Hide Last Seen on True­caller

Best way to Hide Last Seen on True­caller for Android 2022

The ‘last seen’ status, first introduced via WhatsApp, has always been a controversial feature. And I mean debate, a feature that has been ridiculed, criticized as well as praised. This feature is usually shown when a person is last seen active in the related app. Many people considered this feature an attack on their privacy and there was a huge noise and outcry about it. This has added an option to follow WhatsApp where people will be able to turn off this feature on their phones. Instead, they won't be able to see when others will be online.

Since then many other apps like Facebook Messenger and Instagram have also recently introduced this feature. Their response to this feature is similar to what we saw for WhatsApp. Truecaller is an application that enables people to view the profiles of people who have numbers. Now, an app like Truecaller has a ‘last seen’ feature playing a completely different ball. Previously, Truecaller allowed users to search for numbers that have now been removed. Now people can search and request a specific person to know their details. But the threat of privacy remains with the ‘last seen’ feature.

Hide Last Seen on True­caller for Android
Hide Last Seen on True­caller for Android

When the feature is turned on, anyone in Truecaller with your number will be able to see when you were active. Since Truecaller runs in the background all the time, the last visit means the last visit was on your phone. You will only be able to see the status if they do not have Truecaller or if they have turned off their 'last seen' feature. So here we are going to tell you how to turn off this feature so that your smartphone usage patterns are not disclosed to others.


Step 1: Start by opening Truecaller and clicking on the top left menu tab. The side menu bar should be brought up.0

Step 2: In the Settings tab in the side menu bar and find the tab in it.

Step 3: While in the Settings menu, tap the General tab to go to the General Settings menu.

Step 4: Here you will see the blue slider available while you are active. Tap on it to deactivate it.

An interesting finding is that iPhone user are able to see their availability when an Android user launches. However, Android users will not be able to see the status of the iPhone user. This is due to the specific limitations of iOS.

Latest Additional Trick

If you don't know, it's really easy to change the mundane color of Truickler. Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Follow steps 1 and 2 mentioned earlier to access the TrueColor application's Settings menu on your phone. Tap the Presence tab once to go to the Presence Settings menu.

Step 2: Once in the Presence Settings menu, tap the Themes tab.

Step 3: Once in the Themes tab you will be greeted with several choices including different color combinations. Go ahead and choose your favorite!


Truecaller is certainly one of the most convenient applications at the moment which helps us to identify those unknown callers before even taking their calls. The latest feature, however, is an invasion of privacy and a good thing it has given Truecler users the option to publish them.

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