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How to Trace a TextNow Number for Free? – TextNow Lookup

TextNow was first marketed as a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that would enable calling and texting via WiFi, providing a free phone number. Now, we have a TextNow app that does exactly the same thing, but its services are expanding. We have WhatsApp, Telegram and many more messaging apps that allow us to make calls and send texts via WiFi.

But TextNow differs from other messaging apps in that it provides an end-to-end phone service within an app. It's like your network service provider, which provides you with a SIM card to make calls, send texts and connect to the Internet using the network's data services.

The main difference is that you have to pay the bill for the services that you use with a SIM card However, when it comes to TextNow, you don't have to pay for calls and text, and even then, you'll be able to make calls and send or receive text while still connected to WiFi.

However, if you want to use data services, you have to pay according to their plan. So why isn't TextNow popular worldwide? Because the app only works in the United States and Canada. So, if you are from another country, you cannot use it.

Also, TextNow is free because it's ad-supported, and the app has lots of ads.
After you sign up, you'll need to enter your location area code based on which TextNow will give you a number. Now, you can use this number to make calls and send texts However, you can get a verification code on the free number, for which you have to lock the number by paying some fee.

How to Trace a TextNow Number for Free? – TextNow Lookup
How to Trace a TextNow Number for Free? – TextNow Lookup

Suppose you receive a spam message or call from someone's TextNow number and want to know the identity of the person who owns it. How will you track it?
With TextNow support, you cannot track the owner of a TextNow number because they do not disclose the identity of a person using a particular number.

How to track the owner of TextNow number

If you plan to contact their support team, it won't help much for you. You can try to see the profile you want to track ৷ If the user enters the correct details, you will be able to track him.

So how do you track people?

In fact, there is no way to track a person with his TextNow number. However, there are some strategies that you can try and that may work for you.

1. TextNow number lookup

TextNow Number Lookup is a free online tool that lets you find the owner of a TextNow number with name, email id, address, city and more.

To track who owns a TextNow number, open the TextNow number lookup. Enter the number and tap the track button. That's it, after that you will see the real identity of the TextNow number holder.

There are many paid online TextNow number lookup tools that search for the user's full identity, including personal photos, home addresses and social media profiles.

While the authenticity of all these sites may be questioned, some reputable sites are helpful in finding information.

2. Create a second TextNow account

You can create a new TextNow account, get a new number, and text that person. You need to create a relevant or believable story that will be interesting to the other person.

Once you engage another person with your interesting stories or build a good relationship with that person, you will probably be able to find that person's identity. 

3. Observer TextNow number

A TextNow number can be monitored in the following ways.

If the user enters his correct email address, you will be able to get some idea.

The first name and surname are also displayed in the account details. So, if those details are correct, you will know the name of that person.

Monitor the history of phone calls and try to find out if the number is on the record. You can then try to figure it out by memory.

You can also check the text history record to determine if you have previously interacted with that number.

The user can be tracked using the IP address information of the device used, but again you will not be able to access the IP-related information.

Under the Privacy Policy, it captures a lot of user data such as IP address, email details, device information, telephone log information, messages and more, but TextNow will not share anything with you.

Only if you are the investigating officer of a case or a government law enforcement officer who has the right to access that data as directed by the court, the company will only share user-related data with you.

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