Best Lightweight Browsers For Windows

Top 9 Best Lightweight Browsers For Windows 10

Using heavy web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox can significantly drain memory into your system and consume invaluable battery life. So, what is the alternative? Lightweight browsers for Windows 10 and other versions. Relying on the best light browsing apps will definitely help you surf the internet without any hiccups or compromises on performance.

Choosing the right web browser for Windows 10 can have a significant impact on how you experience the Internet. Today, both speed and privacy should be considered when choosing a web browsing program. Listed are some lightweight browsers suitable for your Windows PC. If you have a low-end or mid-range system, we recommend using Opera, Torch and Vivaldi.

Top 9 Best Lightweight Browsers For Windows 10
Best Lightweight Browsers For Windows 10


Opera for Windows is a great but lightweight browser that doesn't require a lot of space on your computer and instead gives you free space for other resources. You can install several extensions in Opera without even affecting your overall browsing performance. One of the best customizable and lightweight browsers for Windows 10 and other versions so no other Windows browser can give you as many customization options as Opera.


With a combination of all the necessary features that make the browser the best lightweight web browsing program, Torch is foremost by several users. The interface looks a bit like Google Chrome and has a torch torrent that allows actions like downloading media files, listening to music and enjoying the HD viewing experience using the torch player.


Although a little-known web browsing program, Bivaldi has been able to achieve a feat in a relatively short period of time. It is friendly for a seamless experience and features various customization options in an interactive interface. Vivaldi is privacy-based and a great option for Windows, Mac and Linux users to escape from the regular browsing experience into a lightweight browser.

Comodo IceDragon

Loaded with advanced features and fast browsing speed, Komodo IceDragon is one of the lightest browsing solutions for your Windows 10 PC. When browsing with Commodore, it keeps you away from potential viruses and is already integrated with the DNS server when converting URLs to IP addresses. Therefore, you can expect fast and secure results.


Claiming to be powered by the most lightning-fast engine, the Slim browser is still a great lightweight browser for your Windows 10 PC. Its integration with virus scanners, password handling and removal of all hack-potential traces are some of the notable features that have made Slimbroser a strong competitor to our top Lightweight and Secure Browser 2020 list.

Maxthon Cloud Browser

If you want to explore the cyber world without the hassle of annoying ad pop-ups and speed, choose none other than Maxthon Cloud. When you search for a URL, the pages will be displayed using a dual rendering engine. Now you want to call each other the perfect lightweight browser.


Waterfox is a lesser known lightweight browser for Windows 10 and other versions. It is an open-source surfing platform based on Firefox that allows users to control how they browse the web. It supports both old and new Firefox add-ons. It provides complete tracking protection and will sync with your regular Firefox account. Additionally, it receives frequent security updates. Therefore you can keep your privacy intact in the digital world.


Enjoy using command-line tools on your Windows PC? If so, you may prefer to use the Link Browser. It is one of the oldest browsers designed and served by users for over two decades. Once you learn how to use links, you won't have any problems around you for a while. The text-based browser has no photos, which makes it the lightest browser of all time.


Especially preferred by developers, Simonki is one of the best open source and lightweight browsers that you can choose from a bunch of browsing programs. It has a variety of features like built-in email client, contact book, chat room section and web page editing tools that make it the best choice for advanced users without having to spend a lot of system resources.

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