Best Electric Snow Blower

Top 6 Best Electric Snow Blower of 2021

Winter weather hits at least the right time and snowy driveways can cause problems if you have places to go. Heck, we're headquartered in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, so we know a thing or two about snow. The best way to quickly clear a path for your car when it throws 500 plus inches of snow on the Titans is with a snowblower but using one can lead to unintended environmental consequences.

Top 6 Best Electric Snow Blower of 2021

Gas-powered snow bleaching is not environmentally friendly

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), using an average hourly gas-powered snow blower emits about one pound of carbon monoxide. That’s the equivalent of driving your car 70 miles! The lesson is clear - gas-powered snow boils are not climate-friendly.

So what is the solution? Consider investing in electric snow bleaching instead of running your driveway short. These plug-in or battery-powered machines generate fewer emissions - especially if your home's electricity comes from renewable energy - and they're lighter, quieter and easier to maintain than their gas-guzel competitors. Electronic engines have come a long way in recent years and are just as powerful as many electric snow bowler gas models. However, not all electric snow shovels are created equal, so we've ranked some of the best models available today to help you decide which one is right for your needs.

1. Ego 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Electric Snow Blower

There is a reason why so many people are singing praises of the ego model SNT2102. With a jute that can rotate 180 degrees to target snow in the direction you want to go, and a long-running 55 56-volt battery, this machine has almost the same functionality as the gas-powered model. It can snow up to a surprising 35 feet, enabling you to clean your driveway or walk, call or mop comfortably. With an eclipse height of 13 inches you can easily carry most of the normal snowfall. However, if you have accumulated snow left behind in the snow, it can be removed once it reaches a height of 10 inches. Particularly relevant is that it comes with a five year limited warranty (and 3 years on battery). It guarantees that you can use this ego snow blower for a very long time. All things considered, I can’t make it as my top choice for the best electric snowblower.

2. Snow Joe iON18SB

This Snow Joe Snow Blower is one step up from the Toro Cord model, but one step down from the Ego Snow Blower. Still, there’s nothing like sneezing here. With an average run time of 50 minutes before recharging, Snowjo eliminates the need for a snow blower cord. It seems like something other than its cord-free nature, this model is basically the same as the Toro, unless you add auto-rotating chitchat and headlights. It is important to be able to clear the snow after dark at the end of winter, especially if you return home from work to block the road with a plow blockdrive. It is a strong and reliable choice for the best cordless snow blower.

3. Toro 1800 Power Curve 38381

Although there is always some annoyance when using the cord model, especially when you need extra long cords to reach, even the biggest work has the advantage of being able to run continuously until it is finished. The Toro Snow Blower is a smaller machine than the Ego and has a few more limitations. That being said, this machine can handle a wide variety of snow types with relative ease. As it is small, it is significantly lighter in weight, which helps in movement. With something deeper than about eight inches, you may have to make multiple passes to clear the snow. Any snow bowler of different snow types will be thrown at different rates, but it lobs at least fifteen feet and even soggy snow with a top range of about thirty feet. As a result, it is certainly the best corded snow blower.

Top 6 Best Electric Snow Blower of 2021

4. Snow Joe Ultra SJ620

This can be a complete snow bleach as well as a snow thrower because its power is comparable. Unlike its snow-washed relatives, it includes a scrap at the base that makes it effective only on flat surfaces such as driveways, walkways and decks. Crab paths don’t do well with this model because it will only pull pebbles with snow. But its scrap will not damage your flat surfaces, which is important. For what it is, this snow thrower is awesome. The crease can be rotated 180 degrees not only to keep the snow away, but also to adjust the height angle of the snow spray. It is suitable for snow pickup in small to medium sized areas. As a result, I have to make a high offer to this snow thrower. It’s almost as if you’re climbing into a snow blower on a less expensive package.

5. Toro Power Shovel 38361

This is my runner-up to Snowjo Snow Thrower and I’m including it because Green Works makes good products for great prices. With a width of 20 inches it is wider than most of the snowblower models I have profiled so far. If there’s one hard complaint, it’s that the Snowzo model can take a deep bite outside of the snowpack. By comparison, it takes about 6 inches of bite with ease but it is much deeper and it really has to work in removing snow. I personally prefer cord-free models to cordless models. But if snowshoe is not available and you want another cheap alternative, this Green Works snow thrower will work hard for you.

6. Greenworks 2600202 Snow Thrower

This is my runner-up to Snowjo Snow Thrower and I’m including it because Green Works makes good products for great prices. With a width of 20 inches it is wider than most of the snowblower models I have profiled so far. If there’s one hard complaint, it’s that the Snowzo model can take a deep bite outside of the snowpack. By comparison, it takes about 6 inches of bite with ease but it is much deeper and it really has to work in removing snow. I personally prefer cord-free models to cordless models. But if snowshoe is not available and you want another cheap alternative, this Green Works snow thrower will work hard for you.

7. Greenworks Snow Thrower 2600502

The Green Works Snow Thrower is a perfect machine that delivers plenty of power. It runs on a 13MP motor and includes dual LED lights for easy use in pre-dawn situations. Although its small size makes it visually appealing, this snow blower can remove 850 pounds of snow per minute, making it the most efficient model on our list. And at just 30, that's enough for almost everyone's use. You can rely on this machine to move snow up to ten inches deep in a twelve-inch path. Although the company claims that it can throw up to 20-feet of snow, the 13-MP motor is less powerful than most of its competitors and that means many people throw it at about ten feet of maximum snow. This makes this model best for small yards or relatively narrow driveways. Otherwise, you will find yourself raining the same snow several times.

Further debating its quality, some customers have complained that the Green Works snowblower seems to be made from cheap plastic that fights to break up compact snow if you don’t cut it with a shovel first. Others found it easier to cause damage when used on flawless surfaces or gravel roads. While Green Works doesn’t seem to be very publicly available about environmental standards, the company has also quickly become an industry leader in electrically powered personal courtyard equipment. Many of the brand’s products run on the same battery, meaning you can easily replace them and remove them within the device. Overall, Green Works Snow Thrower seems to be most suitable for clearing fresh snow from relatively small, paved driveways. Those in need of intense snow-clearing may need higher-powered machines.

Do you even need an electric snow blower?

It depends on how much snow you get. If you only get a few inches or less a year, you probably don’t need a snowblower. Until then there are other options for removing snow ... perhaps a power shovel, or an electric snow thrower. If you are getting more than that then an electric snow bowler may be the right thing for you. There is also a top limit. If 10 inches are dropped on you at once, you will need to make multiple passes to move it. The electric snow blower can be equivalent to an entry-level single-stage gas thrower. It can handle good drifts but not all at once. So when the snow dumps a mountain at the end of your driveway, expect it to find a few paths.

Electric Snow Blower vs. Electric Snow Thrower

You will notice that I am throwing two very similar kinds of words. Since this can be confusing, I explain the difference between an electric snow thrower and an electric snow blower. Electric snow throwers are targeted every year for people in the lower reaches of the iceberg, but who have reason to avoid using shovels. It’s about the size of a standard lawnmower and it only works for small areas. Anyone whose front porch probably needs to be cleaned, or perhaps the average suburban driveway, can benefit from electric snowflakes. In comparison, an electric snow blower can launch snow significantly further away and handle larger areas. A good snow blower can handle eight inches of snow with relative ease. But you have to press the electric snow blower, and it can be a bit rough to handle through more dense drift.

Snow throwers are lighter in weight and easier to exercise than snow throwers. If you have a long driveway, you will still want that snow bowler. Now, what if you’re just doing your own deck, and it’s a low-snow situation, probably four inches or more? In that case, you can consider a power shovel. These can save you some backbreaking labor yet they are not effective for large spaces unless you have time to live, as their mouths are very narrow and not close to snow-moving ability.

Electric vs. Gas Snow Blower

When you buy an electric blower you are protecting yourself from fog and hassle but you are losing some power. Gas snow blowers seem to be infamous for having carburetor problems. If you use old gas, or if any non-gaseous material or particle enters the gas tank, the carburetor can come into the gun and repair. These, too, can be tricky and may not start easily in complex weather ... which, as you can imagine, is not ideal. However they go through the snow with ease and can handle much larger drifts than the average electric model. By comparison, the electric blower can be hard to push through the pile that always leaves the snowplow at the end of your driveway, but you don't have to look for a carburetor repairman when you decide to stop working on your snow blower. For many people, the lack of convenience factor plus and the need for a larger model make electric blowers attractive.

Choosing the right snow blower for your snow type

Many layers of powdered ice are ideal for your electric snowblower. Thin crusts can also be handled on the surface of the snow but dense or hard-packed crusts can be hard to chew. If you have wet or slush snow in every storm (for example, the mountains of Southern California), electric snow bowlers don’t work just as well. This is because skilled snow shocks or jams your device to get caught up in internal tasks. At this point, it may be time to look at a gas snow bowler who can handle heavy responsibilities.

Electric Snow Blower Brand Breakdown

Let’s go over the top few brands that produce electric snow blowers and snow throwers. Some names may be familiar to you but others may not know it.

1. EGO

EGO brings to the table the cordless electrical appliances of their Power + series, which they spent ten years developing. The company claims that it is "the first line of cordless outdoor power equipment with gas power and performance, but without noise, noise and fumes" and there are many people who agree with this feeling. These have been around for almost twenty years, but the arrogant snow bowler POWER + line is constantly evolving and staying current with technology.

2. Toro

Compared to the ego, the Toro is positively ancient - they celebrated their first centenary in 2014. The Toro snow bowlers are on their long list of products, but the list rarely stops there, as well as covering all types of turf management and irrigation options. As a result, they are a leading name in the industry to this day and they have won many awards for their variety of retail and professional-grade products.

3. SnowJoe

Founded in 2004, Snowjo's first product was the Snow Joe electric snow shovel. Since then they have expanded into snow-handling products with a wide range of Snow Joe Snow Blowers. Sanjo also has a line of outdoor products that have garnered great acclaim.

4. GreenWorks

In 2007, Green Works' parent company was founded by Globe Tools. GreenWorks introduced the first line of corded power tools in 2010 and it introduced a line of lithium-ion battery power tools in 2011. They do not currently make GreenWorks snow blowers but they have a line of electric shock and snow throwers which is quite commendable.

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