JioMeet Vs Zoom Vs Google Meet Vs Microsoft Teams Vs Skype

Why Jio meet app is not best for online classes?

It is said that JIO Meet, Reliance Jio, the newly launched competitor app is considering taking legal action against JioMeet. Zoom and Geo are both similar to each other by screen and both apps have similar UI and application design.

Why Jio meet app is not best for online classes?

JioMeet Vs Zoom Vs Google Meet Vs Microsoft Teams Vs Skype: The Best Video Conferencing App?

Here’s a quick comparison between the best video call apps for businesses and individuals


Reliance Jio's new video calling app is a screen copy of Zoom. The UI matches the zoom interface exactly. It uses your mobile number or email address to host unlimited free video calls as opposed to zoom. You can add up to 100 participants with unlimited free calls. JioMeet can be used to host 24 hours long uninterrupted meetings for free.

In comparison, the free zoom plan can be used to host a meeting for a maximum of 40 minutes. Password-protected matching links with JioMeet, waiting room, share screen options, chat options and everything you need to do in Zoom is free at JioMeet.

Zoom meeting

With no reliable video conferencing platform for zoom meetings, the recent security session has thrown in multiple questions. Although many continue to use it, the video conferencing app has been worked on with more security features such as waiting-rooms and so on to avoid zoom bombings. The zoom meeting basically caters to businesses. It was never a consumer video conferencing application and it served the purpose of a large number of users at once. Zoom Meeting has one of the simplest interfaces making it a top choice among users. It provides a better mix of tools and access to enrich the video experience. You can enable different backgrounds in the zoom meeting and twink audio controls.

Google Meet

The Google Hangouts match recently turned into a Google Meet. This is one of the best hosting webinars or meetings. Hangouts as a predecessor to Google Meet include all the options like chat, screen share, image, video and location. Google is a cloud-based video conferencing service that typically serves business and corporate clients. It can integrate with Google G Suite with 250 participants per call and live streaming for 250,000 viewers. Google recently enabled free access to various video conferencing and communication tools for schools and businesses until September 30th. While Zoom excludes a number of features, Google Meet provides a complete solution for video conferencing. Starting with a simple setup for everyone to attend meetings from PC to mobile, you get easy access to all document services with Google, such as Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides and so on.

Microsoft team

Microsoft is the top zoom option for team meetings and business. Microsoft's Team Platform is quite popular in the workplace. If you want a safe and secure use that offers video conferencing in PowerPoint presentations to up to 10,000 people, this is perfect. After all, Microsoft also integrates Office 365 as a free zoom option. You can easily share your important documents in Microsoft Word, Excel and other Office applications. The Microsoft team supports up to 250 people on a single video conference call. Microsoft Teams is now free for enterprises even if they do not have a license for the team at their initiative. The company says you can contact your local Microsoft partner or sales representative and get free access to the Office 365E1 plan for six months. For schools and institutions, Office 365 will be free for all.


The most common video calling platform of the last decade is at the top as always. However, the popular video conferencing application has lost attention in the last few years. Skype may be old, but it is still the most convenient option for video conferencing, making it the right choice for educational purposes. Skype is the perfect zoom option for learning. With adequate tools and available features, it is safe to use and easy to manage. Microsoft Enterprise is pushing for Skype or Business to replace Enterprise Office Communicator Lanco by Microsoft to provide instant messaging features. The Microsoft team is now the company’s top priority, but Skype is a good option if you have very few users to connect to.

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April 14, 2021 at 11:12 PM

All above are good online conferencing and online collaboration tools with differences in performance, ease of use, cost etc. Other alternatives which you may have a look is: on premise R-HUB web video conferencing servers. It provides a simple and easy to use interface and works from behind the firewall, hence better security.