Best Contact Backup Apps For Android

Top 10 Best Contact Backup Apps For Android

Almost all of us have a lot more communication on our Android devices. These are not easy to remember and not easy to write down. Therefore, communication backup for Android is becoming important next time and a hard nut to crack. Losing these can be chaotic and so we need a solution to create contact backups on Android.

Top 10 Best Contact Backup Apps For Android
Best Contact Backup Apps For Android

1. Helium – App Sync and Backup

The best part about helium is that it doesn't require roots. It lets you back up contacts to SD card or internal memory. Additionally, you can transfer contacts from one Android device to another network if they are not connected to the same network. There are two versions of this app, namely free and paid, you can enjoy some premium features in the paid version of this contact backup app for Android.

2. Titanium Backup

You need to root your phone to get the most out of this app, yet it is trusted by over 24 million users worldwide. It also includes a free and paid version. However, we recommend that you take the paid version as it has better features. If you want to continue operating despite the backup process, you can only do so in the paid version. Other features are listed below:

3. G Cloud Backup

Extremely easy to use, this contact backup app for Android has gained an important place in people's hearts. All you have to do is enable backup permissions and the rest of the application will be taken care of. You can use it to protect and create backups of multiple devices. So, your "How to create contact backup on Android?" Hesitant? It can be solved using!

4. Super Backup & Restore

It claims to be the fastest data backup and communication backup app for Android. You can basically backup your Android device using it! If you need to backup apps, bookmarks, call history, messages, or anything else, you can do so using it! Also, sharing this information is as easy as spreading your fingers and you can share it using just one tap!

5. Contacts Backup

If you are not afraid to use modern technology then this contact backup app for Android is a good choice for you. This application saves your contacts in the cloud which is secure, fast, and reliable. In addition to cloud-based backups, this app is quite basic. It has a simple user interface. The rest of the features of this application are listed below.

6. MCBackup – My Contacts Backup

Computer synchronization is a very complex process and if you feel the same way, this application will solve your dilemma. You can use it to back up all your contacts and share them with a single tap. The ".vcf" file extension will be sent along with the media you have chosen to share.

7. My Contacts – Phonebook Backup & Transfer App

The My Contacts app helps you backup, restore, and save all your valuable contacts! Likewise, you can do it with an iPhone or Android, without having to extend your every communication from any device, with just one tap. This is a simple application that keeps your contacts safe and secure!

8. 123 Contact Backup

Backing up your contact list is very easy and one of the easiest and user-friendly applications. It is compatible with all your Android devices and does not invade your privacy in any way. If you believe in this application, you do not need to follow complicated steps to create a backup.

9. Super Backup: SMS and Contacts

It is an application that enables you to not only create a backup of contacts on your Android device but also other information like call logs, bookmarks, schedules, and SMS to your SD card or Gmail. You can use this application to backup all this data without rooting the Android device, however, it will work perfectly fine.

10. Contacts- By Google

No matter how many devices you use, you can create a backup of all your contacts and sync it with your Google Account. Devices from which you can access your Google Account can be used to create and restore backups. Also, the user interface is so simple that even a novice user can use its features without any difficulty.

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