How to See Someone’s Hidden Friend List on Facebook

How to See Someone’s Hidden Friend List on Facebook 2023

Facebook users often lock or hide their friends' list to prevent their friends from peeking into their friends' lists. People usually want to keep their friends and activities secret and that is why they prefer to keep them limited to those who can see their friends and activities on social media.

However, as human beings, it is our curious nature that we want to test the activities of others on Facebook. But if someone's friend list is hidden, there are some strategies that work and you can make the most of it.

How to See Someone’s Hidden Friend List on Facebook
How to See Someone’s Hidden Friend List on Facebook

How to view someone's hidden friends' list on Facebook

1. Identify mutual friends

The first and easiest way to view some people's hidden friends list using the mutual friend feature.

Here's how you can:

Open the Facebook app.
Find the hidden friend's profile ID.
Also, collect your mutual friend's ID.
Enter the ID in the URL provided.
You will have a list of hidden mutual friends.

2. Use Friend Finder

This method allows you to identify a person's close friends list on Facebook. But you need to have at least one shared link with the friend list you want to view. With the Friend Finder page, you'll see a list of mutual friends between the person you're targeting and the common links you share.

Step 1: Login to Facebook and search for 'Friend Finder Page'.

Step 2: As you continue to scroll through the page, you will be taken to the Mutual Friends section.

Step 3: Now, find the name of the friend whose list you want to see. You can see each other's acquaintances.

3. Graph Search

If you want to find a list of specific people, you can make the most of the chart search feature from Facebook. For example, suppose you want to see a list of Mark's hidden friends who live in California and work on Facebook. 

You should then input 'People working on Facebook and living in California' in the search bar. This will give you a list of people who may be on Mark's friend list. This Facebook feature filters people based on the keywords you enter.

4. Facebook Friend Mapper Extension

For this method, you first need to install the Friend Mapper extension in your web browser. This is a very efficient and automated way to find the hidden buddy list of your target person.

Step 1: Go to Google Chrome and install the Facebook Friend Mapper extension.

Step 2: Now log in to your Facebook account, go to the target person's account and enable the extension. Once done, you will have another tab 'Reveal Friends' available.

Step 3: When you click on the tab, the extension automatically starts scanning the data and gives you a complete buddy list.

How to see someone's hidden friends on Facebook

Sometimes you may want to access someone's friend list on Facebook because you are looking for someone and can't find them but they are friends with your friends. To see someone's hidden friend list on Facebook, you need to search Facebook's graph. If there are any similarities between you and your target profile, Graph Search will help you find the hidden buddy list in your target profile.

Facebook is seen as the most popular social media network because it has the largest user pool of around 2 billion users. So it is possible that one day you will see a list of someone's hidden friends. Below are three options you can use to view a person's hidden friends list on Facebook;

How to view someone's hidden friends' list on Facebook using Social Revealer

You need to understand that a hidden friend list on Facebook can still be accessed and viewed. However, you must own a Facebook account because you need to access a Facebook account before you can access social media platforms.

Once this is done, you can now proceed with your search on how to find someone's hidden friends on Facebook. You need to install a personal computer with Google Chrome, then follow the steps below;

Visit the Google Chrome Web Store and install 'Social Revealer'
After installing, open your Facebook account by logging in to
Go to the profile of the person you want to see the friends list.
Now open the 'Social Revealer' extension and click on "View Friends"
A new tab will open showing the Facebook user's Facebook friends list.

So these steps mentioned above will help you easily see someone's hidden friends list as well as mutual friends. It should also be noted that there is another Google Chrome extension like "Facebook Friend Mapper" that can be used to complete the task of seeing someone's hidden friends on Facebook. Basically, when someone hides their friend list from you or the public in general, it's a way to see that hidden friend list.

How To View Someone's Facebook Friends Without Social Revealer And Facebook Friend Mapper

You can see someone's hidden Facebook friends without a social publisher. Just follow the steps below:

Log in to Facebook and then open the profile page of the friend of the Facebook user you want to see.

Open the post or picture created by anyone, copy the number “fbid =” then finish before the letter “&”.

Open a new tab and paste https: // www. Facebook. com / search / 100034868239441 / friend. Change the number of your SEARCH / …… / friends in the previous one you copied.
Press the Enter key to search and show a list of hidden friends on Facebook.

With these steps, you can see the hidden friends list of Facebook users and search who you are looking for in your user friends list. You should also be aware that there is another Google extension called "Facebook Friend Mapper" which can also be used to view someone's friend list if it is hidden from you.
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