Top 10 Best Audio Converters for Android

Top 10 Best Audio Converters for Android in 2023

There might be numerous reasons you want to convert your audio file to other formats or even convert other files to audio formats. Audio conversion could be tough if you don’t use the right tools. To help you deal with this problem, here we have tested & reviewed the best audio converter apps for Android you should use in 2020.

Best Audio Converters for Android in 2020

1. Audio Converter by Cometdocs

Try this one of the best audio converters for Android to convert any audio file on your Android device. You can use this smart solution to convert audio files into various formats effortlessly. It works on intelligent algorithms to deliver fast results. Furthermore, it avoids any damages to the converted file and ensures quality is preserved.

Features of Audio Converter by Cometdocs

Allows you to select files from local device storage or from cloud servers to convert them.
Converts all files from its servers; thus, it doesn’t consume any resources on your device.
Once the conversion is completed, it deletes all files from its servers to keep your data security intact.
It doesn’t hold any limits on file size or several converted files.

Best Audio Converters for Android in 2020
Best Audio Converters for Android in 2020

2. Audio Converter – All Formats

It is user friendly and fast audio converter tool that supports all major file formats. Audio conversion tool helps you convert audio files into multiple formats. The tool enables you to convert files from FLAC to MP3, MP4 to MP3, MP4 to WAV, MP4 to FLAC, MP3 to OGG, MP3 to AAC, and many more. The best part of this tool is that it is lightweight and doesn’t consume many resources on your device. Working on fast engines, it delivers super-quick results.

Features of Audio Converter – All Formats

Works as audio to audio converter and video to audio converter.
Allows you to process files in batch to save time.
Supports all major file formats.
Offers different encodings to select from including default, VBR, and CBR.
Displays sample rate frequency and bitrate to help you understand the quality of the converted file better.

3.  All Audio Converter

All Audio Converter is one of the most prominent tools available to convert audio files. The tool to convert audio file supports almost all major audio formats including MP3, M4A, AAC, OGG, OPUS, FLAC, and more. It offers tons of basic editing features to customize the audio size, frequency, bitrate, and channel. You can not only use this tool to convert audio files to other formats, but you can also convert other files to audio format using this advanced tool. You can use this free audio converter for Android to get instant results.

Features of All Audio Converter

Offers fully customized audio parameters to help you perform tasks as per requirements.
Works on an interactive interface and displays detailed audio information for better results.
Delivers high-quality results without causing any quality loss.
Allows you to save edited files within app itself for easy access.

4. Audio Converter – MP3 Cutter

Use this powerful Android application to convert all audio files in few simple clicks. The audio converter allows you to convert any music format to other selected format easily. Additionally, you can cut music to extract preferred clips for your records. You can even share these clips with your friends. This audio conversion tool to create your ringtones for your device.

Features of Audio Converter – MP3 Cutter

Supports audio conversion with one click to save time.
Helps you cut your preferred clips from music files to use them as a ringtone on your device.
Offers various audio edit settings, including frequency, bitrate, and channel.
Supports VBR, CBR, Mono, and Stereo sounds.
You can later upload audio files to cloud servers or share them with your friends.

5. Audio Converter

If you are looking for a simple and powerful app to convert audio files, then Audio Converter should be your pick. You can use this app to convert all your audio files to other formats or convert other files to various audio formats. It doesn’t hold limit on file size to help you convert even the large size files effortlessly.

Features of Audio Converter

It has both single and batch conversion features to deliver effective results.
Supports all audio bitrates and file formats.
Performs all tasks in the background allowing you to view the conversion process in the notification bar.
The app is entirely free to use.

6. Audio Converter MP3 WAV WMA

Use this powerful tool to convert any audio file on your device to MP3 or other file formats. It supports all major file formats to deliver accurate results. This advanced audio converter supports mp3, wav, amr, flac, aac, and all-important file formats. It works on a simple interface to help you convert any file in few clicks process. Here, you simply need to select the file and click on the Convert button, and it will complete the process in a few seconds.

Features of Audio Converter MP3, Wav, WMA

You can find the most popular file extensions with this tool to perform the conversion.
It supports all bitrate to deliver high-quality results.
Once converted, you can easily share the file across platforms.

7. Audio Editor

Audio Editor is a powerful tool that performs numerous tasks seamlessly to save time. You can use this tool to trim, mix, merge, or convert audio files effortlessly. It also works as a tag editor and offers options like audio omit and audio split to deliver comprehensive results.

Features of Audio Editor

This comprehensive tool comes loaded with numerous useful features, including audio converter, audio editor, tag editor, audio split, and more.
With video cutter feature, it helps you create ringtones of your choice.
It allows you to change metadata of audio files for easy search.

8. Video to Audio Converter

Video to Audio Converter, Ultrafast MP3 Converter is an advanced tool offered to help you convert video to audio files and audio files in different formats. This advanced tool ensures you get high-quality audio files every time you use this tool.

Features of Video to Audio Converter

Offers a built-in player to help you view a video before you convert it.
It helps you convert files in the background.
It offers an audio cutter and ringtone maker feature.

9. MP3 Video Converter

This smart audio converter app for Android is designed to support all major audio formats. Using this app is easy while it consumes very fewer device resources. You can use this app to convert video files to audio files, including MP3 and AAC formats.

Features of MP3 Video Converter

It supports various video & audio formats.
It supports editing metadata of audio files.
It supports application based integration.

10. MP3 Converter

If you are a music lover, then you should download this app for Android. It helps you easily convert MP3 files to other audio formats in few simple steps. It even allows you to edit or cut audio files instantly. You can use this tool to make your favorite ringtones. You can use this tool to convert video downloads to music files using video to MP3 converter.

Features of MP3 Converter

It offers an MP3 cutter for editing audio files.
Supports all major audio formats and types.
It offers a fast video to audio conversion to save time.
So, this was a quick review of the best audio converter apps for Android. Do try these smart apps to convert audio files and share your feedback in the comments below.



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