11 Digital Marketing Trends and innovation For 2020

11 Digital Marketing Trends and innovation For 2020

Digital technology has made the world a global village in terms of connecting people from different countries and cultures seamlessly. Information sharing is now easily accessible than ever, making it easier to generate product awareness or promote your services. And since the Internet is such a massive tool that can be used to generate ROI, investing in digital marketing cannot be avoided. According to the market, "global digital advertising spend is projected to exceed $ 375 billion by 2021."

Therefore, we must keep up with the trends to keep your competition going. Take a moment to critique the impact of changes in the technology of your business, and then take advantage of successful existing business strategies, as well as try to predict where the technology is headed in the future. Your business will grow if you hold on and reach proactive ways without actively pursuing new customers.

However, Cardinal Digital Marketing Company understands that you do not have time to research all of these trends.

That being said, we want to share 11 digital marketing trends for 2020. You should keep an eye on:

1. Chatbots
Many companies will continue to use a chatbot, a useful software program that interacts with website visitors and customers. Chatbots communicate with people who visit the site and can answer their questions in real-time.

Chatbots use verbal interactions or chat windows to help web users find what they are looking for.

Hiring a person to monitor and interact with visitors to your website can be expensive, but chatbots save you the cost by answering questions. And next time, customers appreciate the personalized service and the answers to their questions.

The added benefit of using chatbots in digital marketing

A). It saves time: Unlike humans, a chatbot can provide quick answers to all kinds of questions. And fast response means that customers can make smart decisions.

B). Customer Satisfaction: Unlike humans, chatbots do not require time to rest. Anytime customers want information; it's right at their fingertips. And as chatbots respond more accurately, your sales conversion rates will increase.

C). Good humor: A chatbot is never moody. You will never hear complaints about customers moving away. These are neutral, clean, and informative - all qualities that your customers are comfortable with.

11 Digital Marketing Trends and innovation For 2020
11 Digital Marketing Trends and innovation For 2020

2. Use of private messaging apps
By 2021, many companies will begin changing their focus on how to better use individual messaging applications. Smartphone applications like WhatsApp, Viber, and WeChat are already gaining popularity. And instead of using emails, companies are adopting special requests as well as private messaging groups.

Major brands are already undergoing testing to monetise messaging apps, and soon customers will be able to pay for products directly through messaging apps. Sending and receiving money will be much easier.

Some apps like WeChat Pay have already made significant progress in making online payments easier; WeChat, Venmo, and PayPal users are already becoming accustomed to transferring such applications to their peers.

3. Increasing the use of artificial intelligence
"Artificial intelligence" sounds exactly like the name; It refers to robots or machines that can function as humans. AI uses a combination of different features such as chatbots and voice assistants to find answers quickly.

For example, Alexa and Siri are voice assistants who provide excellent customer care. Like a human, they can take orders from the user and act on their behalf.

The AI ​​robot uses sensors and human inputs to collect information about a situation and can receive/store search data to improve a user's future experience.

Cardinal Digital Marketing even has an AI-powered healthcare marketing software called Patient Stream, which helps physicians and healthcare providers simplify the process for their patients to acquire new methods.

4. Hyper-targeted ads
Companies use digital ads to market their products, but did you come across an online ad that was directly annoying or had nothing to do with you? Not only do online consumers tend to ignore these ads, but they can also do everything in their power to hate the product and stay away from the brand.

Forbes Magazine states that because of this remote digital connection, 49% of people will ignore unrelated ads or brands that are bombarded with irrelevant ads.

However, on the other hand, people love great content.
If your brand consistently sends the right message, 36% of the product will respond to the purchase.

Many companies are aware of this trend and are already planning accordingly. And we're guessing right now, by 2021, most companies will target specific audiences, and users are only seeing (and reacting to) hyper-relevant ads.

5. Personalization
Currently, only a few companies are using some customization. And big teams like Amazon are already doing it well.

This family name has created their huge internet business by analyzing the behavior of customers and promoting the product based on estimates and the user's past purchase history. It displays products that someone might be interested in putting on similar or complementary products in the Recommendations tab and Amazon learned that this upscale strategy works in a more business field.

Personalisation is the future of digital marketing. And nowadays, this is what customers expect ... A survey even shows that %%% of customers feel frustrated if their viewing content is not tailored to them.

According to Gartner, at least 90% of online advertisers will start using marketing personalisation in any shape or form by 2021. And there will be significant growth in fully personalised websites by 2021.

Personalisation is genuinely the key to a successful the digital marketing campaign in 2020, according to Dale Carnegie, "The name of a person is the sweetest and most important word in any language to that person."

This statement says the importance of personalising it. One of the reasons companies and marketers address you by your first name whenever you see it in emails is

This is ultimately the best tool for increasing conversions, and that's why some marketers have been using it for decades to improve their marketing efforts.

A survey shows that personalized email campaigns receive 29% more email open rates and 41% higher click-through rate than traditional unsolicited personalization emails.

This means if you have not tried to personalize your digital marketing strategy, you are leaving a lot of benefits on the table. Here are some reasons:

The primary benefit of personalized marketing is the control of reaching a specific group of customers. And by collecting user data from list categories, surveys, or studies, you are in a better position to create more relevant and useful email campaigns to your target audience based on their buying habits, interests, and behaviors.

For example, if your target audience loves movies and general entertainment, you can embed pop culture mentions while sending your emails, creating blog posts, or even giving your email opt-in forms a more personalized experience with your content. Hopefully, your audience will appreciate the references and relate better to your brand, which, in turn, will encourage conversions.

6. New Customers' Behavior
In addition to keeping your existing customers happy, your business needs to be actively engaged. Here are some ways to apply this to digital marketing venues in 2020 and beyond:

I). Companies need to work with influencers: A recent study found that about 86% of women have to consult via social media before making a product decision. And that's important- consumers want brands to be honest, friendly, and helpful.
2). Companies Will Focus on Video Content: A survey by Weasel indicates that approximately 95% of people have watched a video that explains their product or service.

By publishing a self-made video, companies are more directly involved with their customers by actively providing useful information.

Customers are confident in their skills and with respect, firms also increase their transparency.

7. Transparency
Research indicates that companies are creating transparent and easy-to-digest information to retain 5% of their customers

This will mean more emphasis in the future; Companies need to be completely transparent about what kind of information is being shared to promote their products.

Here's a suggestion on how to improve transparency

  • Set your fundamental values.
  • Make sure sales are not your only goal.
  • Become an open book for your customers - Tell them as much as possible about who they are doing business with.
  • If customers have any concerns or questions, respond immediately.
  • Be able to take constructive criticism from your customers and respond in a friendly, non-judgmental tone.
  • A community around your brand - Create space to help improve your products and encourage people to give different suggestions.

8. The growth in digital marketing

The drum indicates that between 2021 and the coming years, the global digital software industry will grow by $ 74.96 billion.

As a result, more money will be driven toward digital marketing. The CMO predicts that about 20% of marketing budgets will be spent on digital marketing by 2022.

A talented marketing team develops winning strategies and theoretical results to inform their partners with the implementation of their objectives.

Image results for smart marketing

Essentially, the growth of digital marketing translates into the development and delivery of new products and services to meet customer needs.

With the past few years, brands and marketers have spent the last few years deciding how to connect and interact with Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and others, and instant marketing is gaining popularity on social media.

These social media channels provide a lot of insights and what kind of content works and how to create it.

Want to leave a smart marketing strategy to the experts? Cardinal Digital Marketing Agency Can Help! Contact us today.

9. Single Marketing Software Supplier

This number is overwhelming, which is why so many people are switching to software that syncs with every device. HubSpot has already embraced this trend, and others are starting to follow.

Thus, many enterprises will use a single marketing software provider.

If it is convenient to provide and apply marketing the software tool, make sure that there are benefits:
  • It reduces tedious work: It helps relieve repetitive tasks and enables you to establish a daily routine
  • Streamlined marketing efforts: You can keep track of where your customer journey is with your customers and communicates with them more effectively.
  • It improves accountability.
  • This makes customer management more manageable.
  • You can document progress faster and easier.

10. Next-Gen SEO
Right now, a lot of different changes are taking place in the search engine industry, and updates are continually happening. These changes to the search algorithm have profoundly affected the user's search results.

Each new algorithm brings different benefits or problems, depending on how you look at it. Lastly, the goal of search engines is to help users get specific results for the answers to their queries.

Therefore, you will see in 2021 and beyond that the quality of search results will dramatically improve.

11. Voice-powered search
As technology continues to evolve, we will see more people using smartphones.
Features like Google, Alexa, and Siri are useful in digital marketing. Voice assistants can search for things, text aloud and even voice can set text messages for you so you can be hands-free.

Voice search is also essential when using it for your business. It's helping to grow a mobile-friendly movement and add value to local SEO. Voice search enhances the use of artificial intelligence and prioritizes the semantics of searches.

Tips for Power Search Optimization

A). Understand the language: When people use search engines, many people use long sentences with specific keywords. So, to optimize the scope of the search in voice search results, use longer keywords and full sentences (think about what someone would ask a friend about a specific product or service).

B). Conversation: When applying voice search to your website, use the tone of an engaging discussion when composing a text, but be sure to use the entire sentence and be grammatically correct.

Most people use the Internet to find information, whether they're researching the product or service they need or trying to find an answer to Google trying to cheat on a deep-night travel competition. Therefore, when creating content for voice-driven searches, Think about People who can ask any questions about your product and provide detailed answers.

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