Echo VR Season 1 hands-on Experience

Echo VR Season 1 hands-on: Ender's Game has a new name

When Ready A Dawn Studios unveiled the incredibly good Lone Echo - a game that invents and simultaneously perfects the zero-gravity mechanics in VR - few realized how well it would translate into a competitive multiplayer title. The Echo VR, now called, is Lone Echo's multiplayer-only spin-off, available on both the Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, and Oculus Rift platforms.

Echo VR has already compiled a list of the best Oculus Quest 2 games, and Echo VR Season 1 promises to encourage players to return so they can earn points in season two - ending May 23, 2021 - with new chassis, stickers and other cosmetic features. Robot change-ego representation. Echo VR is a free-to-play game and for the first time in Season 1, players can choose to purchase additional cosmetics for their character.

Is it worth your time and money? We joined hands with Oculus Quest 2 version for a few weeks to give us an idea of ​​what to expect.


What is Echo VR?

Echo VR, since you will play it on Oculus Quest, is a sports game in space. It’s a terrific initial way to describe it, but, ultimately, it’s like the ultimate frisbee and hockey combination that happens in a completely zero-gravity environment. Now, how on earth can you create a zero-gravity virtual reality game when the gravity of the earth clearly holds your physical body, you ask? It's simple: impeccable mechanical design and an impressively well-written physics engine.

Toss the disc through the enemy gate but be careful: lack of gravity and the opposing team is playing against you.

Of course, these things are simple but some. Still, an experienced developer like Ready at Dawn has been able to figure it out using their years of experience and has been so successful that it has been folded as a first-party Oculus studio developer. The moment you enter your chassis - the robot body that you will embody while playing Echo VR - you will feel as if your feet have left the ground and your body is somehow floating in orbit.

When you drop objects, you float away, just as you would expect if you were actually in space. Any surface can be held and held or pushed to facilitate movement under zero gravity. Without gravity to use your legs, you can’t just walk anywhere but, thanks to some simple thrusters in the wrists of your chassis, you can physically throw yourself to gain speed as well as jet lightly.

Players will combine the techniques of all these movements a two-dimensional three-dimensional basketball court, to describe it in a simple way operating a space frisbee disc that the opposing team wants to be desperate for. As a player in this team-vs-team match, your goal is not only to block that disc against the opposing goal but also to prevent it from hitting your team's goal.

Echo VR gives players some degree of freedom of interaction and movement that is not found anywhere else.

Preventing an opposing team from scoring can be done in a more traditional tactical way - designating a player as a goalkeeper - but players can physically grab other players and force them across the space, or even punch them to stabilize them for a few seconds. Echo VR specializes in providing players with an interaction that most games simply don’t offer and it’s between this level of interaction and the freedom that players can really feel how zero-G games actually feel.

One round ends any player's moment of score, holding the players for a minute or more of cooling time before bringing them back on the field for another round. Players can put a special ring inside each launch tube and throw it across the courtyard at the countdown, which can help your team get to the disc first.

The Echo VR is cross-platform playable, so PC and Quest players can play together, but the Quest version still lacks Echo Combat, a clear endorsement of the schools of war found in the science-fiction classic Ender's game novels. If that idea excites you, wait until you play it. It's better than you can imagine! For now, though, we're only covering the base Echo Arena part of the Echo VR in this hand but hopefully the Echo Combat will finally go to the Quest version in the near future. After all, what is more futuristic than laser-tags in space?

Echo VR Season 1 Sensitive price, meaningful progress

So far, the Echo Arena part of Echo VR has been completely free-to-play on all platforms. On the PC, the Eco Combat is a $ 10 purchase. Similarly, the Echo VR Season 1 Echo Pass is a 10 purchase that unlocks a new premium reward level for special items that can be unlocked during the Season 1 timeline. These rewards are earned by completing games and objectives through play, where you will earn Tear Experience Points (TXP). After collecting a certain number of TXPs, each prize level is unlocked সেই the exact number depends on the level and increases as you go up-similar to the way other season-based games work.

Unlike some games with this kind of unlocking mechanic we’re looking at you, Fortnite এই it doesn’t cost -20 12-20 to unlock these skins.

Since all players can earn TXP, Echo Pass gives players the ability to earn additional rewards with the same TXP vs. players who prefer to play for free. Echo Pass increases the number of in-game skins and other cosmetics by almost three times, and players can spend extra money on Echo Points to unlock these levels without earning through the game. Unlocking all the prizes will cost players an extra-20- $ 30, so if you don't have enough time to unlock your skin you're going to break the bank.

Unlike some games with this kind of unlocking mechanic আমরা we’re looking at you, Fortnite এই it doesn’t cost -20 12-20 to unlock these skins; Only $ 3 or so if you really want to. This is an incredibly affordable cost in a market that involves consumer exploitation for this kind of thing. Of course, these companies have to bear the cost of their servers and development, but did that leather really have to cost 12? No, it didn't.

Echo VR Season 1's awards include unlocked chassis, braces, boosters, banners, emblems, medals, patterns and tints, tags and titles. Everything you unlock is cosmetic, so don't worry about someone who can afford to pay a lot of expensive income. Several of these sections are new and some of the existing options in Echo such as the chassis work differently than before. Instead of a chassis type for the arena and a different type for combat, players will use the chassis design of their choice.

Along with the theme of customization, a player's bra can now change at any time - something that seems particularly important as you see these parts of your arms cover a huge chunk of your time in the game. Your back boosters can be swapped without the chassis, but I can't say they're almost clear. Usually, when I look at other players, they are coming straight at me rather than seeing what’s on my back. It’s a nice touch, but it’s not as obvious as the customization of the brass or chassis.

Banners are a nice touch, as it helps to highlight the achievements of a winning team or player in any round. Banners can be decorated with tags, symbols, patterns, impressions, medals or titles that a player unlocks and displays on the field wall after scoring a goal. It’s a quick short way to celebrate a personal victory in a game that revolves more around team-based mechanics than individual ones.

Echo VR Season 1 gave toxic players boots

First and foremost in this major update is the addition of Echo VR community values ​​as a necessary introductory category when players first start playing. Even veteran players need to get away from this brief but important role, as it prepares for Dawn’s updated community values. In the case of free-to-play games, these four pillars of the community are increasingly important because, let’s face it, anonymity gives rise to disrespect.

The role of Echo Community Values ​​includes mentions of social characteristics that will enhance your interactions with other players. Things like a personal bubble, which will prevent other players from clinging to you and literally physically harassing you while playing, making “ghostly” and non-uting sounds to players who don’t know when to leave. When all else fails, players can be reported for harassment and banned from playing in the future; A rather positive side-effect of the need for a Facebook account applied to Quest.

Applause is ready at dawn for the constant effort to improve the overall experience for everyone to play - even the kids.

These may seem like trivial or unimportant additions to the game, but I tell you, the first time you hear an adult tell a kid to do something inappropriate online - simply because they don't want to play with "screamers" - you remove such toxic players from the game. Understand why a quick way to throw is needed.

Applause goes to Ready at dawn to constantly strive to improve the overall experience for everyone in the sport. After all, it’s ultimately a sports game. There is nothing violent here and nothing inappropriate for children. While it may not be wise for parents to disclose the horrors that the Internet can bring to their child, it is unfortunate for adults to treat each other - much less children - in this way.

Echo VR Season 1 What are you waiting for?

Every time I played a game in the Echo series, be it Lone Echo or any available Echo VR mode, I was amazed by my experience. There’s really nothing like it anywhere else, and it’s ridiculously impressive thanks to the zero-gravity-based mechanics that Dawn A. Ready has created. I’m still eagerly awaiting the addition of Echo Combat, but, for now, there’s no better way to experience Echo Arena than the Oculus Quest 2. The wire attached to your head does not have the same effect.

Ason Tu1, which I've unlocked so far, has been an incredibly rewarding experience that feels better and more enjoyable than other games with similar season Tu-unlockable content features. The chassis that I unlocked I actually want to use. When I score a goal the banners and all the heraldry associated with them give a clear feeling of glory in the arena. The braces are unique to look at and actually interesting to look at while playing.

Echo VR is completely free-to-play for anyone interested, so if you really try (and you should!) Once you get involved, you'll see that the Echo Pass will cost a whopping $ 10 if you're going to commit yourself to play, and you You can take it to the bank.
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