Explainer Videos Can Improve Business

How Good Explainer Videos Can Improve Your Business

Explainer videos are a critically important tool in digital marketing, because they help provide a quick, understanding snapshot of your brand or company. If done correctly, this video could help everyone involved better understand you, and the impact your product will have on people (which is good for advertising). Right off the bat, we're going to be clear - explainer videos are AMAZING for small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. 

How Good Explainer Videos Can Improve Your Business
How Good Explainer Videos Can Improve Your Business

How did explainer videos come about?

In 1997, Bill Kunstler wrote a book called Big Dog Fighter, which was followed by Avatar Press's continuation of the story three years later in another book. This is when Ollie Wade and Tim Curran began their partnership in creating a parody website showcasing entertaining explainer videos on political and social issues. Their first project, 'George the Head', was about what could happen if vaccines were banned. They created many more versions of George the Head for other public figures: Tony Blair, President Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin.

The Importance of Explainer Videos

If you run a business and are struggling to keep up with ever-changing trends, you could use explainer videos to help your business improve. They are more than just a flashy commercial that uses pretty colors and mouth watering imagery. Everywhere I look people are using them for a variety of purposes - from teaching kids about science to educating people about complex ideas in finance and technology.

Considerations when Creating an Explainer Video

One major consideration when creating an explainer video is having a clear plan for the video scenes. Sketch out your overall plan for the video scene by scene, then reference your sketches to how the story unfolds in each step. You can frame it around a journey, or make it about overcoming obstacles. To maximize engagement, include visuals that are related to what you're talking about quickly and load them into short animated loops.

Top 5 Benefits of an Awesome Explainer Video

An explainer video can help a company reach new customers. It is one of the best ways to engage a customer because it gives them information about their product quickly and easily. With videos like these, customers are able to learn about your company without having to call into your business or look up information online.

Tips for Producing a Better Explainer Video

There are countless tactics that an entrepreneur can use to get the word out about their company. There may be a lot of these tactics that are cost-effective, low risk, and take a short amount of time to accomplish. The easiest one to implement is creating explainer videos that will introduce customers to your business and its value proposition.

Resources for Making an Amazing Explainer Video

The best way to build your business is to include a video as part of your marketing efforts. An explainer video can provide your company or blog with the exposure it deserves. With the right tools and resources, an explainer video can also increase conversions and streamline processes as well.

A few years ago, when a company made an animated explainer video, animations were beautiful but not always informative. Today, even very simple GIFs can easily depict the how-to of a product or process. 

Monzo Bank, a UK based bank, has been conquering the world with its beautifully designed and entertaining explainer videos. Most of their explainer videos are narrated by Robert Webb, aka "Mr.Slade", who hails from London. He is bombastic in his voice directing to the audience and giving funny comedic interludes that encourage googling more about their products, services and uses. 

How Good

Explainers create a visual explanation that your audience will want to see, such as those created by Tesla's Videos app. Marketers should use explainer videos to craft better business narratives.

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