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Top 9 Best Email Apps for Android in 2021 

Your smartphone or tablet comes with an installed Android email app, but it may not be the perfect fit for your needs. But once you start investigating many possibilities at once it can be difficult for you to choose a replacement. Email apps for Android distract from the general-purpose model customization options and AI features to help you differentiate many and your choice here is a redundancy of the five most popular.

Top 9 Best Email Apps for Android in 2021

1. Gmail

Easy to use with multiple account support and spam blocking. The primary purpose of the Gmail application is to provide an organized, time-saving general-purpose application for sending and receiving email messages to your phone or tablet. This enables you to get first from friends and social or business correspondents by organizing your inbox into separate sections for social and promotional messages. You are able to set up an IMAP or POP email account in addition to your Gmail account, spam is blocked before it reaches you and you get 15 GB of free storage which enables a lot of message space.

2. Microsoft Outlook: Organize your email and calendar

Integrated email accounts and calendars for convenience and productivity. In addition to just an email application for Android, Outlook is your partner for business activities with a powerful inbox with convenient access to multiple accounts and calendars as well as convenient handling of messages with file access.

  • Email accounts, calendars, contact lists, and files all in one place
  • Direct access to calendars and files from your inbox
  • Integration with Microsoft Office apps including OneDrive
  • Customizable calendar tools
  • Easy inbox management, swipe gestures, and filters
  • Ability to organize, share, and coordinate calendars
  • Information about travel dates, bill payments, delivery at your fingertips with automatic calendar updates
  • Inbox organization puts forward important messages and conversations

Enterprise-grade protection to protect you from online threats and secure email calendars and contacts. The Microsoft Outlook Android email app lets you manage and play seamlessly with email accounts integrated with contact lists, files, and calendars.

Top 9 Best Email Apps for Android in 2021

3. Yahoo Mail - Organized email

Super-organized Android email application with easy attachment viewing. Yahoo Mail is Android's email application that enables you to organize all your email accounts in one place with custom settings, notifications and different colors. It makes almost everything easy - to deliver all subscriptions directly to a single screen so you can unsubscribe from junk mail or spam with a single tap.

Customization options are also easy. For the ultimate convenience, you can drag your most used folder icons into the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and select themes, words, and swipe to reflect your personality to the app. Attachment Philosophy lets you search for photos sent to you through your various accounts and folders, and the Travel Platform presents flight information.

If you want to be at the top of your favorite stores, this is the app that keeps you fully updated with real-time notifications. You will also have Deal View and Receipt View. Yahoo Mail highlights human-generated emails so you can avoid robots, has great accessibility features, and 1000 GB of storage space.

4. Samsung email

Odd management of the business and personal email accounts. The Samsung Android Email application provides Exchange Activation (or EAS) integration, S / Mime encryption, and spam management for businesses in addition to easy management of both business and personal email accounts. For business use, you are able to synchronize with the Exchange server to manage calendars and contacts. The application enables organizations to manage specific policies admin. On a personal level, you have your own custom features that allow you to attach mailboxes, synchronize CDs, and set up notifications. Your application has the advantage of having all your accounts which provides a thread view for reading conversations and other related mail.

Top 9 Best Email Apps for Android in 2021

5. Email Blue Mail - Calendar and Tasks

Elegance in intuitive, easy to use design with an integrated calendar. Your device has Blue Mail location as the perfect replacement for the default Android email application. The sleek unified interface makes it easy for you to set up all your accounts and sync inboxes to allow you to see all your mail on one screen with filtering options to read what you need first.

  • Put all your accounts in one place with the full support of all webmail providers, IMAP, POP3, and EAS, put all your accounts in one place with auto-configuration to synchronize everything in a unified interface with push mail and integrated calendar.
  • Get enhanced features including Unified Folder, People Toggle, Group Mail, Share Mail, Clusters, Spam Management and Notification Options.
  • Enjoy the Vision app with day and night mode, swipe menu, sender image, logo and quick recognition icon and much more.
  • Installing Bluemail ensures you an intuitive and easy-to-use email application for Android that fully protects your privacy with direct server communication, industry-leading encryption, and lock screen capabilities.

6. Clinfox

Clinfox is not an email client, but it is a useful application for email users. It basically helps you to subscribe to a huge number of things that you have somehow subscribed to. You attach your email accounts to the app and it runs through your subscriptions and discovers. It subscribes to them if you want. It can delete old emails from subs subscriptions and help you manage things in other ways. It's a free app and it's not really hard to use. Most complaints are about bugs and bugs, but Clinfox does what it can and it works in most cases.

Top 9 Best Email Apps for Android in 2021

7. K-9 mail

K9 Mail is one of the oldest email applications out there. Many enjoy it for its minimal interface, BS experience, and unified inbox. It supports most IMAP, POP3, and Exchange 2003/2007 accounts. Otherwise, what you see is what you get. The UI isn’t overly inspiring, but it makes it without leaving any stimulating feature that only works halfway. It is old school and reliable. The app is open source. You can create it yourself or contribute to the community via Github. It’s certainly not flashy. However, it is functional and lightweight. It is also completely free.

8. Nine

If you're concerned about security and use Outlook, Nine is one of the best email apps out there. It does not boast of any server or cloud features. The application only connects you to email services. After all, it includes support for Exchange Activation, which can be expected for any application that donates to Exchange Support. You have a variety of options, including choosing which folder you want to sync, wear OS support, and more. It’s as expensive as the email client goes and there are a few bugs here and there. However, users must look further.

Top 9 Best Email Apps for Android in 2021

9. Newton Mail

Newton Mail has a complex past. It was Cloud Magic, Newton Mail was rebranded, died and brought back by Essentials (phone maker). It stands as one of the best email apps on the list. The app has a clean, one with several goodies, one of the best and cleanest UI. These include email snoozing, two-factor authentication, the ability to send emails later, the ability to read receipts, and one-click unsubscribe features. You can also add a host of other applications for better integration. Don't get us wrong, it's quite expensive to use basic email. But apps like this have a niche and Newton is the best of those niches. Newton Mail was supposed to close on April 30, 2020, but it seems they have found a way to keep the door open.

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