How To Delete A Reddit Account

How To Delete A Reddit Account

Many of us are shying away from the influence of random people around the world on social media and in our lives to keep quiet. Although Reddit is an interesting forum that provides us with more information instead of driving our minds to the other side, you know that we can't trust ourselves on the internet. So for those of you who are looking for how to delete a Reddit account, we are here to help.

How To Delete A Reddit Account
How To Delete A Reddit Account

How to delete Reddit account

You have to remember that deleting a Reddit account means it's gone permanently and you can't get it back. However, you can create a new account in the future, but deleting your Reddit account, your username, chat, and discussion are all gone.

Another thing to note is that even if you delete your account, your post history will still exist and you will not be able to delete it again.

Step 1: Open

Type in your browser to open the website and press enter.

Step 2: Log in to your Reddit account

Click 'Login' from the main page and enter your username and password here.

Finally, sign in to your account. If you do not remember your credentials, click 'Forgot Username' or 'Forgot Password'.

Step 3: User Settings

Locate your username, click on it, and click on 'User Settings' as the menu goes down. These steps are necessary to remove the Reddit account on the PC.

Step 4: Click 'Deactivate Account'

Under 'User Settings' find 'Account' and scroll down. Click 'Deactivate Account'.

Step 5: Enter the required credentials and click 'Disable'

A new pop-up will appear on your screen as you click the inactive account. You must enter your username and password here, along with a reason why you are deleting it. You will also need to check the box, which means you won't be able to return to your account once it is deleted.

And then it's done! You will be able to successfully delete a Reddit account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quartile 1. Is it possible to delete a Reddit account?

Of course yes! You should also know that deleting an account is irreversible and you will not be able to open it again.

Q2. Delete Reddit disabled posts?

No! Deactivating your account will not delete your posts on Reddit. If you want to delete a post, you need to take action yourself.

Quarter 3. How do I delete a Reddit account on a PC?

The process is quite simple. Open your account> Username> Accounts> Deactivate your account.

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