Growing the following for your LinkedIn page is one of the platform's most valuable marketing goals. This is an important step in building your community on LinkedIn so that the total increase can reach greater organic reach and more audience insights. And if you’re thinking about the most productive way to work towards this goal, you’re not alone. Below, you'll find our brand-new, well-defined list of activities for growing LinkedIn followers, tips from scratch-based searchers, as well as advanced guidance for companies who want to take their pages to the next level.



The first step before diving into any of the tips below is to make sure your company’s LinkedIn page is complete and individually appeals to the national members you want to attract. Pages with complete information receive 30% more views, and if the content on your organization's page is clearly effective for your target audience, visitors are more likely to click "Follow." You can find pointers here to complete and optimize your LinkedIn page. If you do well on that front, it's time to get active in increasing followers count. These strategies are helpful for creating a small number of page views, even from scratch. However, well-established pages with thousands of followers are encouraged to implement them if they do not already exist. You will find more advanced tips in the section below.

1: Optimize your page for SEO

Did you know that you can customize your LinkedIn page for search? Follow the linked article guidelines to make sure your page is fully searchable on engines like Google.


2: Involve your employees

Your team members will be your strongest allies in promoting the page below. Encourage them to spread the word with friends and colleagues who are interested in what you do. For new pages, this is a necessary step towards getting off the ground. When employees tag your pages in updates and share the benefits of following their pages with their networks, it can provide a great incentive. Also, make sure your employees are properly mapped to your page (quoting it appropriately in their work experience), because every time your employee creates a new link on LinkedIn, the new link will be prompted to follow your page.


3: Add a follow button to your website

This simple addition can help your website visitors follow the LinkedIn page. To force action, you can include some messages, such as, "If you enjoy our content here, you'll love the things we share on LinkedIn." Here's a brief description of how to add a follow button to your organization's website.


4: Add a page link to your email signature

Another “set and forget it” tip that can pay major dividends. Edit your work email signature to include the link to your organization's LinkedIn page and encourage recipients to follow it. If you are professionally related to someone, your page has a very good chance of getting them interested.


5: Add a page link to your personal LinkedIn profile

Your personal LinkedIn profile is another opportunity to capture relevant members and direct them to the center of your organization on the platform. Consider adding a shortlink to your LinkedIn page in the "Website URL" field in your profile and even in your title. 2 allows you to invite other employees to do the same. Like other employees, it's important for you to associate your profile with your organization's LinkedIn page, so take a prompt to follow new connections.



6: Post regular content to your page

This will make the uninterrupted flow of fresh content on your page more visible to member feeds (pages that post at least weekly posts have a 2x lift which results in more organic reach. And this makes it more attractive to potential followers. .


7: Join topical conversations with hashtags

Use three to five relevant hashtags in your posts to reach new, relevant communities in your content. Also, when you associate your LinkedIn page with relevant hashtags in your communities hashtags panel, you can write a feed for conversations from your organization's perspective and give feedback / reveal your brand name to a new, relevant audience.


8: List the support of customers and brand consultants

What are the angry customers about your brand? Or people in your circles who managed to be lawyers for you? Let them know that increasing your LinkedIn following is a priority, and see if they can agree to help by posting about your organization on their networks.


9: Adjust your content based on your page analysis

The page administrator can access a powerful set of analytics, which provides demographic information about your followers and visitors, as well as engagement data for your updates. Use these insights to determine what resonates versus what and align your content with what your audience wants.


10: Mention the influencers and companies you admire on page updates

Do you have influential people and non-competing organizations in your industry that you respect and want to be associated with? By mentioning them in your updates, you'll have a better chance of getting to the front of their network, as they'll be able to reshare their posts with followers. Be sure not to overdo it, as this can lead to a lot of spam. Make sure your content mix has plenty of impressive visuals. Unique images and videos in particular help your brand (and page) stand out more in the feeds. In particular, we found that custom image collages drive more engagement on the platform, so don't be afraid to upload series from your latest event or any other photo open!

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