Top 5 Best VFX Android Apps

Top 5 Best VFX Android Apps 2022

Adopting various special effects techniques in movies, video games and theaters enhances the visual experience of the users. Their goal is to turn an illusion into a realistic scene. Now, plans to add some scientific influence to your own video have been thwarted by factors such as insufficient funding and lack of equipment. This is not to say that you should omit the idea of ​​preventing your own or adding visual effects to your videos.

Top 5 Best VFX Android Apps
Top 5 Best VFX Android Apps 

1. FxGuru: Special Effects for Mobile Apps

Undoubtedly, FXGuru is the best VFX application for special effects in mobile applications. From alien attacks to barrel explosions, this app lets you add some amazing and realistic effects to your videos. Its friendly interface lets you add visual effects in a hassle-free way in minutes. Also, this application lets you save and share edited videos on social media websites like Facebook, YouTube.

2. Movie Booth FX Free

Like FXGuru, the Movie Booth FX Free app for Android lets you add 18 visual effects for free and is basically categorized into three categories: Action, Science-Fi and Horror. With this application you can fulfill the dream of becoming an action director on your Android phone. The process is simple and straightforward. Just record a movie, select the scenes where you want to add a special effect and finally add it.

3. Video FX Music Video Maker

If you want to create cartoon or retro style videos and add special effects accordingly, Video FX Music Video Maker is the best option. Special effects here include a wide variety of music and film, cinematic, ghost, cartoon, thermal, strobescope, neon, mirror and more. You don't need a professional camera or great skills to make this kind of video. It is user friendly and even an amateur can play it.

4. Extreme VFX

Extreme VFX lets you add multiple effects to newly recorded or pre-recorded videos. It has a total of 20 available effects of which 4 effects are free. But then the app supports ads and requires an additional 4.5 MB of space to download additional support files. Also, it requires Google Play Store 3.9.16 or higher to get the effect. The application is compatible with ARMv6, ARMv5, Intel-x86, ARMv7, and MIP devices. Has an easy editing process and supports high-quality rendering.

5. Guns Movie FX

If you are interested in guns and its bomber sounds then this app is for you. You can make videos with realistic sounds coming from your favorite gun. It has the effects of flash, smoking and recovery. All you have to do is select a weapon, shoot a video and add a gun to it.

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