Top 3 Best AI Summarizing Tools

Top 3 Best AI Summarizing Tools to Use in 2021

Imagine the scenario where you have to submit your assignment in a few hours or days but you can’t copy-paste or provide the summary at the given time without neglecting plagiarism content. 

The advancement in technology now can detect plagiarized content in no time hence leave you with no choice to write a summary of the topic on your own.

So, when you sit down and search on the topic to look for helping material, google shows hundreds of articles already written on the given topic. 

Hence the vast data availability on google create a complex paradox for you to find relevant material. 

Besides that, even if you find a similar article related to your assignment, how are you going to write a summary of such lengthy articles because to do that, you have to read several articles and then have to combine the information to write a summary. 

It is a very difficult and time-consuming task. So, what is the best way to save time and effort and get the desired product at the end as well?

The summarizer tool is the answer.  These tools are developed with advanced algorithms that can write the summary of such lengthy articles in no time. This tool focuses on the key points and core theme and then write according to these points.

This article will guide you about what is summarized and recommend the top 3 summarizer tools which you can use to summarize your content.

Top 3 Best AI Summarizing Tools to Use
Top 3 Best AI Summarizing Tools

What is a summarizing tool?

Most of the users confuse summarizing tools with paraphrasing tool as they think both tools just rewrite the content for the user but in reality, there’s a lot of differences between paraphrasing tool and summarizing tool.

Summarizing tool is defined as a tool that can write a summary of the content without changing its core theme in precise words. 
Summarizing tool convert the longer text into short text while focuses on main lines.

Indeed, it gives an overview of the content in a very precise limit. For example, if your content is based on 10pages then summarizing tool will convert it into 1 or 2 pages without changing the theme.

How summarizing tool is different from a paraphrasing tool?

Paraphrasing is rewriting the work of some other author by changing the words or writing the idea in your words without giving the original creator or author any kind of credit or source. 

In paraphrasing, the idea of the original content remains unchanged but the wording changes.

In summarizing tool, there’s a whole different story. Summarizing tool neither changes the wording of the original content nor rewrites the idea in different phrases than the original content. Summarizing tools just compress the content and present the overview. Summarizing tool gives an overview of the whole content.

Uses of summarizing tool

There are several uses of summarizing tools that can help you to write a great summary for your assignment. 3 of the best uses summarizing tools offers are:
Making the general overview
Writing the moral of the story
Writing the conclusion

Making the general overview

Sometimes the length of the content is too long that it gets difficult to find useable and impactful points from it. In this scenario, summarizing tool helps not only to compress down the length but also write down the main points in bullets. Due to this, content becomes easier to understand.

Writing moral of the story

If you want to write about a story and due to lack of time, you simply can’t read the whole story so by using the summarizing tool, it will precise the story in few paragraphs with its core theme. which is easier to read and understand.

Writing the conclusion

As a writer or blogger, you can save your time by summarizing the content to write a conclusion of the topic for the audience. furthermore, the conclusion by the tool is more efficient as it overviews the whole story with its advanced algorithm.

Top 3 best AI summarizing tools

There are several summarizing tools you will find online but among all, this article lists top three AI summarizing tool which gives you the best summery of your content. These are:
Prepostseo text summarizer


This summary generator tool is a big help in summarizing the longer text into a shorter text in no time. It is developed with the modern AI technology that gives more accuracy and efficiency to this tool which then summarizes the original content without changing the words.

This tool offers, users, some key features that are useful for them such as
It is free to use the tool. No registration or subscription charges are required to use this tool.
Users can have unlimited text summarization
It saves time for the students, professional writers, article writers, journalists, etc. they just simply have to copy-paste the text or upload the document in the input box and have to click the button. Then it will summarize the content in seconds.
Users can use this tool from any part of the world.
It offers multiple language options like English, German, Spanish, etc.


This summarizing tool keenly understands the concept of the content and performs summarization accordingly to its understanding. After that, it summarizes the content by keeping the original idea of the content.

It converts longer paragraphs o pages into precise words. Its AI algorithm is designed in such a way that it understands the important line of the content and performs summarization related to these suitable sentences.

This summarizing tool provides the following facilities to its user which are:

Users can set the length of the summary according to its need. As they don’t need to summarize the whole content, they can select the range from the range option provided by this tool.

This tool allows users to get the content in bullets to form if they need it. They can simply click on the bullet icon and their result will be displayed in bullets.

This tool shows the best sentences from the content and makes it easy for the writer to understand the core theme of the topic.

It provides total safety by not allowing third parties to use this content as this tool doesn’t save content to its database.

It offers summarization in multiple languages
Users can use this tool from anywhere as it is available online.

3. Prepostseo text summarizer

This summarize tool is among the best summarizing tool available online. It is done the summarization of the content in seconds as it is developed by the latest AI technology which helps to shorter the text without changing the actual article style and idea. 

This tool offers one-third of the length from the original article but the user can adjust this by selecting the amount of percentage he wants to summarize.

Prepostseo text summarizer offers some noticeable features for the ease of its users which are:

It allows its users to adjust the percentage of the length of the summarized content. It provides availability as users can click or select the percentage from its range present on the top.

Another noticeable feature is, it offers results in bullets. If users need the result in bullets then they can simply click on the bullet icon and it will cover the rest. As it is easier to understand the point in bullet form.

It offers a ranking of your content in terms of uniqueness. It allows tools to make sentence structure in such a way that it can be ranked according to the rank system. It makes sentences more optimized.

It shows the best sentences from the text and prominent them and also shows the best lines among these sentences and ranks them high.
It offers a summary of the content in more than 30+ languages covering major languages like English, German, Spanish, French, etc.

Students, journalists, article writers, bloggers, and many more can use this tool from anywhere in the world.
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