Although not all careers translate well into a freelance lifestyle, there are many skills that are perfectly suited for this type of work. If you fall into one of these roles, you will probably become an interesting prospect for a layout of clients. But what if your field is not listed below? Don't worry. If you are interested in a freelance career path, there are many opportunities that offer great opportunities. Check out our list of popular freelance skills that can help you take the next step in your professional journey.

1. Developer

Programming has been and currently, one of the most sought after careers in the world. Since seemingly every business, organization and creative project needs a strong online footprint, it needs skilled professionals to create it. Freelance developers often specialize in a variety of fields depending on their experience and interests: for example, front-end developers turn the code into a graphic interface, while back-end developers focus on building databases, scripting, and architecture. To be successful as a freelance developer you will need to be proficient in the most in-demand coding languages ​​including Python, Ruby, Java, Swift and many more.

2. Designer

Creative design is a specialized field of work that can include graphic design, motion or web resource creation. Experienced freelance designers often find more work than you can afford, but there is a catch. To be successful, you need a diverse portfolio to be able to show your potential clients the type and quality of work you can produce. A rigorously designed portfolio is essential and you build something over time, so keeping industry trends at the top, learning new tools and developing your skills before moving to freelance is key.


3. Content Writer

Today, Rising is still one of the most popular jobs in the gig economy. In addition to declaring content as the king of modern marketing, companies have huge budgets for creating high quality articles, blogs, guides, press releases and other types of written content. To be a freelance writer you must have writing skills, Starler grammar and storytelling talent. Having a strong portfolio is essential to showcase your work as a designer and attract potential businesses.

what freelance jobs are most in demand?

4. Marketing

Working as a freelance marketer can mean a lot of things: from running paid Facebook campaigns to overhauling the message of an entire website. The United States has a huge and rich community of freelance marketing professionals, strategists and consultants. What do they all have in common? Hond digital skills. Marketers are tasked with standardizing, executing, and optimizing digital strategies that keep every touch point of the customer journey. This means they must have a strong knowledge of digital fundamentals like SEO, data analytics, user experience, conversions, CRM marketing and many more. The diversity of skills required for a marketing space caters to the needs of all types of marketers across the industry.

5. Translator

For publishers, advertising agencies, and global corporations, localized content is one of the most effective ways to market. In some countries and cultures it may also be the only way to connect with potential customers. This is why freelance translators come to M Remember that professional translators are not only fluent in the languages ​​in which they translate, but also have a background in the field of translation and work experience. If you want to take the initiative of freelancing as a translator, play to your strengths and do the work related to your experience.

6. Photographer / Videographer

To be successful as a freelance photographer or video producer, you need to showcase clients with a strong work ethic in demonstrating the skills of producing and editing polished content. Understanding digital distribution channels is also a plus, as clients are constantly searching for suitable resources for individual platforms. With a few years of work experience in the region, the right equipment and a strong portfolio, it will be much easier to enter this market.

9. SEO professional

Search engine optimization (SEO), sometimes search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the most exciting fields in the digital world. As a more popular freelance job, SEO brings a long list of required technical skills including understanding link building, Google algorithms, keywords and much more.

10. Public relations (PR)

As a public relations or brand communications specialist, you will never be short of freelance opportunities. This is a broad field that includes media relations, product launch, brand awareness promotion, brand activation, native advertising and much more. To be successful you need to have a strong understanding of the storytelling experience as well as the competitive landscape. This helps if you have a strong list of encouraging industry and media contacts.

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