No matter what Kindle Edition - Review

No matter what Kindle Edition - Review


This book has an amazing story between Aisha and Rocky, which will win your heart. I loved reading it so much. A good language is used. The cover looks simple. The title is apt. Good vocabulary and grammar are used. Great characterization is done. The narrative style is also too good.

How far would you go once you learn the relationship with him is like balancing on a point of the knife? Try standing too long, it’d cut through you, leaving you bloodied heartbreak?

When Aisha visits busy Mumbai to take care of her ailing grandmother, little did she know she will be introduced to a tantalizing world of night fights through Rocky? Soon, undeniable chemistry blooms between them. Just when life seems perfect an unplanned turn of event forces her to suspect there is more to Rocky’s life than he displays.

To Rocky, who has been dealing with a brush of tragedy, Aisha’s encounter feels like a piece of driftwood he longs to hold to prevent him from drowning into bitter memories.

Will the strength of their passion let Rocky get over the dangerous past he has been dealing with? Or Aisha’s world rips apart in the process?

Irresistibly compelling and achingly moving, No matter what is not just a love story but reminiscence of how painful memories could leave a scar in one's lives.

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