6 Best Free Flashlight Apps For Android In 2020

6 Best Free Flashlight Apps For Android In 2020

If you are looking for your seat in the theater or want to look for something at night without disturbing others, you need a Flashlight app. If you have a built-in flashlight and you don't find it useful enough to get a flashlight app for Android. These applications work with the LED lights on the back of your phone when you launch the Flashlight app. It is still very much needed for people who like third party applications for the different features they offer. Apple Watch users have Flashlight feature as a must-have function We have made a list of the best Flashlight Apps for Android

List of Best Flashlight Apps for Android:

See the applications below to select one for your device. Some have special features such as flashlight color customization and others have glowing lights, which can be used in case of emergency.

1. Color flashlight

Color Flashlight is the best flashlight app for Android because of the convenience of having colorful flashlights. The most popular app, when it comes to finding a flashlight for Android. This gives you control to change the color of the flashlight for your phone. You can select any of your favorites using the color bar in the app. It can be helpful in pitches in dark or emergency situations with various light options. Use the effects for different lighting effects from the options provided in the application.


Colorful lights are available.
Create your own custom color effects.
Emergency lighting effects
Change the screen brightness.

2. Torch-Tiny Flashlight

Torch-Tiny Flashlight is another flashlight application for Android, which is best for the common interface.

It comes with both rear and front-illuminated options. This is a free application, which can be done quickly if needed. Battery discharge will be displayed in the notification bar to keep you updated. The illumination is very bright, which the phone uses LED or screen and can be used in the dark. It has some of the most amazing plugins such as warning lights or flashing lights. This is an ideal application to use when going to night trekking or camping in the dark. This application is very reliable to use as a quick start-up.


Battery optimization.
Interesting plugin for more features.
Free app.
6 Best Free Flashlight Apps For Android In 2020
6 Best Free Flashlight Apps For Android In 2020

3. Torch: Ultimate Mobile Flashlight

The list of the best flashlight apps for Android is incomplete without the torch app. This is a free application that has no interruptions and uses minimal permissions for use. This app uses both the flashlight and the screen light on the phone. The small size of the application is to keep in mind the feature as it will be suppressed in the storage space. Get a customizable widget for your phone that makes it a fun application to use. The strobe light feature is available for use. Get the Torch App Download link below and enjoy the features of this great app.


Works with Dark Mode.
No advertising experience.
Battery saver feature to turn off battery drain when used.

4. Flashlight (FreeApps.mobi)

Flashlight.mbi from Free App is a free flashlight app for Android. This is a great option for the initial use of flashlights on the phone. The app will also work well with a locked phone. Other hatch features such as Shake-on and Off feature are great features to choose from this flashlight application. The app has a widget to put on your home screen for easy availability. This app is ad-free, making it even more likely to be used.


Turn the switch on.
Gesture Sensitivity - Vibrate to turn on and off.
Works on a locked phone.

5. Flashlight Classic

Flashlight is classic

Flashlight Classic is another good option as a Flashlight app for Android. It works like a classic torch light for your Android device with front and backlight options. The app requires a tap to turn on the backlight or flashlight in the front. The users who reviewed it on the Google Play Store received the award as the easiest app. The general functionality is accomplished using this simple application.


Work seamlessly with the lock screen.
Stroboscope effect.
Instant start.
Find it here.

6. Flashlight

The point that makes Flashlight HD the best Flashlight app for Android is that it works with devices where other apps don't work. It comes with a widget to use on the home screen of your Android device. Multiple colored lights work with the front screen. The enhanced version has more features that are available for purchase on the app. If you're good with a few ads, the free version is enough to make the original use of the flashlight.


Buttons are easy to detect.
Widgets are available.
Use fullscreen display for the brightest light.
Find it here.


If you are looking for a flashlight app for your Android phone, we believe this list will help you. You can choose from the best flashlight applications with several features. Get the Tiny Flashlight for the basics of the flashlight with no torch app or more options. The best flashlight app for Android is the color flashlight which has become the most popular option among the users. There is a Night Vision app for Android / iOS. Which may be useful for your smartphones.

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