Celebrate Mother’s Day With These Apps

Celebrate Mother’s Day With These Apps

Due to COVID-19 prevention, everyone is under lockdown. A lot of us have to celebrate Mother’s Day this year indoors, so we thought of helping you out. In this post, we have mentioned a few easy and creative apps to use for making this day memorable for your mother. Technology has helped us a lot, and one might not know of these ideas to use it. Therefore, the below-mentioned ideas that can be implemented using mere apps on your smart devices will help.

As Mother’s Day approaches on 10th May 2020, we are currently thinking about how to make this day special. Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. It is to honor the role of mothers and the importance of motherhood in our society. It calls for a grand celebration each year around the world. This year as the times are testing us; we are prohibited from going out, we take help from technology to celebrate it indoors.

Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day From Home With These Apps

1. Make Her A Breakfastbreakfast

Making breakfast or dinner to surprise her is a lovely gesture. It can be anything which you can try from the range of your culinary skills. There are several cooking apps for your smartphones. One of them is Allrecipes which can be trusted for the quick and easy to make dishes at home. Select one or a few items from the list as per your age. The kids can do it with the help of elders at home and garnish a salad or decorate the fruit plate for Mothers. One can always enjoy the activity with their mother and make it an even special cooking session together.

Celebrate Mother’s Day With These Apps
Celebrate Mother’s Day With These Apps

2. Video Calling App

Be it throwing her a surprise party online along with other family members or connecting her to the best friends in a group call. The video callings apps are fun to use, and you can teach your mother how to use one. If you are away from here, you can also surprise her with a virtually organized party. Many video calling apps such as FaceTime, Google Duo and Hangouts allow multiple participants to join a call. One can play games over the group calls or express their love from afar.

3. Greeting Card Or Montage

There are several apps that makes it very easy for you to create greeting cards for Mothers Day. Check out some of the best online e-card maker websites online to create the greetings card for your Mother. Also, there are photo editing apps that can produce a beautiful layout of pictures. The video creating apps can be used to form a montage of images with your Mothers. You can find these apps for your Android device in Google Play Store or select from this list of video editing apps. While iPhone, iPad, and Mac come with in-built apps such as iMovie which will help you edit the videos. You can compile the short clips together and add music to it and play it for your Mother.

4. Create A Handmade Gift

What if you can’t buy her a pretty gift from the stores this year, make one yourself. There are plenty of DIY ideas on the internet, and several are available on apps such as Pinterest and YouTube. If you are looking for a step by step guide, you can check out these apps – Snapguide, Craftsy, Creativebug, CraftHub, Etsy, and WikiHow. They will give clear instructions along with the pictures to help you understand better. One can always start with paper crafts or the reusable sources which are readily available at home. You can decorate her room and give her a surprise welcome with DIY props.

5. Gift Her A Subscription Service

The best thing to give her this Mother’s Day is a subscription service as a gift. It can be anything such as a video streaming service like Netflix or music services like YouTube Music. This will keep her entertained while in the lockdown and help her keep busy. You can also get her online courses for something she wanted to learn like dance or any other skill. There are many groups active online who are giving services and teaching while you are at home. Get one of them from your mother’s favorite and enroll her into it.

6. Activities Together

Start the day by helping her in the chores at home or exercise with her. Join the book reading session with her or just a road down the memory lane while going through your photographs on your device. One can use Photo organizer to arrange all the photos on your Windows PC to be D

Additionally, you can do other activities together, such as watching a movie or TV series together. One can always watch videos online together in real-time while in different places. There are apps such as Rave app, which make it possible to stream movie for two people in different cities watching the movie on their devices at the same time.

To Sum up:

Celebrate Mother’s Day with the help of these apps and give your mothers a memorable day. We hope this helps you convert a monotonous day into a  bright day for your mother with the colorful things you prepare.

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