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Experts believe that fake accounts fall into two categories, either run by a bot (aka web robot) or run by a malicious human. But regardless of the type, there are several warning signs that the account is fake. If the account in question shows these three or more symbols, avoid it at all costs:

Bots exploit beauty and often play a picture of a pretty attractive girl or handsome guy on their pages. Why? We are the only people - a tempting photo dramatically increases the chances of receiving a friend's request.


Not many pictures

Bots don't post lots of photos. Their purpose is to use the least amount of effort to create the illusion that there is a real person behind the account so that they are not too bothered about personal life.

Strange biological information

If the biographical information in the account appears to be fictitious or utterly unrealistic, then it is probably not a valid account.

The account does not message

Bots can easily accept a friend's request but can't answer the message. So, if you are not sure that this is a great little test - just send a message and see what you get back!

Empty wall

Blank walls are a dead gift for a fake account. If your potential 'new friend' either has no activity or only a few likes - then be suspicious!

Lots of likes

Some bot-controlled accounts are set up to like a certain number of pages per day. It may add up over time, so be careful!

Why is a fake Facebook account created?

As mentioned earlier, cyber hackers create fake Facebook accounts to try to make friends with people and access their personal information. Identity theft is their motivation. They may personally benefit from this personal information with a loan or credit card in someone else's name. Or - and more likely - they sell information so others can do it.

But fake Facebook accounts can also be created just to make money. Buying and selling Facebook fans is a multi-million dollar business, because both companies and individuals pay big bucks to get fans and likes on their page. And it doesn't cost more than $ 200 with this fake Facebook page creation software, you can see how easy it is to make a profit.

1. Fake account checker for Facebook

Fake Account Checker is an open-source fake account finder that works on profile pictures and tracks the timeline activity of the person you suspect to be fake.
The fake account checker relies on the same algorithm that detects similar images from the web. This fake account checker tells you if the person is using someone else's picture in their profile and also scans the timeline activity.
With Fake Account Checker, 600+ profiles have been analyzed and the success rate is 91% -95%.
Millions of fake account checkers have been installed over the years and it is the most trusted app to find fake Facebook profiles.
To use a fake account checker, follow these steps:
1. Install on your mobile and add a profile link.
2. Wait during the scan and the profile with real-time results will be displayed.
3. Now, check the boxes that appear in the window and confirm and you will see if it is a fake account.


2. FB Checker v2.9.0 - Facebook Fake Account Checker App

FB Checker is a free Facebook fake account checker tool that finds similar images from the web and determines if the profile using that image is fake.
Check the profile if you use fake pictures in the profile. This tool FB Checker only analyzes fake images when they are available online.
We've analyzed more than 103 profile pictures with this tool and the results are 73% accurate.
If you want to automatically analyze with image search, go with this check, it's free. You need to install it on your PC to use the features of this tool.
Follow the steps to use FB Checker:
1. Install this desktop software on your PC.
2. Now, run the test with a profile link.
3. This tool will automatically analyze the images used in the profile and sow the results if it is fake.


3. Fake FB Extensions - Fake Account Checker Online

This FAKE FB profile finder on your Chrome can find all duplicate profiles.
Applies to all random profiles using Facebook to find fake profiles and use English as their default language.
Analyzed 158 profiles that are already suspected of being fake and this tool has performed well. Success rate 91%.
The extension deals with suspicious behavior of people with fake profiles and lists them in the list of fake profiles. This FAKE FB Chrome extension should be on your list if you want to check out a special automatic fake profile.
Just follow the steps to use this extension:
1. Just install FB on your Chrome
2. Now open a Facebook profile in your browser and click on the extension.
3. In a simple pop up it will automatically show whether the profile is real or fake.

4. Reversee for iOS

'Reversee' is an iOS app that helps you find the secondary location of images on the web.
To find out if the profile picture is available elsewhere, find out if the person is stealing someone else's picture for that fake profile.
I have analyzed 500 profile pictures and this tool is able to give accurate results 99% of the time.
Once you run the app on any photo, be it a timeline photo or profile photo, this tool will show you another location of the same photo and make sure that the photo has been reused.
To use the Reversee app, download it from the Apple Store and follow the steps:


1. Install on your iPad or iPhone and browse your Facebook timeline or suspicious profile.
2. Now, tap on an image and enable reverse search via Yahoo or Google
3. This tool displays all the results to make sure the account uses fake and other people's pictures.

What to do if you are sure that a Facebook account is fake

Most importantly, do not follow or accept friend requests from the account.

Report the account to Facebook by clicking on the report option. When Facebook receives about 10-20 reports about a particular account they will investigate, so it's worth it.

Lastly, don't force your kids to delete their Facebook account because of the threat of fake accounts. Teaching our kids how to stay online is probably one of our biggest tasks as parents of digital natives. Learning to think critically, understand risks and learn how to navigate obstacles is a skill that will hold them well for a lifetime. Who would have thought that discussing a face-to-face Facebook account could be so rewarding!

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