Top 5 Best Ways to change your life by Motivation - cybersuggest

Top 5 Best Ways to change your life by Motivation - cybersuggest

You've been thinking about learning to drive since you were a teenager. You believe that having a car will give you freedom, choice and adventure as well as increase your career prospects.

But despite these beliefs and the encouragement of your friends and family, you did not learn to drive.

What stopped you?

Well, you can blame it for lack of time or lack of time. But in reality, it’s probably due to a lack of inspiration. And this lack of inspiration can hold you back in all areas of your life.

Now, imagine if you had enthusiasm and unlimited motivation. Not only will you learn to drive and drive yourself, but you will also become interested in other big goals. And plenty to notice - you'll be interested and alive.
Top 5 Best Ways to change your life by Motivation - cybersuggest
Top 5 Best Ways to change your life by Motivation - cybersuggest

1. Seek inspiration

There is nothing to be inspired by the number one cause of feelings. If nothing excites you, nothing will inspire you.

Is there any way to find inspiration? You bet!

The strategy is to get back into your life at a time when fun, adventure and excitement rule the day. It can come back to last year, five years ago or even when you were a child.

One thing is for sure: there were days when your life was exciting and purposeful.

It could be your first kiss, your first vacation with friends or the thrill of getting your first job. Look back at how you felt at that time - probably at the top of the world. That emotion of reawakening in your life.

Another reason to look back on your life is that you can leave the following dreams that other people (probably your parents) told you were a waste of time. These can be things like being a professional musician, actor or sports star.

We all had this kind of ambitious dream when we were little. Not often, however, these dreams were shattered by adults who told us to be “realistic” about our lives.

This allows you to attend a drama class for training as an actor, for example. Even if it stays as a hobby, you will start to get excited in your life again. And you will be able to take this inspiration and use it in different areas of your life.

2. Goal setting

American football coach Vince Lombardy once said:

"The purpose of success is to claim loneliness."

In other words, you must know what you want before you have a chance to get it.

When you start setting goals for yourself, you will soon find that you have a purpose and motivation. This is the difference between traveling to a specific destination or letting your boat go over the ocean.

The secret to setting goals is to start small. Choose something easy to achieve, such as giving up caffeine for one day a week or waking up 30 minutes earlier than your usual.

Once you achieve your small goals, you will notice that you will grow in confidence and confidence. This is when you are ready to set some bigger goals. These can be things like looking for a new job, clearing your debts or even traveling the world!

Achieving big goals can seem difficult. However you can make them more transparent by breaking them into bite-sized parts.

For example, if your goal is to find a new job, you can split it into the following steps:

  • Decide what you really want to do.
  • Create your resume to match this work or
  • Practice your interview skills.
  • Register with hiring agencies.
  • Take any advice they offer (such as raising your qualifications).
  • Go to the interview.
  • Celebrate when you present the role you want!
  • It is fundamental to set goals in order to be motivated. It costs nothing to do, yet it will reward you immensely.

3. Perseverance

The third element that you must be inspired with is perseverance. This feature will keep you ahead when it inevitably hardens.

Just think of a marathon runner. If they reach the half they feel half-dead (most runners tell them it happens) but without perseverance, they probably call it a discount.

Winners are people who survive to the end of their lives - but it's hard for them.

It’s the same story for your hobby, relationship or career. If things go awry if you leave, you will never find happiness and contentment by leaving the course.

Life is always a mixture of ups and downs. If you want to achieve something big in your life, you must be steadfast.

4. Receive support

If you try to do everything yourself, you will set yourself up for failure.

The reality is that to achieve any big goal you need the help and support of another person. It is not possible (or desired) to do everything on your own.

To give an example of this, let me tell you a short story from the early days of Lifehack.

In 2005, the website was just starting out and I was getting a lot of new customers. Some companies even asked to advertise on the site.

This is when I was writing the content, marketing the content, answering customers' questions, maintaining the website, and so on. Lifehack was actually a one-man band in the beginning.

But as its popularity grew I became too busy to handle what I needed to do myself. That’s when I decided to hire some people to help me!

5. Reward yourself

The ultimate essential element to increase your motivation is to reward yourself as you achieve your goals - whether they are big or small.

For example, imagine that you have set a goal to rearrange your home. This will probably include the purchase and fitting of new carpet and curtain national items. But it also probably includes repainting most of the rooms in your home.

Now, it would be unrealistic to expect your whole place to be rearranged one day. Instead, you'll probably want to do something at once. Something like this could happen:

  • New carpets are being selected
  • Selecting new screens and blinds
  • Selecting paint for each room
  • Item purchase
  • A carpet fitter is being arranged
  • Paint the walls and ceiling (you can choose to do it yourself)
  • Screen fitting
  • Inviting your friends and family around to see your new look!
  • Each of these steps can take you hours or days. But to keep you motivated, my suggestion is to reward yourself when you finish each step.

A small reward for the steps listed above can be going out to get a coffee and cake at your local cafe Going out for a meal with your friend can be a great reward for accomplishing your redevelopment goal.

By rewarding yourself as you go - and in the end - you will focus on accomplishing your own goal and you will be encouraged to set the next one!

Motor start!
Have you noticed that the pronunciation of the inspiration sounds like a motorbike?

While I'm not encouraging you to misspell, I want you to think of inspiration as a motor - one that can help you move forward in all areas of your life.

You will refrain from being motivated. You no longer have to wait and look for excuses not to stuff. Instead, you'll be a super-driven success story!

So turn on the key and get started!

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