagram Account Checker

If you're looking for a tool that can help you track Instagram accounts or identify fake account holders, you should give it a try. You can go with TrendHero which uses advanced analysis to identify similar influencers and filter out fraudulent profiles.

TrendHero to identify fake accounts or shortlist those profiles.
Trendhero is free to use as a trial for an account and to find the name of a fake account holder.

Trendhero Instagram Account Finder Tool

First, register for Free TrendHero with all your details

In the dashboard navigation bar, tap My List menu.

At the top of the page, click the drop-down menu and scroll down. Enter your name in the blank box.

Search for influencers. To do this, click on the Discovery menu and select one of the 13 sub-categories.

You will get a list of influential people. Select the ones you want to add and click on the bookmark icon on the left side

You can always access it by selecting the My List option from the drop-down menu on the right.

All you have to do is follow the name of a fake Instagram account holder.

Instagram Fake ID Finder App:

If you're looking for an app that can actually track all fake Instagram accounts based on a picture or profile picture or other algorithm that proves the account to be fake. Such a smart app is available in your Google Play Store and you can install it on your device and with this app you can get rid of any profile that you suspect is fake.

Fakefind - Clean Fake Follower:

FakeFind is a free and most effective app you can use on your Android device to find out if an Instagram account is fake or real when an Instagram user follows you. To use the FakeFind app, just follow the steps:

Fakefind Instagram ID Finder App

First, install FakeFind on your mobile device.

Login now with your certificate.

Now, this app actually pushes notifications when someone follows you or you follow someone on Instagram.

The app actually scans pictures or other items like profile pictures and shared stories to determine if the account is fake and sends a final notification.

It's very easy to use on your Android device and there are more similar apps available in the Play Store and if you are on your iOS device you can find similar and similar apps to track your followers.

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4. Check their profile

The first step in finding out who created an account is to check the list of their followers and followers. As mentioned above, fake Instagram accounts can follow a lot of people. They will have a large following and some followers. In addition, identifying a fake profile is quite obvious because fake Instagrammers keep a fake profile picture and their followers and followers are also fake.

So, these steps were to find out who created an account and track the real identity of an Instagram account. Let me know in the comments section below if you have any questions. 

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