Best File and Folder Lock Software

Top 8 Best File and Folder Lock Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 PC

Putting your personal content in a folder and locking it is a piece of cake with Windows 10? Using skilled folder lock software for your PC, whether it's at work or at home, no other user or your child can access these files. Your data will be safe and secure! If you are confused with so many file lock software all over the internet world, we have a well-compiled list to solve all the problems.

Top 8 Best File and Folder Lock Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 PC

1. Iobit Protected Folder

One of the most reliable file lockers for PC, Iobit has enhanced the quality of its products with the protected folder. Its interface is very easy to use and all you need to get started is create a password and confirm it. After that, you drag your files or folders and they will be protected from any outside eyes. Lock and exit and it's done!

2. Gilisoft File Lock Pro

We understand that your data and documents are really important to you and will not be compromised, no matter what. Regardless of your profession, get Gilisoft File Lock Pro which is a very secure file protection software for all its users. Interestingly, you can also lock folders on internal hard drives, flash drives, USB drives, thumb drives, memory cards, and network drives. Add your personal files to this folder lock for Windows 10 and click 'Lock'.

3. Secret disk

How about having extra space on your PC also hidden from the eyes of unwanted people? All right? Secret Disk is not just a file lock software for Windows 10, it separates the space of a new disk and locks it with a password. Place one or more discs and mark them with the alphabet you have chosen for your comfort. Although it does not provide encrypted features to files, you can simply lock them behind a secure password. Download this file locker for PC today and learn its benefits!

4. Folder lock

Folder Lock is a file lock software that works as a one-stop solution for encrypting password-protected files, backing them up in real-time, deleting files, and clearing history in moments. Within seconds, you can keep your USB, external drives, email attachments, CD drives, and even maps on the map secure.

5. Lock-A-Folder

Another password-protected software for saving your documents, photos, videos or any file is Lock-A-Folder. This will restrict access to only those who have the key. This tool does not encrypt your files but allows you to hide the information behind the master password. Furthermore, it has a very simple interface and suits all basic formulas, without considering any additional settings. Follow the steps that take effect when the work is done and exit.

6. Anvi Folder Locker

Just add any files and folders and protect your eyes from pruning with this amazing file locker for PC, Anvi. Interestingly, there are no annoying ads, but customizable features and permission changes are included in its main features. Multiple locking options for each file are self-explanatory and include forms such as secure, hidden, locked, read-only, hidden, and locked (access with special passwords).

7. 7 zip

7-Zip Archive a lot of files and folders with a password which is freeware. The more exciting thing about this folder lock software is that ZipCrypto encryption is in Zip and 7Z format which does not allow any hacker to even touch your data. It is backed up with strong AES 256-bit encryption, which is definitely the best way to secure data.

8. Instant lock

As the name suggests, Instant Lock will lock your personal documents and files in no time. Just click Add, check settings, password protect files and it's done! If you think that if someone tries to recover data by uninstalling this software then just take a break from how this file protection software will work. It cannot go one step further without approving the password.

Question 1. How do I create a folder password-protected Windows 10?

If you want to keep a folder private, you can do so by using password protection in Windows. You can use the File and Folder Locker software to lock the folder with the password. We have listed many on the blog, you can choose one of them.

Question 2. Does Windows 10 have Bitlocker?

No, Windows 10 Home does not have Beatles to lock folders for you. It is available for use in Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise. Other versions of Windows 10 allow you to hide a folder or file from Explorer.

Question 3. How to encrypt a folder?

Encryption is the process of securing data using different guards. You can also use this tactic to protect your data from unwanted access. You can easily lock files and folders on your computer using the File and Folder Lock software.

Question 4. Which is the best file and folder protector for Windows 10?

We think the best file and folder protector for Windows 10 would be the Iobit Protected Folder. It comes with powerful features to ensure the security of your locked files and folders. You have saved your data with the help of password protection on the computer.

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