How To Change Voice On Whatsapp & Call

How To Change Voice On Whatsapp & Call

If you prefer to play blank on your friends and family, you can use an app to change the voice on Android or iPhone. However, dismissing a good real-time voice changer application when making a call can be a tedious task. There are only a few apps available for your iPhone and Android that can be your partner in crime by pulling someone over. While most people search for male to female or female voice changers, these applications can do much more than that.

For Android

1. Voice Changer Calling
One of the best voice changer apps on the go, it will help you have fun and irritate your friends and family. "Strange Voice" works on CSipSmple and is allowed under GNU GPL v3. You must be connected to Wi-Fi to make calls. Calling charges for apps make it easier to pocket, less. Although it does not hide your caller ID.

2. Call Voice Changer – IntCall
It's called as a fun app by its developers. If you want to change your voice in real-time, you can add strange sound effects while you are in a direct call. You can make a call to a prac by changing the pitch of your voice. You can apply sound effects at any time in real-time. You need to make sure you have a strong internet connection.

How To Change Voice On Whatsapp & Call
How To Change Voice On Whatsapp & Call

3. Funcalls – best Voice Changer & Call Recording
One of the best voice changer apps on the go, Pran calls and is a great way to fool your friends with a scary or funny voice on the call. You can also select recorded words while you are in a live call. You also get an option to record your funny conversation and share it with your friends. Alternatively, you can make international phone calls to mobile phones as well as landlines in Asia, Europe, Africa and more.

4. MagicCall – Best Voice Changer On Call, Prank Dial
This is a great way to play pranks on your friends and family. You can change your voice when calling in real-time. There are various backgrounds of the application to choose from such as the James Bond theme when talking with friends to add drama, romantic atmosphere to your beau. You can record and share your prank calls to get more fun on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media applications. You can change your voice from male to female and vice versa

For iPhone

The iPhone has its own set of restrictions. But that certainly doesn't stop you from having fun. There are a few apps that can help you change your voice and pull your friends and family a hug. Again, even from iPhone to male or female voice changer applications are quite popular, but the apps mentioned below have many more features.

5. Funcall – Voice Changer & Rec
Change your voice and tease your friends with different friends but stay anonymous with it. You can change your voice in a live call. You can record these calls and share them with your family and friends for more fun. You can add different sound effects such as fart, moo, woozy shots, scary zone, cat mia, puppy bark, boom, monkey and werewolf!

6. Call Voice Changer IntCall Make Funny Phone Calls
It is also very popularly used to have fun and irritate your friends' phone calls. You can add sound effects and change your voice when calling. You can change your voice to deep, clever and even loud in a single tap. You can play sound effects like birthday songs, cartoon character imitations, and more.

7. Voicy phone
Voice Phone is one of the best voice changer apps for iOS devices. You can change the voice when making a call to surprise your friends with a fun voice. The app lets you be creative and customize the tones for individual listening by mixing the given options. For example, Fast Mobster, Chipmunk Robot and more. There can be no finite combination and the sky is the limit to your creativity.

How To Change Voice On Whatsapp

1. Voice changer with effects

Change your voice and have fun listening to your modified voice!
Record your voice, apply effects, and share them with your friends.
You can send your changed voices directly from Whatsapp!

• Normal
• Helium
• Hexafluoride
• Robot
• Big robot
• Cave
• Space mutant
• Deep voice
• Backwards
• Monster
• Small creature
• Optimus Robot
• Telephone
• Dragon
• Nervous
• Extraterrestrial

2. Call Voice Changer – IntCall

Features of Call Voice Changer -IntCall include:

* Make funny phone calls: Easily change the pitch of your voice while on the phone
* Real-time effects: Change the sound effect any time during your call
* Spice up calls: Play fun sound effects like siren, gong, dog bark, and more!
* Free credits: new users may be given some free minutes to test the app in the2 weeks after installation. You can buy more time from the app or earn free minutes.

Note that calls are placed over the internet using VOIP so make sure you have a strong internet connection before using the app.

Turn your next phone call into a hilarious experience… download Call Voice Changer - IntCall now!

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3. Change My Voice

Record yourself and then change your voice. A simple to use yet highly powerful voice changer.

You can select from many pre-defined voices
You can also use the tools and sliders to create your own voice modifications,by changing pitch, speed, adding echo and more.
This is the most flexible voice changer app, with infinite number of voice changing options.

You instantly hear the modified voice, no need to wait for processing.

Many asked to add an option to change the voice during a phone call.Unfortunately, an in-call voice changer is not possible in Android.

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