Top 10 Digital Marketing Institute In Mumbai India

Top 10 Digital Marketing Institute In Mumbai India

Are you looking for the best digital marketing institute in Mumbai? If yes then I have come up with the top organization in this article to start your digital marketing career.

With the advancement in technology in recent times, the education industry, as well as the marketing sector, has increased in institutions offering digital marketing courses.

The digital marketing course is very advanced and challenging course to take today and is also a great investment skill.

Like any other course, the decision to make digital marketing is an investment in both time and money

It also requires investing in polishing a student's skills and dedicated efforts in research to select a good digital marketing institute to achieve great skills in digital marketing.

So, what exactly is digital marketing?

Digital marketing combines some of the most valuable tools in the present, such as e-commerce, advertising, artificial intelligence, social media, etc.

Combining all the tools with one interface, many big and small companies are using digital marketing to popularize and promote their products, services.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai

Thus, below is an overview of the top digital marketing companies in Mumbai, which is the business capital of the country. Furthermore, Mumbai is one of the most technologically advanced cities in India today, and the decision to have a digital marketing course in this city will be a rich and overall exciting experience and will further anyone's career upon completion of the course.

1. SP Jain Institute of Digital Marketing and Metrics (DMM):

Now we are starting with SP Jain Institute of Digital Marketing and Metrics (DMM) based in Kurla, which offers a separate course in digital marketing professional.
This course is more advanced because it emphasizes the theoretical aspects of the course, but also practical aspects and equips the instructor to learn the tools and techniques used in digital marketing like content development, inbound marketing, social media marketing, etc.

The duration of the course was six months and the SP Jain took a fee of Tk 5 lakh for admission to the class. The curriculum covers the basics of digital marketing such as SEO, SEM (search engine marketing), SMA (social media advertising), SMM (social media management), content marketing, etc.

2. IIDE. Indian Institute of Digital Education:
One of the famous institute that offers this useful course is IIDE. The Indian Institute of Digital Education, known as IIDE, is a premier institute in Mumbai that has three branches, conducts 200 hours of digital marketing courses and charges an extra Rs.
IIDE's Digital Marketing Course Curriculum focuses on the core of digital marketing as the growing needs of digital marketing professionals can be met so they understand the need for time to get an early introduction to what comes under this huge course. Therefore, they have grown to the standard of providing quality digital marketing skills to students and other professionals alike in the city of Mumbai.

Their curriculum also focuses on website planning and construction, SEO (Search English optimization), SEO (search engine marketing), SMA (social media marketing), content strategy, web analytics, media marketing, influencer management, e-commerce management, etc.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Institute In Mumbai India
Top 10 Digital Marketing Institute In Mumbai India

3. School of Digital Marketing:
The third institution mentioned in this article is the School of Digital Marketing.
One of the largest digital marketing institutes in India, with its origins in Pune, Delhi has now opened an institute in Mumbai to equip students with skills that can be very effective in digital marketing industry.

The duration of the courses offered here is three months for the weekday course and two months for the weekly holiday course.

The fee charged by the institute is thirty-five thousand rupees and the curriculum mainly focuses on SEM (search engine marketing), SEO (search engine optimization) and social media advertising and marketing.

4) DG Performance:

The fourth institute in this list is DG Performance, which is a leading digital marketing institute located in the dark western part of Mumbai and offers two months for basic courses and four months for advanced classes.
The curriculum covers the essentials of teaching the digital marketing tools needed to equip the student enrolled in this course with a basic knowledge of digital marketing.

The fees charged by the DG for the basic level course are twenty-five thousand and for the advanced classes fifty thousand.

5. Optron Academy:

The fifth institute I want to talk about is Optron Academy, which is a great digital marketing institute located in Mumbai's Goregaon area. Six months for Optrone Academy Basic Course, three months for extended classes, three months for advanced classes and fifty thousand rupees for advanced classes.

6.  Edupristine:

Another big name in the digital marketing industry is the institute called Edupristine, which offers its Adopristine Digital Marketing course, which covers the basics of digital marketing for a relatively short period of time, as well as advanced digital marketing topics. They take a base amount of sixty thousand rupees and are located in the dark areas of Mumbai.

7. Digital 360 is one of the most renowned institutes where many students, as well as professionals have come to learn the skills needed to do well in the digital marketing industry. Located in Mumbai's Borivali area, students can choose different weekday and weekend batches as these courses can be either basic level, intermediate level or advanced level courses. The institute charges forty-five thousand rupees for Dronacharya courses, which is one week course and three months and twenty thousand rupees for Arjun courses, which is a four-month weekend course.

8. Coomfield: In addition to the companies mentioned above, one more institute to mention in this list is Coomfield. It existed in 1985, and since that time, the award is at the top. Their campuses are located in Thane, Andheri and Bandra. They charge twenty-five thousand, five hundred for this course, which offers a two-month duration and both the day of the week and the weekly batch.

9. Freelancer Academy: The ninth institute to be aptly named in this list is Freelancer Academy - Andheri, Bashi and Thana have multiple branches, able to introduce different people who want to gain compliance in various venues for digital marketing skills. They charge fourteen thousand five hundred for this course for two months and offer weekday and weekly batch.

10. SoftPro Computer Education:
Lastly, the institute on this list is called SoftPro Computer Education, which offers a course known as Digital Marketing Course in SoftPro Computer Education in DMTI, Mumbai. It has two branches in Dadar and Andheri and the course deadline is 2.5 months for weekday batch and three months for the weekend batch. They take twenty-six thousand and five hundred rupees. Thus, the aforementioned institutions have maintained the standard of public education not only of the premier institute but also of students and professionals in the field of digital marketing.

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