How Artificial Intelligence Elevates Social Media Marketing

How Artificial Intelligence Elevates Social Media Marketing: What Marketers Need To Know?

"Marketing AI is confusing and often fantasizing and over-typing," says Andrew Frank, vice president of Gartner.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform business media into creating and managing social media marketing. Based on a recent study by Markets and Market, the "AI Social Media" market could be predicted to grow from $ 630M in 2018 to $ 2B + in 2023

But how is it impacting social media?

How will this drive a higher degree of accuracy and the opportunity to achieve things at a faster rate?

And most importantly, what marketers should learn from this transition?

So, without further action, let's see how AI can reform social media marketing.

How Do AI Affects Social Media Marketing?
"Anything that transforms the way people use social media, will eventually bring about a change in social media marketing." Based on the fact alone, it is understandable that AI will have a significant impact on user activity and the simultaneous marketing strategy.

1. Prediction about future results
The primary subset of artificial intelligence is called "machine learning." In simple words, to predict future results based on historical data. For example: Whenever you surf the Internet, your online query information will be stored for 'AI Analysis'. It helps marketers create focused campaigns and target prospects with relevant information and ads.

How Artificial Intelligence Elevates Social Media Marketing: What Marketers Need To Know?
  How Artificial Intelligence Elevates Social Media Marketing: What Marketers Need To Know?

2. Use of chatbots and virtual assistants
Chatbots have been a huge help in leveraging social media platforms. They have significantly reduced time costs and marketers' efforts to engage customers based on their interests. A recent article in Forbes Magazine explains how chatbots can be programmed for customer data tracking and monitoring activities.

Furthermore, marketers can rely on chatbots to compare posts on social media, this will help them create reliable strategies and pieces of content to attract the right customers.

Use of chatbots and virtual assistants
3. Promoting face recognition in social web advertising
This is a subset of AI, machine learning, making it possible for marketers to integrate emerging technologies such as facial recognition to target advertising. Facebook already uses the facial identification method to automatically tag the right person in a particular photo.

However, marketers can take advantage of this national technology to search for images on social media that contain the name/logo of their product or company. This will help them know how and where their customers are using their product/service. For example: Using this technology, you can search your design bookshelf and find out how many customers are using it. Some are using it as a tree shelf, while others may make it to the media console. This valuable information can help you market your product in a better way!

4. Develop a social listening strategy for the business
Of all the intelligent systems, social listening is the most relevant tool for drafting better strategies for marketing. Although you can confuse the event with social surveillance, there is a huge difference between the two conditions. Social listening involves tracking the conversation through specific words and phrases. These insights can be effective in creating content that appeals to a certain type of audience.

For example, there are some effective audience tools that provide marketers with relevant data on their target audience, competitors, community, influencers, and help them reap the opportunities available. You can then develop content that can build a better audience and a market as a whole.

5. Reach out to the new market
If you want to get your company to reach a new foreign market, your content needs to be localized. Do you ask for content localization? Well, it's the process of adapting your content to a specific destination through translation and strategy tailored to a foreign audience for a better connection. There are several AI-translation tools, which are available in the market, but you will certainly not find a dedicated content localization tool that is AI-driven.

But thanks to emerging strategies, there will soon be a tool that will help you launch your business to customers all over the world. There is an AI-driven tool called Tacotron 2 by Google, which has the powerful ability to use context to distinguish between complex linguistic differences such as nouns and verb forms of "present". Such tools certainly bring us closer to the localization of AI-driven content.

7. Decisions regarding dominant strategies
Although influencer marketing has already reached its peak today. These are one of the most effective marketing tools for advanced organic reach and ultimately promoting social media ROI. But it can only be used properly in its highest potential.

Today, a marketer can count on AI to choose the right influencer to promote their brand. Since there is a huge pool of influencers in the market today, it becomes essential to choose the ideal influencer for your brand. Thanks, machine learning will make the process hassle-free!

Decisions regarding dominant strategies
Improving the user experience while using social media platforms
The rise of social media users, every single day. It is difficult to process large amounts of data from these popular platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Fortunately, artificial intelligence also helps with this scenario: Twitter uses AI to monitor trending topics and to rank them according to tag rankings. It helps to navigate the platform accurately and efficiently. Facebook AI algorithms track the comments of various posts and rank at the top of your news feed based on your activity of interest and engagement. Instagram is also developing its mobile app using AI, which allows vision-impaired people to browse the platform effectively. Accordingly, it simply detects the AI, the brutality and abuse in the photos, and automatically returns it by violating feelings and privacy.

8. Analyzing competitors on social networks
Manually examining competitors' social profiles is a hugely time-consuming process. In fact, the process is essential to determine whether a particular piece of content or post will have a positive or negative impact on users, gaining AI algorithms can help marketers analyze competitors effectively without error.

One of the AI-driven competitive analytics tools is NetBase. It helps to evaluate content on social platforms based on a number of parameters that affect performance. In addition, you can learn new keywords, content types that can work to achieve your social media marketing goals.

Why should marketers pay attention to AI?
Based on the above effects, there is nothing powerful as Artificial Intelligence has a strong potential to completely change the marketing landscape, allowing brands and companies to breakthrough by providing customers with a personalized experience. Discusses the specific reasons why marketers can benefit from applying AI in social media marketing

Why marketers must pay attention to AI

1. Tasks in AI Mundan are easy
As Netflix recommends watching, Google Maps predicts traffic, composing Gmail sentences, as there are dozens of apps for everyday use. Most people have more or less an idea of ​​how it works and everything is done through machine learning. AI improves life by providing a personalized experience and it gets better with each day.

Thus, marketers can make the most of the worldly things on a daily and scale in a way that is currently limited by human-driven marketing.

2. AI changes the marketing career
There is no need to deny that AI is helping businesses make better and faster decision-making. Newly-incorporated strategies will definitely open up marketing gates and more jobs to the marketing profession and new game carrier gates will be developed and introduced to use a specific piece of AI-driven software and tools. This will not only give visitors a head start but will motivate marketers to start exploring AI and what they can do to make their jobs easier.

It may seem overwhelming to many people to understand the true context. Regardless of the reason, however, brands see an immersive growth compared to other brands, who are not understanding AI in their marketing strategies.

3. AI with the domination of content creation
Based on specific tools like and marketers can meet the needs of emerging content and ensure target delivery. Since producing quality content demands a lot of time and skill, technology like AI can be a real relief in this regard.

Now marketers don't have to manually personalize content for every customer. They might consider using AI chatbots, which are handling customer relationships amazingly. They are getting smarter every day and are able to have casual conversations with customers to provide real-time solutions.

Bottom Line
Keeping up with marketing trends is not a desirable thing for business; Marketers need to stay competitive in order to stay ahead. But as technology advances, so too are customer expectations, and almost every business leader should try to return to them and try to meet those expectations. Thanks to various solutions and modern technology platforms, marketers can keep a check on the ever-changing social media marketing landscape.

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