Best Offline Adventure Games For Android

Top 9 Best Offline Adventure Games For Android In 2021

Adventure is a feeling where you feel the adrenaline rush through your own body. Some experience that makes you feel pumped, an experience that takes full strength, risk, and courage. Can do multiple activities to feel adventurous like traveling, skydiving, river rafting, or other extreme sports. However, the best way is to play action-adventure games on Android devices. Action-adventure games help improve multitasking skills, make quick decisions and increase concentration. To increase concentration and make you feel a super adrenaline rush, here is a list of the best offline adventure games for Android.

Best Offline Adventure Games For Android
Best Offline Adventure Games For Android

1. Sky Dancer Run – Running Game

Set to experience the awesome journey with this endless runner game which is the best adventure game to play offline on Android. This is the Android Adventure game offline which comes with the most dangerous gameplay and visualization. To be successful in a variety of weather conditions you must face the edge-cracking cliffs peron and other obstacles. Also, make sure you are not reading. Be sure to collect coins to unlock other special characters and prizes.


Limbo is one of the best adventure games on Android based on the theme of meaning because it means Kids Soul Home. Here you can see that a child is running away from the dangers of the living world Doing. Feel the goosebumps when you go to play because the dark theme, graphics, and background score are great. It is one of the most challenging and difficult offline adventure games for Android.

3. Death City: Zombie Invasion

Show your reflection, mindfulness and skill in this zombie game for android. The story of the game begins with the city of P, where a virus has spread and the whole city has been infected with the virus to save your city and in the interest of the people, you pull out your gun and go to fight the zombies, where You promise to kill each of them until you do. You can play adventure games on Android without this app.

4. OceanHorn

This is an action-adventure game that will play offline with a great storyline and graphics set in the ocean. The story-driven game has 10-hour play, which is good enough to capture you while you're offline. This is a mystery-solving game where you fight monsters and use magic to uncover hidden treasures. Get ready to sail the sea with this best adventure game for android and enjoy the first chapter for free. Enjoy the adventures of the Kingdom of Arcadia and the Oceanhorn Giant, including the Premium Edition.

5. CASE: Animatronics – Horror game

Well, if you are a fan of any horror game, this is it. This awesome action-adventure game for Android is one of the most challenging games to play on your mobile screen. The story is set up in a police department, where some crack-minded hackers have taken control of the station and cut off the power grid. With its puzzle-solving gameplay and background score, it's the best stealth horror game to play.

6. Swordigo

This game is all about magical mysteries and traveling through cities. Sordiggo is a 3D platform and a free adventure game to play on Android offline, where you have to run and jump for success while sweeping obstacles and enemies. Find new weapons and powerful spells to survive through travel and earn experience points to equate your character, certainly one of the best offline adventure games for Android.

7. Jungle Adventures 2

Enter the world of jungle adventure. This is a free action-adventure game to play on Android offline, where you must fight epic bosses to get ahead in the game. The story begins when Freety Forest is attacked by a mischievous magician who steals all the fruit to become immortal. To save the jungle, the protagonist Edu - the fearless brave and his pet Boolean hit the jungle to recover all the fruit.

8. Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG

This RPG action-adventure game for Android is one of the best creations of Gameloft. The story is set in medieval Europe, where everything is war, division and magic. This is a fantasy game, which requires strategy to control. Pick up heavy weapons and armor on the journey to fight the boss's evil army. This RPG game for Android is a better way to experience adventure than risk your life in real life.

9. Ninja Arashi

To play Android offline with intense gameplay and dark themes, this is a free action-adventure game game story for Android. It's easy to see, but it's hard to play. There are ninja mirrors, a ninja adventure game, 45 levels and three separate maps. Defeat all enemies, including acrobatic skills and ninja tactics.

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