Instagram Engagement

What is Instagram Engagement - Explanation of Instagram Engagement in 2021

Before we discuss the real strategies that can help your business, we first try to understand the busyness of Instagram. Growth rates on any social media platform can be considered a measure of your followers' loyalty to you. It’s not about the size of your audience, but the degree of their engagement with the content of your brand that matters most. It is a measure of their interest and interaction with your photos, videos, and stories that actually count towards marketing success.

1. Follower

This is an obvious reason you should be monitoring. The size of your audience or your influencers is important but not the most important parameter. In addition to the number of your followers, you want to analyze how fast you are gaining new followers instead.

What is Instagram Engagement - Explanation of Instagram Engagement in 2021


Choices are another basic parameter that contributes to your engagement rates. This is a base level measurement of whether your written content is well received by your followers. This is a rather straight-forward indicator of how popular your profile is among your target audience.

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Comments are the next metric you want to see when tracking the growth of your Instagram engagement. Analyzing the comments will give you a more qualitative understanding of what your followers think of your posts. It’s one thing to like a post, but comments are a better sign of their involvement because they spend time writing one. Of course the quality of the comments is just as important. Often people throw out simple comments like “beautiful” or “feeling good” that doesn’t really make much sense. Just look at the spammy emoji comments below.

4. Share and restore

By building upwards, the number of shares your posts receive and re-posting are also very important. If a user is willing to share your content with their friends, you know they really liked the content you posted.

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