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WHY: Video paused. Continue watching? – YouTube 

If your YouTube video is down and if it shows that the video has been stopped. Want to continue seeing? ’So that’s because of the recent feature of YouTube. When this feature is turned on to reduce data loss or to limit unnecessary data usage, some bits on YouTube servers also prevent server loads. For the direct answer, you can say that this is due to stop playing in the background and turning off the player after a certain time if the user accidentally leaves YouTube in play mode. Whether this feature can be undone for Android devices but you can remove this play-protection feature on YouTube for desktops using Nonstop.

I just played the mix playlist on youtube and noticed that when youtube video starts playing continuously it automatically gets stuck after 40-45 minutes if there is no click or action in this window. To get rid of this problem just tap on 'Yes' when the pop-up shows you or you can use an extension like YouTube Nonstop which will allow you to play YouTube videos continuously without any interruption. You can of course fix the error that pops up on your Android mobile and play YouTube videos without a break.


How to fix Video paused. Continue watching? – YouTube 

To keep watching videos on YouTube that don't break,

First go to the app settings and clear your cache for the YouTube app.

You just have to install 'DON'T PAUSE' apk on your Android mobile. apk do not stop

Next, launch the app without tapping on the play icon and it will monitor your YouTube which will not let it stop.

Now, play YouTube videos from the app and it will no longer pause on your mobile phone.

This is what you need to follow to fix 'video stop'. Continue watching the issue on YouTube.

In this article, I will explain all the ways that will allow you to play YouTube videos and extensions that are best to do the job seamlessly.

Why does YouTube show 'Stop video, keep watching?'

There are only two reasons (playing music in auto-play or playing a mixed playlist) that allow this situation to happen, let's explain in more detail:

Video paused. Continue seeing - Fixed

No work or click on that youtube window:

Stop video, continue watching is a new video prompt feature on YouTube. This feature pops up in the background when a video is left unattended in the background at regular intervals.

This mostly happens when you listen to your playlist on YouTube and leave it in the gray area of ​​your device. As soon as you leave it and try to return to the same YouTube playlist, it shows the 'Stop video, continue watching' option.

Long-running auto-play video

When a YouTube user plays an autoplay video up to 455 minutes long and leaves it open in the background, it shows the same option of paused video, keep watching.

The only possible reason for this pop-up is that when a played video is left on an inactive page, just as a reminder to the user about leaving that page unreasonably.

Some questions and answers:

The reason for the automatic break on YouTube

There is no interactivity on YouTube for as long as 45 minutes.

Can I disable YouTube auto-pause on mobile?

No, you can't disable it on mobile but you can tap on YouTube play by scrolling for just one second, and it keeps your YouTube running.

Way to fix ‘video stopped’. Continue seeing? ’

You can open the window frequently and scroll through your browser on your PC and keep the error prompt away from appearing.

Do extensions work to disable Autoblock on YouTube?

The Google Chrome extension is used to disable auto-pause on YouTube, and these tools really work on your MacBook or Windows PC (if you use the Google Chrome browser).

Now, let’s discuss this topic in more detail so you can pick the best guide to get started with the fix.

Can I disable auto-pause on mobile? - iPhone / Android

It is impossible to disable auto-pause on any Android or iPhone mobile device. There is no built-in option in YouTube's settings to disable this video prompt feature.

This means that ideally you cannot disable this auto-pause option on your mobile phone.

But, if you don't want to face this kind of situation on Android, you can do these things:

First, open the YouTube window in your browser if you are playing YouTube in the Chrome browser.

Or if you're on your YouTube playlist, you just touch the YouTube app frequently to let your music video play continuously.

However, if you're on your Android or iPhone, you won't be able to get out of the window to continue playing your YouTube videos, although you can try using the alternative YouTube Music to do so.

How to disable auto-pause on YouTube?

There is no option to disable auto-pause on YouTube. No mobile phone will show you the option to disable the video prompt pop-up on YouTube. No hidden or pirated app will allow or help you disable it on your mobile phone.

This disabled feature only works on your PC. If you use YouTube on your personal computer and play auto play video for a long time and leave it open in the background, the video has stopped, continue to see pop-ups.

To disable auto-pause on your YouTube,

First, add an extension to your existing Chrome browser, which you use to open YouTube on your personal computer.

Open the Extensions page.

Click 'Add Extension' to confirm

Adding an extension page to your Chrome browser is as easy as it gets.

After adding the extension page, the video prompt is disabled.

But if you use Chrome on another device, you can turn on the 'sync' button, so that the extension page also syncs.

How to disable auto-pause on YouTube using extensions?

If you have YouTube on a PC, there are a few extensions that will allow you to play YouTube videos or music continuously.

1. YouTube Auto Pause Blocker

YouTube Auto Pause Blocker is an extension that you need to add to your Google Chrome browser so that Auto Play can be blocked and YouTube videos can be played seamlessly.

First, install the YouTube Auto Pause Blocker extension in your browser and add it to your desktop.

This YouTube auto-pause blocker only works on personal computers and laptops.

It does not support any other device like your Android and iPhone mobile phone.

Once you click on it and add it to the desktop, the extension automatically blocks the 'Stop video, continue watching' prompt video pop-up on YouTube.

This feature completely blocks the appearance of pop-up menu boxes and allows you to enjoy your videos without interruption.

This YouTube auto-pause blocker works perfectly with all modes of viewing on YouTube.

You no longer have to worry about prompt video pop-ups on YouTube. So what if the settings on YouTube don't give you the option to block, then we have a blocking extension.

2. YouTube nonstop extension

YouTube Nonstop is another great extension that you can use to disable auto-pause on YouTube.

To use the YouTube Nonstop extension to disable auto-pause on YouTube,

First, install the YouTube Nonstop extension on your Google Chrome extension and add this extension to your personal computer desktop.

Once added to the desktop, the 'YouTube Nonstop Extension' will stop confirming 'Stop video, continue watching' pop-ups.

This extension page does not allow any confirmation boxes to pop up. So the video will not be paused anymore. Thanks to the YouTube Nonstop Extension page.

This extension page supports both YouTube and the YouTube Music app.

This is a free extension page.

It works in full screen view and mini screen view.

This is what you need to do to use the extension.

Final Words

This article explains how to ignore such errors which say 'video has been stopped. Continue seeing? ’. I have added a few extensions to this article above and you can try any of them to suit your best needs. Also, tips have been added if you have an iPhone or Android on your mobile device.

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