Best Free VPN for Android

Top 3 Best Free VPN for Android Phone 2021

Having a VPN has become so mainstream these days that it's no surprise that you'll want to be able to access it on your Android phone or tablet as well. Fortunately, most of the best providers have dedicated Android VPN applications that you can install, especially with mobile usage in mind. As well as helping to securely use the web - especially if you're using public Wi-Fi or cellular - Android VPNs celebrate their software to help them access geographically restricted applications, stream content that is generally blocked In sports action) and much more.

Top 3 Best Free VPN for Android Phone 2021

The problem you'll encounter is that hundreds of Android VPNs are trying to get your attention in an instant search of the Play Store. So how do you choose the right one? Below we’ll explain what features to look for and then tell you about our top five Android VPN apps we’ve got from our full tests and reviews

1. ExpressVPN - Best Android VPN Application

ExpressVPN has speed, security, and simplicity of use that really sets it apart from the crowd. It’s no different on Android, which makes it absolutely doodle using a VPN on your smartphone - plus, it comes with a no-question-ask 30-day money-back guarantee and 3 months extra free.

Once installed, the Express Android app is ridiculously easy to use - it's no different than the desktop version. So that means a great, clear on/off button and an easy-to-navigate list of servers across 99 countries from Albania to Venezuela. What's more, the app is now available in a mix of 16 languages. The app itself has some neat options such as a great location picker, insecure network detection, split tunneling, expert privacy tools menu, and a kill switch to improve security. Indeed, on the security front, it boasts of AS256-bit encryption, while the speed we witnessed using mobile VPN was consistently faster. They'll only get faster, now that Express's proprietary light way protocol is available. If the main reason you downloaded the Android VPN app is for streaming, then Express goes beyond. It flies comfortably with our experiments when it is used to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime videos, Hulu, and more, as well as to watch our domestic sports coverage abroad.

2. NordVPN

Nord's popularity (counting more than 100 million Android users) is not unfounded. It may be more child-friendly to use than the Express, but when it comes to safety and speed the thing really comes. Take it in February and Nord will also throw it in free for a few extra months. The NordVPN app is extremely popular with 10 million+ downloads and higher Google Play ratings. And it has a few notable strengths, including 'double VPN' technology that lets you connect through two separate VPN servers, just opposite the two for an extra level of security. The service also boasts a 'zero logs' policy (PricewaterhouseCoopers does not audit), meaning it does not track a user's online activity.

While the focus is clearly on security and privacy, NordVPN is not lacking in other areas. The Android app is easy enough to use and has a list of great features like split tunneling, the ability to automatically connect to NordVPN whenever you join a Wi-Fi network, and fast NordLinux protocols.  And although there is no integrated kill switch like this, it is very easy to implement the same national tools in settings.

3. Surfshark

If you are after something more affordable, this may be your preferred VPN. Go for its multi-year plan and get a price less than $ 2.50 USD per month. It comes with a very friendly interface though that doesn’t prevent it from being a really powerful and easy-to-manage Android VPN.

Surfshark has attracted a lot of attention lately - largely thanks to its market-breaking price (it's the clear winner of our best cheap VPN guide). But don't be fooled, because it doesn't really lack quality. And it also applies to its Android app. Unlike many other providers, Surfshark has just changed the user interface from desktop to mobile. We think the sheer simplicity of its desktop offer means it didn't take long for its developers to translate it into smaller screens. This means you can easily access security features like Dedicated Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, and Integrated Malware Blocker.
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