Best Parenting Influencers in India 2021

Top 10 Best Parenting Influencers in India 2021

Kids are highly critical and essential to deciding how the world will go in the future. Parents form an important aspect of a child's growth. Future heroes need parental guidance to be strong and happy in their next age. So if you are looking for advice, tips, or any questions related to parenting, you have come to the right page which has made a list of the top parents in India.

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Top 10 Best Parenting Influencers in India 2021
Best Parenting Influencers in India

1. India Parenting

India Parenting is a site launched in 1999 and is one of the first parenting websites in the Indian Internet space. It started as a content and information website and has now become a destination platform for parents. It is one of the largest online parenting websites with over 1.5 million visitors per month. The site is a storehouse of information about aspects of parenting. In addition to information, the site also encourages community interaction through its extensive discussion boards.

2. MomJunction

MomJunction is one of the fastest growing parenting websites in India. The Parenting Blog is aimed at striving for a world of healthy mothers and babies. It is a website that promises to inform and guide you through all the solutions for parenting as well as pre-parenting.

3. Baby Center India

Baby Center India is a parenting website known for providing trustworthy advice to moms and dads. This is suggested after doing a lot of research on them to make sure it is correct. The authors of this parenting blog in India focus on health, pregnancy and parenting experts who know what they are doing and are already in a situation that comes up earlier on the website. The Global Baby Center is also committed to improving maternal health and has worked closely with NGOs and governments to make motherhood safer and to help improve all women.

4. Obsessive Mom

This top parenting blog in India started when Tulika became the mother of her twin children in 200ika and this is why she continues to blog today. She writes on her blogs sharing worries, joys and parables from her life that play an important role for her in becoming an advanced parent. He tries his best to keep them as positive and happy as possible. She wants to share her experiences and moments with the kids.

5. Confused Parent

Confused Parents is one of the fastest growing parent communities with over 3 million young people and parental expectations as part of this India platform. It was founded by Ekta Chawla in 2016 to help parents on parental journeys and to guide them on how to be the best for their child.

6. Parenting First cry

Firstcry parenting is a place where you can talk freely on your parenting journey and learn how to carry things and what not to do in situations. This is something that is difficult in the digital age and therefore to help you solve all your problems, the first cry parenting comes with the tools of the new age and the help of parents to handle all situations better.

7. Budding Star

Budding Star is India's leading parenting blog that provides a platform where mothers can share their parenting experiences and get answers to all questions related to childcare. The website wants to provide a portal for all moms to write about their experiences and share their hearts with them. It is one of the parenting websites in India that is a place for all the people who are expecting or working to improve their relationship, they can get advice and answers for everything related to parenting on this site.

8. Parentune

Parentun is a network of Indian parents that helps every Indian parent to do what is right for them. Parenting websites in India are run by the belief that every parent needs support in the form of relevant and specific information for their child, co-parents need to be connected to a like-minded network and have access to a sympathetic specialist. Their goal is to help every parent who visits the website needs advice on their child's growth and well-being.

9. Tinystep

TinStip is a Bangalore-based healthcare and parenting network founded by Suhail Abidi in 2015. The app provides information, advice and a network of parents and doctors. The network takes on people who are in the toddler stage of pregnancy, children and fatherhood. The app is also a place that helps parents all the way.

10. Parentedge

Parentedge is India's most comprehensive parenting portal with experts from their site to help and advise you. It is a publication started by Prayag Consulting and provides its visitors with blog magazines and much more.

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