How To Remove Contacts from Messenger

How To Remove Contacts from Messenger? - Updated 2022

Facebook is the world's leading social networking platform for those who want to connect with their social friends. However, it can be a bit annoying when contacts of certain friends or strangers keep popping up in the messenger app.

How To Remove Contacts from Messenger?
How To Remove Contacts from Messenger?

Delete contacts from Messenger

If you've been using Messenger for a while, you must have noticed that the app doesn't allow you to remove contacts and there are no delete buttons available.

These contacts must be from people you already know or a good friend on Facebook Just because you know them doesn't mean you want to befriend them on Messenger.

Using the removal option you can easily ignore and remove non-friends, suggestions and anyone in Messenger.

But if you have already accepted their friend request, you can only block them because there is no direct way to remove friends from Messenger. To get rid of these friends you need to block them.

So if you want to remove contacts, non-friends, and auto-synced contacts from the phone, you'll love this guide.

How to delete contacts from messenger

To remove contacts from Messenger, all you have to do is open someone's profile and tap the block button. That is, contacts will be deleted from your messenger. Since Messenger has no option to remove or delete, blocking contacts is the only way to remove them.

Here's how you can:

Open Messenger on your Android or iPhone device.

Find the contacts you want to remove.

Tap on the People option below.

Click the contact icon next to the + sign.

Select the information next to the contact you want to remove.

Next, tap the Message button.

Next, go to the info button in the top right corner.

As you scroll down the screen you will get a "Block" option. Tap this option and confirm.

Take this! Contacts will be deleted from your Messenger contact list.

The only problem with this approach is that you can't send a request or be friends with these contacts on Facebook unless you can block them. You will not be able to send a message or view your profile to the person you removed from your contact list.

How to delete non-buddy contacts from messenger

You must have seen the "Upload Contacts" option in Facebook Messenger. OK, this button will sync all your phone contacts with Facebook and it will suggest your contact profile so you can send friendship requests to each other and be friends.

You can ignore the advice. But what if you want to remove a non-friend from the contact list? Well, if you're also tired of getting those annoying communication pop-ups in your messenger app, here's a list of some effective ways to easily remove those contacts.

See steps to remove non-buddy contacts from your Messenger contacts list.

Open Messenger and tap the People icon.

Delete contacts from Messenger

Click on the contact icon above.

Delete contacts from Messenger

Tap the information next to the profile you want to remove.

Delete contacts from Messenger

Next, select the Remove Contact button.

Delete contacts from Messenger

That's it, click confirm and you can't text with them.

Delete contacts from Messenger

Remove the bulk of your Facebook friends

If you get a lot of messages from non-friends and your Facebook friends, there is a way to remove them with one click. Follow the steps listed above to get your Facebook contact list. Find the "Manage Contacts" option and tap the "Delete All Contacts" button to get rid of all your Facebook contacts.

Avoid contact sync

Syncing your mobile contacts to Facebook Messenger is the easiest way to find your friends in this social networking app, it can be annoying if you don't want an active list of friends from your mobile contacts. By avoiding automatic communication sync in Messenger, you can avoid message requests from your contacts. Here's what you need to do to block automatic syncing:

Find the 'People' icon from your profile picture in the Messenger app

Select "Upload Contacts"

Tap the "Close" button

This will stop automatic contact syncing now.

Unfriend your messenger friends

You can block or unfriend a contact in Messenger. You can no longer check the blocked person's profile. So, if you decide to unfriend them, follow the steps listed below:

Open the profile of the person you want to unfriend

You will see the "Friend" button just below the user's profile picture

Tap this icon and select the "Unfriend" button to remove them from your contacts list.

Select the "Confirm" option

They will no longer be able to see your profile and story on Facebook

They can still send you a message or a friend request However, they will not be able to see your timeline and story until you accept their friend request.

Remove a friend from a Facebook group

It's always fun to chat with a bunch of friends on a Facebook group. But, what if you want to remove a friend from the group? Okay, it's easy to move people from Messenger group.

Select group chat

Select the profile of the user you want to remove from the group

Tap the "Remove from group" button below the "Block" option

Take this! The person will be removed from your group. Messenger will send you a notification whenever you remove a person from a group conversation.

Remove and delete a user from your messenger

Messenger was recently updated. This means you can remove a person directly within the app. To get a list of all your contacts, select the People icon and tap on a contact Select "Remove contact" to remove the person from your contact list

Switch the delete option to block Facebook. There is no way you can delete a contact without blocking the user. If users are already in your contacts, you can remove them. If you are already friends with a user in Messenger, "Block" is the only option.

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