Why should you be hired for this Internship

Perfect Answers to the Question “Why should you be hired for this Internship?”

What is the best way to take an internship interview? Especially for a fresher who has never attended a job-related interview before. At first, this is a tough question to answer.

Honestly, no magic formula can guarantee success in an internship interview or a professional interview/meeting on that subject.

Perfect Answers to the Question “Why should you be hired for this Internship?”

The only and best way to get a taste of success so far is to do your homework well in advance. To get started, you need to familiarize yourself with all the common interview questions and their answers.

Being able to learn as much as you can about the organization, its background, top management, and vision for the future is also a great way to create the first good idea.

While the answers to most of the textual HR questions asked during internship interviews can be retold, there is one thing to be apprehended by interns.

"Why should you be hired for this internship?" - A question that leaves most potential interns all deer-highlighted and blank.

Confessions are very hard to answer. Most of the candidates lost interest in the interviewer by expressing their qualities for free. Others move around trying to find the right words to frame the combined answers.

In most cases, this is your answer to the critical question that the company has the power to decide whether or not to give you an internship with them.

Therefore it becomes even more necessary that you pay attention to the correct answer to this question - do not overdo it.

Here are some great answers that a candidate can use when you are asked a question like.

"Why should you be hired for this internship?"

Or just.

"Why would we hire you?"

"Why should you be hired for this internship?" The best answers for this

Answer # 1

‘I am a fast learner with the ability to realize new responsibilities very quickly. Not only does this make my work more productive but it also enhances my ability to idealize and demonstrate creativity when needed.

Also, I’ve been updating enough about this industry - writing in-depth academic papers and working on projects related to its work before. This is consistent with the job description and I feel that it gives a distinct advantage to other candidates who may be fighting for this position. ’

Answer # 2

‘If I get hired for this internship, I will do my best to learn as much as I can about helping the company in this business and industry. For me it will be a dream come true.

I am a huge admirer of your CEO and I am greatly impressed by the diverse portfolio of your company’s CSR initiatives with the NGOs mentioned on your official website.

I am involved with social causes and volunteer with CRY, HelpAge India and many more NGOs. Working with your company gives me the opportunity to expand my vision in this field and also enhance my professional skills to the highest possible degree. ’

Answer # 3

‘Despite being new, I’m still learning and so I need this opportunity to learn more about the industry. Even though I am new, I can say with this conviction that I am a fast learner with a pair of pants, both to learn and not to learn.

It is learning the latest relevant skills, best practices in business and corporate etiquette while leaving obsolete beliefs, skills and methods.

I have come up with some fresh ideas and hope to have the same discussion with my seniors here. I believe they will find most of them quite effective and innovative.

If hired, to ensure mutually beneficial professional partnerships - I will strive to maximize value in the organization - in terms of dedication to learning and strong work ethic. "

Answer # 4 (Why you should take this internship-HR profile)

‘After working as a campus coordinator and student facilitator at my institute, I have acquired the necessary skills to find relevant talent suitable for a particular position or job. It makes me a natural fit for this prestigious HR internship with your company

As a social person, I also have a good understanding of people and can build relationships very quickly - a necessary criterion for success in this specialized role.

Last but not least, I am currently pursuing my postgraduate diploma in HR and this opportunity will be of great help to me in helping me get in touch with the practical industry. "

Answer # 5

‘I want to do this internship to assess my own underlying abilities and potential. I am currently in the final year of my college degree and have gained a lot of academic knowledge about this domain. However, today I feel the need to know how relevant it actually is from a practical point of view.

Joining your company will enable me to discover it and help me to revise the course I need before starting my professional life.

I'm sure your company is the right place for me to experience the practicalities of working in this industry and gain useful new insights into it. "

Answer # 6 (Why would I hire you for a digital marketing profile)

‘Being an avid reader and a strong writer, I have what it takes to write, understand and analyze all kinds of content, including digital content. I conceptualized, created and maintained my own blog in WordPress, which I regularly update with new content.

The response from readers has been encouraging and growing, so despite my efforts to promote my website on social media platforms.

Furthermore, I have successfully completed a number of certificate courses such as Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, SEO, and Social Media Marketing which have strengthened my foundation in this domain.

In light of this, I firmly believe that I have what I need to do a digital marketing internship full justice and hope to be selected for this opportunity. ’

Answer # 7

‘I see this internship opportunity as a way to gain knowledge from your experienced team. I hope I have to benefit from it to be a better professional in this field as part of my ongoing journey.

Plus, my previous experience working for a well-known brand when I started my career can work wonders for me - both in terms of brand value and the quality of work experience I can achieve here

In return, I can assure you of my full dedication to my work responsibilities and to the best of my ability to maintain the unblemished reputation of this organization. ’

Answer # 8 (Why you should be hired for this internship - General Job Profile)

‘I have always believed in doing justice to the responsibilities entrusted to me as an individual. These include my academic practice, work projects, extracurricular activities and sports endeavors.

I am very proud that when I focus on finishing a task I rarely get confused and do not stop until I get the expected result.

I personally believe that this is a very positive and necessary feature to hold in a highly competitive world. If given the opportunity I look forward to replacing it with my assigned responsibilities and overall conduct and will also be open-minded to seek help and guidance from my seniors when needed.

In conclusion

Being selected for an internship can not only work wonders for your confidence but it can also give you the first lasting exposure to working in your chosen industry. Encourage them to keep their best foot forward and get well prepared before going to the interview.

So don’t forget to do your homework when a corporate internship opportunity comes your way. You never know, it may open the door to a long and distinguished career for you.

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