Download Facebook Locked Profile Picture

Download Facebook Locked Profile Picture Online 2023

Looking for a locked Facebook profile picture of your crash? Feeling hopeless? Okay, don't worry we've got you back. If you want to see locked Facebook profile pictures, there are several easy ways to do so, even if they are not your friends. If you want to keep tabs on people and see what they're doing, they're helpful, but you don't want to let them know what you're posting. A locked image will appear as a silhouette, but if you know the technique, it is not difficult to get more out of it.

Remember there is no Facebook-locked profile viewer app if you find it duplicate or invalid. Never click on such links. This can be a phishing link because Facebook does not allow third party apps or sites to access their user data without being friends. Instead of following this procedure, it will take 30 seconds to get the Facebook profile viewer online.

Download Facebook Locked Profile Picture Online 2022
Download Facebook Locked Profile Picture Online 2022

What does a locked Facebook profile picture look like?

You may have met people who keep their Facebook profile picture locked for security reasons. You may want to lock your profile picture for security reasons. If you're one of them and are looking for a way to view locked Facebook profile pictures, here's a technique below that can help you see the full Facebook profile picture.

View locked Facebook profile picture online

Log in to your Facebook account.

Navigate to the profile for which you want to view the locked Facebook profile picture.

Change URL - Attach "mbasic". Before "" and press Enter.

Right click on the profile picture.

Download / view locked Facebook profile picture by clicking on Save Image As.

Detailed steps on how to view a profile picture locked on Facebook

1. Log in to your Facebook account to see the locked Facebook profile picture

You must be logged in to Facebook to view locked Facebook profile pictures online.

2. Navigate to the desired locked Facebook profile

To view a locked profile picture on FB, you need to open the desired profile for which you want to view the locked Facebook profile picture.

3. Change the URL

By default, the URL of a locked Facebook profile picture is in the format shown below

We need to replace the "www" part with "mbasic" which will look like below.

After changing the URL, press Enter to view the locked Facebook profile picture. Then your screen should look like below.

4. Right-click the profile picture and click Save Image Edge

This is how you will see the profile pic on Facebook when it is locked. Right click on the profile picture locked on Facebook in this screen here and click on Save Image As option to download the profile picture.

See a protected private profile picture on Facebook

Facebook profile photo viewer: Facebook has recently launched a Facebook account picture guard which gives protection against your FB profile picture and it also blocks facebook picture hack that allows the user to open Facebook profile picture in full size & provides security that your profile photo will not get misused. Even more, they have also provided picture settings under the section of 'who can see my profile picture on facebook' to make facebook profile picture private. Initially, there are many facebook private profile picture viewer websites, able to fetch the FB profile photos easily but it now becomes difficult to see full-size beautiful picture for Facebook profile anywhere.

But some Facebook profile picture hack online loopholes allow to bypass this facebook profile picture privacy and was able to share the private FB profile picture guard protected photos. You can able to get a full picture from facebook profile picture thumbnail to big size. To know the trick to view Facebook profile picture online check out the TWO methods listed below.

Before starting any step you must know to get the ID of any Facebook user profile or page:

How to find Facebook User Profile ID?

Go to the profile page whose ID you want to know.

Right click on anywhere of that page.

Click on "View page source"

Press ctrl+F to find "entity_id":

You will able to get the number, that's profile ID.

Facebook locked profile picture viewer

Open any profile profile page in Facebook.

Right click on Facebook profile picture.

Select Open image in new tab.

Remove the sub-link tags [like s160x160 or cxx.xx.xx or s320X320 or any]- see demo picture below.



Before using this technique, please remember that when someone locks their profile on Facebook, you should respect the privacy of that particular user. You should only download profile pictures with their consent. A security expert claims that hackers can download your profile picture and use it as a tool to fool you. By simply visiting their Facebook profile, hackers can add malicious code to your browser and gain easy access to your account. When you download a person's profile picture from Facebook, it may contain spyware or other malicious code. So before you click download, make sure you trust them and think about what kind of software might be hidden in their photo file.

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