How To Change Facebook Back To Classic View

How To Change Facebook Back To Classic View 2024

Facebook is bringing new updates to keep pace with the changing dynamics of the social media world. Recently, the social media platform has refreshed its entire look and brought its new design for desktop users. Now, if you are not happy with the change, you go back to the classic interface. If you miss Facebook's classic interface and wonder "How do I change my Facebook layout to normal?", We have the answer. Here's how you can get back to the old Facebook layout.

How to get back to the old Facebook interface

The new version lacks some of the features of classic Facebook. Don't worry! You can still turn Facebook into a classic. If you're wondering how to get back to Classic Facebook, follow these simple steps to get back to Classic Facebook.

Open Facebook on your system and log in.

Click on the menu in the upper-right corner of the home page.

Select Switch from Rome to Classic Facebook from the drop-down menu.

At this stage, you will be prompted for a response. If you want to respond, you can press 'submit' or you can 'skip' the process.

If you use the new Facebook and encounter a problem, you can report the concern directly to Facebook. Not so:

Log in to your Facebook account.

Click on the menu in the upper-right corner of the home page.

Click Help and Support> Report a problem.

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Features of new Facebook layout is still a favorite of many users. Facebook's new layout allows users to enable Dark Mode and has the option to separate the Group Tab interface. It also offers Facebook Messenger for desktops, for which users do not have to go to their Facebook profile, but only access the same features available in the mobile version through a desktop application.

Facebook's new three-dimensional photo option allows users to publish immersive 3-dimensional photos via the camera's portrait mode. Unlike classic Facebook mode, users can now mute notifications to save battery and reduce screen-time.

We hope the above steps help you get back to the old Facebook layout Let us know if you have any trouble following the steps to convert Facebook to Classic View again. We will be happy to help.

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