Top 5 Best Podcast Hosting Sites to Start a Professional Podcast in 2020

Top 5 Best Podcast Hosting Sites to Start a Professional Podcast in 2020

Whether you’re just starting to create your own podcast or you’re looking to expand your existing one, where you decide to host your podcast is something that needs to be put on the table. If you need a quick reminder, a podcast is an audio file that is available on the Internet for download to any computer or mobile device. Podcasts are usually found as episodes that revolve around specific themes. Since the Internet is full of many places to save and broadcast your work, it is important to know from the outset what you can expect from the podcast hosting site you have chosen.

Luckily for you, we've compiled a list of the best podcast hosts around. Also, we have reviewed the unique features of each platform so that you can choose a host that truly demonstrates your storytelling skills.

01. Wix Podcast Player

Although Weeks Podcast Player is not a traditional themed hosting platform, it is certainly one of the easiest and most stylish ways to display your podcast on your website wherever your host is. The best part is that you need the RSS feed URL of your podcast for the initial setup. From there, the player will do the rest for you!

Like magic, the player will start popping up the page with your logo, all your episodes, and the associated photos and descriptions. Also, it will create a set of dynamic pages which means it instantly creates a page for each episode using the same format. Therefore, each episode will open on its own page, yet the design will be perfectly consistent - all with zero work on your end. Once it's set up, you can go ahead and customize the player's style and design so that it blends well with the rest of your site.

Top 5 Best Podcast Hosting Sites to Start a Professional Podcast in 2020
Top 5 Best Podcast Hosting Sites to Start a Professional Podcast in 2020

02. Libsyn

You’ll see Libisin at the top of most ‘podcast host’ lists online, and for good reason: it’s great. It’s almost been after the podcast broke on the first scene, it offers a set of great features and it’s competitively priced.

While there are other hosts offering the same feature set or offering better prices, look for a combination of long-term (positive) track record and multiple plan choices depending on your needs, making Libisin a good first stop on your podcast hosting.

03. SoundCloud

You've probably heard of SoundCloud before, but if you didn't know it, it's not even a popular podcasting host. In reality, this is not a surprise move for the company. Although its primary focus is music, it positions itself as a podcast hosting company without really wanting to be.

The popularity of SoundCloud's music gives it a 'mind share' feature that many of the names on this list simply can't compete with. That said, popularity doesn’t mean everything at all and some people may not find this offer exactly as they need it. Incidentally, as a premium user of SoundCloud, there is some lack of analytics. If you are someone who wants to dive too much into the analysis of your pod, you can look elsewhere.


SoundCloud keeps things simple with just three types of plans: a free plan with a three-hour upload limit, a plan 8 months a plan that doubles the free plan upload time and adds some goodies, and a Pro Unlimited plan that allows more upload time, For scheduled releases and much more.

04. PodBean 

Podbin's user-friendly interface allows you to upload, publish, manage, and promote your podcasts with just a few clicks of your mouse. But the truth that sets them apart from the crowd is its crowdfunding for more serious creators looking to make money from loyal audiences.

In terms of power, the platform is simple and intuitive. One of the great benefits of casting your lot with Podbin is that your podcast is included in their network.

Top 5 Best Podcast Hosting Sites to Start a Professional Podcast in 2020
Top 5 Best Podcast Hosting Sites to Start a Professional Podcast in 2020

05. Spreaker  

From its website, description of its features, and the layout of its plans, literally everything about Spreaker feels professional. One thing that sets them apart from most of the other hosts on this list is that it gives you ‘unlimited daily sessions,’ allowing you to start a live stream as many times as you want per day.

The length of time you can keep the live stream going is indicated by the plan you’re on. While this isn’t something everyone is going to use or even care for, it’s a pretty nifty and unique feature to have (freely) available to you. Outside of its unique ‘live’ feature, Spreaker offers up the expected features any budding or expert podcaster could want, with a focus on marketing and other professional services.


Spreaker’s plans range from free to over $1000, but the value per plan increases significantly as you go up. The first pain plan, called On-Air Talent, increases daily session limit, audio storage, and allows you to distribute your content via iHeartRadio and Spotify. The more expensive plans, Broadcaster, Anchorman, & Station, all increase daily session limit, storage, and improved analytics, marketing, and monetization tools.



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