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How to Change Profile Picture On Facebook Messenger Android & iOS 2023

Are you on Messenger right now? While chatting, I realized that if I couldn’t take the time on Facebook I could even change the profile picture from Messenger without opening Facebook.
Eventually, I didn’t have the Facebook app on my own mobile just my messenger and I thought I could change the DP of my Facebook profile directly from my messenger.
Now, in just a few clicks I have successfully changed my profile picture from the Messenger app which I am chatting to at the same time and it took only 1 minute to complete the change.
I have discussed some of the settings where you can control to show your profile picture at the end.
To change the profile picture from Facebook Messenger just make sure you are logged in and then tap on the profile icon. After tapping there you will see the edit icon and you will have to tap it to change the profile image to new in Messenger.
Messenger is available for all devices like Android or iOS and if you install Messenger you can proceed directly to change your profile without opening your Facebook from the web. If you want to protect it from being opened for download by someone else, you can add the DP lock feature to your profile picture.

How to Change Profile Picture On Facebook Messenger Android & iOS
Profile Picture on Messenger

In this article, I’ve explained step-by-step ways to change profile pictures or names directly from your Messenger app and save settings for your Facebook and Messenger. Additionally, Messenger has been added to this content along with some of the top features that users need to protect their privacy.

Why can't I change the profile picture in Messenger?

If you can't change the profile picture, there are several reasons behind it. Let's explain:

1. The profile picture may not fit the size (180px * 180px)
2. You are uploading low-quality images or below the required size.
3. If you are not logged in to your Facebook app in Messenger or browser, the task may not be completed.
Simply solve the problem by changing the profile picture via messenger and try to follow the steps below.

Is it possible to change profile pictures without Facebook?

Yes, if you have Messenger on your Android or iOS device, you must have an edit section for your profile picture where you can easily edit and add a new profile picture. If you want to show the profile picture only to your chat friends, you can do the lap without opening the tap.
In the meantime, I checked your Facebook app, it gives you the option to change the profile picture directly from the app option
If you are in your messenger app, it is tapped in your profile picture and it will take you to the profile section where you need to log in with the username and password of your Facebook account then follow the simple process by editing the profile section and profile picture by same process Change.
You can also get help from the Facebook support section.

Change the profile picture from Messenger on your Android

If you're on your Android device, follow the simple steps to change profile pictures directly from your messenger:
First of all, you need to log in to your messenger with your credentials and open your profile section with a circle icon next to your name.
Then, in the next tab, you will see the profile section and a pen size icon to edit your profile picture, just tap on it.
Next, add the new profile picture you want to set for your DP and save the settings by placing the images in that circle.

Change profile picture from Messenger on your iOS (iPhone / iPad)

If you're on your iOS device, you'll get the Messenger app on your home screen, make sure the Messenger app is updated, and then just follow the simple steps to change the profile picture from your iPhone or iPad:
1. Once you open the Messenger app on your iOS device in exactly the same way, tap the circle next to the profile icon next to your nickname to go to the profile section.
2. Now, this will take you to the next tab where you need to tap the Edit icon to change your Messenger profile picture.
After clicking on that, you will be immediately asked to add a new profile picture and then you can set a new profile picture and put it in a circle, and set it as a profile picture.
All you have to do is change your profile picture from Messenger on your iPhone or iPad.

What if I can't change the profile picture in Messenger?

If you can't change the profile picture directly from Messenger or your click doesn't work, the profile picture is still not visible after the change, there may be some reason behind it and I will discuss in this content how to fix this situation.
However, if you do not see someone's profile picture, you can confirm that you are blocked on Messenger.

'Tap' doesn't work or DP is not visible:

If you notice that the profile picture order is not visible after the DP change or you can't change the profile picture by going to the Edit section, it may be due to a slow internet connection that can't load some JavaScript into that application page.
A simple solution to this problem is to connect your mobile to the WiFi network immediately (if available) and if this happens due to a slow internet connection, your problem can be solved.
Profile page does not open:
To change the profile image directly from Messenger by tapping the name in your Messenger application, it will take you to the Profile section from the existing app or via the web. If you are not logged in there, you will need to login to view the pages.
To resolve this issue you need to log in with your credentials directly to your default browser set up on your Facebook app or on your device and the issue will be resolved after you try the same process again.

Facebook profile picture privacy settings [to hide]

You can control your Facebook profile picture and who you want to show on Facebook and it also affects your messenger.
On Facebook, you can change your profile picture settings among friends or you can set the 'Only me' option if you want to hide it from everyone. You can only see the same profile picture with certain friends and also hide it from certain friends.
I was looking for how I can set this privacy to my DP and I saw that I need to click on my profile picture, then open it and click the arrow button I can choose the privacy option to show my profile picture to whomever I want
The best part is that if you want to hide your profile picture and you have set privacy from your Facebook app, it will also work in the Messenger application.

To control your profile picture in the case of previous images, you can delete it from your account or you can set privacy to 'Only' for those profile pictures.
Note: If you find that the profile picture is missing from the profile name in your messenger, it could be a problem with your internet connection because most of the privacy that you can see in the privacy is not there.
This is why it can be a problem with your delayed internet connection that can't load your profile picture in your messenger or your profile picture is empty in both cases, you need to check with both solutions already described.

What does Blue Dot mean in Messenger?

If you ever see the blue dot in your messenger, it means a direct unread message. Whenever people message you and you don't see it when you open Messenger, you'll see all these pending unpublished messages with a blue dot in the chat list.
You will notice that once you leave this chat the blue dot will suddenly disappear and the message will be marked as meeting that person.
Note: If you want to put a blue dot there, you do not have to touch which can chat from your messenger.
I found another option in the Message Requests section on Messenger where a lot of people try to contact me on Messenger and those messages don't actually come to my inbox but show up in the "Requests" section with a single blue dot in the name of their chat.
So if you see this blue dot in your message box or in the message request section, it's actually nothing more than an unread message that came in your messenger but you haven't read it yet.

How to lock my DP in Messenger?

If you want to lock your profile picture in your messenger so that it does not open in a new tab or see the full resolution, you can take action and control it by editing the privacy settings of the profile picture. Where you can control the profile picture by entering a few names from your Facebook friend list and then keep the privacy hidden from them or you can hide your profile picture from everyone by going back to the 'Only me' option.
Once you set this privacy in your profile picture, it will not be clickable or openable in the new tab.


If you want to change the profile picture, you need to tap it and you can change it to the new picture by editing it directly in Messenger. You can control your profile picture from your messenger to show it to your friends or hide it directly from your messenger.
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