Top 9 Best Image Converter Software for Windows

Top 9 Best Image Converter Software for Windows 2023

Whenever you are unable to use a specific image, graphic, or image file of your choice because the format is not supported, we often see a warning of this type. But what to do next? Okay, don’t worry because image converting software plays an important role in converting an image to the desired format. Not only format but also image converting software is a converting software for Windows.

Top 9 Best Image Converter Software for Windows 2021
Top 9 Best Image Converter Software for Windows 2021

1. Total Image Converter

Total Image Converter is a powerful tool designed specifically for Windows users. It contains all the common features we expect from image converting software, from image format conversion to optimization. 

2. XnConvert

With XnConvert, you can change the format of about 500 images at the decision of about 60 others. In the event that there is an unusual image format that you cannot open, XNView can instantly change over it. XNView additionally hides cluster changes, folder imports, image filters, resizing and a few more advanced options. Got it now!

3. Fast Stone Photo Resizer

Faststone Photo Riser allows users to instantly transform, renew, resize, trim, turn, change color shades, add filters and watermarks to content in normal batch mode. Got it now!

4. Adapter

If you are looking to use a software with an easy interface, Adapter may prove to be one of the best image converter software ever used for Windows. All you have to do is drag the images into the queues and select the desired output image format and that's it! Got it now!


ViEaseX is a free image converter software for Windows. This allows you to convert a single image at once. To use this freeware you need to right-click on the image and then select the "Send" option. Next, tap the "VXX" option. Now right click on the picture Viasex. And finally tapping the "" Convert "button will convert your image to the desired image format.

6. Flipext

Flipext is a lightweight software that lets you convert images to DB, ICO, JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG formats. To use this software, you must first upload an image, then select the desired format, and finally click the "Save" button to convert the image.

7. PixConverter

Pixonverter comes with a lot of helpful components and is also quite easy to use. The software includes batch transformations, the ability to import countless photographs from an organizer without a moment's delay, image rotation, resizing, image shadow correction and much more.

8. CoolUtils Online Image Converter

No additional software required, no overhead download! Cool Utilities is an online image converter software for Windows that can convert any image format at any moment. Try it now!

9. File ZigZag

File Zigzag is one of the best image converter software in Windows. Simply upload the original image, select the desired output, and then wait for the email to link to your image in the new format.

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