Blocked your Email

How to Tell if Someone Blocked your Email on Hangouts, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook

Would you like to know if someone has read your emails or just blocked you? This article will answer both questions in a single way. To find out if someone has blocked your Gmail or read your email in Gmail, install this MailTrack in this browser (Chrome). Sign up in primary mode to get ticks on sent emails. Now, send an email with MailTrack enabled on it and it will ask you not to confirm whether the message has been read or blocked.

How to Tell if Someone Blocked your Email on Hangouts, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook
Blocked your Email

Mailtrack confirmation

If you've got a double-tick, you're not blocked in Gmail, but if you don't, the person is probably blocking you. But you have to set it up properly to be really sure. Let's dive into the process. If you see that someone has disappeared from your contact list, it may be because they have blocked you. However, some more situations may create this suspicion to fit your mind. If you want to allow someone to send emails from your own end, just block that person's Gmail ID.


If there is someone who has disappeared from your Gmail chat or show a blank icon in that person's DP in the contact list.
You can request permission reports by returning a reading receipt to Gmail. However it is limited to a few users, for others the method is here
If you want to ignore someone in Gmail who is bothering you with emails, you can block that person's email ID.

However, if you send mail to someone and if they block you, you will not receive a failure report or a success or block-related report. You are now blind to follow it.

Find out if you're blocked from Hangouts on mobile

Hangout users must have a Google Account to make any calls or chats. Contacts in Gmail are automatically listed in Hangouts when you tap on Contacts in your Hangouts app.

In this section, you will see a list of people available for chat, including all online and offline friends. Now, if you can't find someone on that list who was in your Gmail contacts, it means that the person has blocked your email.

how to tell if someone blocked you on hangouts

Remember, it's not easy to find out if someone has blocked your Gmail though. However, this hangout mobile app can clear the confirmation if you have a block in Gmail.

What happens to blocked emails in Gmail?

Blocking someone in Gmail will affect your Gitlock and GChat. If you are blocked by him, your friend will no longer receive your chat messages.

But you can find that person on other services like Google+ and Hangouts.

The thing that blocks this is to move your sent mail to its spam mail folder.

The solution is.

Don't worry. Here I will share game-changing learning with which you can easily track their behaviors and Gmail users will also receive reports for that email when they read it.

Make sure your email is blocked in Gmail: MailTrack

Yes, it is possible to find out if someone has read your Gmail using your computer.

When the person reads your email you will receive a warning-email with all the information. You need to install an extension for this.

If you do not return the mail, you may find that your mail is still in its inbox or in the spam folder and has not yet been read. But whenever you read it you will definitely get an answer. The reader of that mail will not control stopping that email alert to you.

First, go ahead and install Meltrack for Chrome.

To find out if someone has blocked you in Gmail:

1. Open the Chrome browser then go to settings. Then, go to Extensions and click to get more extensions.

2. Search for "MailTrack" and click Add Chrome +. Check the information provided by MailTrack as such.

Make sure no one in Gmail has blocked extensions

3. A pop-up will then appear. Just click Add Extension and it will start downloading and installing automatically.

Make sure someone has blocked Gmail_add

4. After that, it will redirect to a link where you need to sign in for permission. Just sing there with your Google Account.

Make sure no one has blocked Gmail 5

5. Now, click the Allow button to allow it. After that, it will come up in the dashboard. Just keep the Basic Free plan and close the window.

6. Next, log in to your Gmail standard mode. This will only work on Gmail's standard model. 

7. Check that the newly added extension has two symbols added to it. Keep them as they are. 

8. Next, type the email to send to the person you want to track in Gmail, and if they block you and get a reading alert mail for them. Once you have finished sending mail, you will receive a tick in that sent email. But when he reads you will get an email and also this single tick will be changed to a double tick mark.

9. Next, you will receive such emails after he reads.

10. Now you will see a double-tick in that sent mail when that person reads that email. It also shows the time and platform when reading that email.

How do you know if someone is blocking Outlook?

Sometimes blocking someone else is in your view and you have no idea about it. If you think that someone is not reacting to your point of view, they may be blocking you.

You can choose the steps below to make sure no one has blocked you.

First, send an email to the specific blocked contact. Know if the view is blocked

Now, if they use it, wait for their response.

If you haven't received an email back, don't assume they've blocked you.

Try sending more emails to that person using another email address.

Be sure to look nonsense and if an email bounce is found at your other address, it will make it clear that you have been blocked from view.

If you have not yet received a response, be sure to confirm and send the email in question with your other account.

You can also communicate with that person by using your alternate unknown email or phone.

You can ask the person in person if they have blocked you or not.

How do you tell if someone has blocked your email in Yahoo Mail?

If you think someone has blocked you in Yahoo Mail, you can confirm it by using the barrier steps. Sometimes people block you and make you think you have a technical or network problem.

But you can take the steps listed below to make sure they block you. You can easily find out if someone has blocked your Yahoo Mail. Yahoo does not send any notifications regarding blocked accounts and so you need to confirm it in other ways.

To let us know if your email has been blocked on Yahoo,

First, sign in to your Yahoo account and wait a moment for the contact list if Yahoo is blocked.

Look for contacts or suspicious contacts.

Make sure to double-click on the specific person's name.

Send a message and press Enter.

Please wait for any feedback.

Now you can use another Yahoo account and send a message to that specific person. If they block you from your original account, you'll receive a response in your other Yahoo mail. This will ensure that they block you unknowingly.


Follow this step-by-step guide above, and you can reach a better one to track if someone has blocked you in Gmail. You will receive an instant notification whenever your email is read. This is a very straightforward and effective way to know if they are receiving your emails in their inbox. Most people read their inbox emails in 1 to 2 days. So, you can expect read-alert-mails within a maximum of 2 days. If you do not receive an email alert for the emails you have sent, it is likely that the person has blocked you.

1. What if too many people block you from Gmail?

If you email a lot of people and block all of your email IDs, it sends a bad signal to Gmail and Gmail, by default your new emails are delivered to the spam folder for new users.

If the person blocks your email ID, it automatically hits your emails in the spam folder to send future emails to the location recorded by Gmail. So, if someone claims that he didn't receive the email, just ask him to check the spam folder.

2. Why do I get Gmail as spam every day even after blocking?

Blocking a Gmail account does not limit the delivery of email, it only works in the receiver's inbox. If you block someone, you will never receive their email in their inbox, but the email will appear in the spam folder and is not changeable. If you also want to remove emails from spam folders, you need to manually move those emails to Trash / Bin.

3. If you block someone later, will their email queue be found?

If you've previously blocked someone and now have blocked that person, messages from that person will still be in your Gmail. You have two places to find them. Either you stay in the spam folder or find new ones in the inbox automatically. However, be sure to identify the emails that are not spammed to get the new delivery of that person directly to your Gmail inbox.

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