Top 11 Best Free Skills to Start Freelancing Career

Top 11 Best Free Skills to Start Freelancing Career in 2023

Controlling your work stress, working with your clients and your income is a big advantage of freelancing. When you do freelance, you will be in the driver's seat. Determine which job you will take, which client you want to work for, and your salary rate. Depending on your skill level it may be possible to work part-time but pay for the full time. Flexibility and remote work is also a park. Most of the time working on freelance projects is working in your home office and working hours of your choice. There are deadlines to meet with you but you will decide when and where to work.

1. Coding

There are over three million different applications available in the Google and Apple stores, and someone has to come up with a code to get them all done. Why can't you? With this course designed by Google, you can become a free Android developer, and you can also learn a lot of useful coding languages ​​for formatting in Codecademy. TreeHouse is another incredible online resource for picking these skills.

2. Translate.

Perhaps you are fluent in at least one language. One inexpensive way to diversify your skillset is to learn a second language and look for a job as a translator. Are you exclusive? No promotion (these means don't worry in Spanish)! Duolingo is a simple free application that will teach you another language in a few weeks. Or if you are Gregorian enough, you can arrange Skype chat with skilled people in the language you want to learn, meet foreign travelers who come to your town on Couchsurfing, and learn how the language was taught: by talking and listening to someone.

Top 11 Best Free Skills to Start Freelancing Career in 2021
Top 11 Best Free Skills to Start Freelancing Career in 2021 

3. Graphic design

Even if you think you are a perfect sucker for drawing or other visual arts, you are probably sometimes not given the right tools to be a good artist. Countless skilled graphic designers were self-taught and simply spent hours learning the basics of graphic design.

4. Website building.

Some people need help building their website and they will pay you very well if they know what you are doing. Either from free coding classes or by learning while using WordPress, without the opportunity to learn how to design a website from scratch, without having to learn how to do it. There are also low-cost options for online classes and other resources that can speed up your learning.

5. Blog writing.

Fancy himself a writer but never made a pen? That's right- most of the content online these days is crap, so you should have no problem writing jigs. Having fun, having fun! Writing is the best way to become a good writer.

No one will pay you at first, but if you practice enough, it will only be a matter of time before you create the blog skills for other clients or write the copyright skills you need. WordPress, Blogger, or Medium are just three of the many free platforms for crafting your craft.

6. ESL Teaching.

You are reading this article, so it is better to bet that you are fluent in English. While English abroad is generally required as a second language (ESL) school to allow their instructors to teach (something that unfortunately costs money), you can certainly find people willing to pay you a reasonable rate for teaching English via Skype or Google Hangouts.

7. Understand and interpret analytics.

Thanks to Google for this great crash course in SEO and everything related to Google Analytics. Gold in this free course is worth more than the virtual weight. Even better, you can join the peer-to-peer and analytics forums on Google+, allowing you to learn one of the most marketable skills from the people who created it.

8. Photography.

I'm assuming that if you don't already own a basic point-and-shoot digital camera, you probably have a smartphone that can take decent pictures. Everyone has the potential to take portrait level pictures with an iPhone, it is a matter of practicing enough and developing eyes for what looks good and what doesn't.
Top 11 Best Free Skills to Start Freelancing Career in 2021
Top 11 Best Free Skills to Start Freelancing Career in 2021 

9. Wikipedia contributors.

Have you ever tried to write a Wikipedia article before? Their content moderator is tough, but that's a good thing because the harder it is to publish an article on Wikipedia, the more people agree to pay someone else for it. With a lot of patience, you can learn the ropes from other Wikipedians and then create Wikipedia pages of live writing. I'm guessing you'll probably learn a lot of random events.

10. Proofreader

With this free copy of Immortal The Elements of Style in hand, you can master the skills of proofreading and editing another person's work. Let's pay for the grammar buff.

11. SEO Expert

Ability to find high-volume, low-competition keywords. Basic understanding of HTML. How and where to add keywords to a webpage. Intermediate to advanced copywriting skills. Proficiency in visual content, like video and infographics. Ability to promote and build links to key pages.  Understanding of how technical SEO impacts rankings. Knowledge of emerging SEO trends and Google algorithm changes. BE an SEO practitioner just like ME !!

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