Limit Bandwidth on Netgear

How to Limit Bandwidth on a Netgear Router

Netgear has always been one of the best routers for sharing the Internet. Monitoring traffic and controlling bandwidth is easier on Netzer than any other router.

Netgear is the most expensive router I've ever come across for testing. Choosing the best Netgear model does not solve your speed problem. If your router has too many clients connected to browse the Internet, your Internet speed will be stuck.

Now, in this content, I am going to explain the method of limiting bandwidth in Netgear routers.
You can go directly to: Advanced> Setup> QS Setup> Add rules to limit bandwidth on the Netgear router. If you need more visual guides, this article will help you step by step.

Netgear has many models but the QoS setup is almost the same for all models.

Limit Bandwidth on Netgear
Limit Bandwidth on Netgear

We've listed the complete guide that explains how to limit WiFi speeds for other devices.

Netgear router throttling speed

The most common Netgear gene models featured and described in these general content are the Knighthawk R-7000, R6300; Netgear Router Series: N600 (Model: WNDR3400V3), N300 (Model: DGN2200), N150 (Model: WNR10001 3).

However, Netgear does not provide a bandwidth allocation limit for other clients but instead has the option to set the first priority on critical devices.
The QS setup on the Netgear router works depending on the bandwidth usage.
Let me explain.

Other routers offer options to limit the bandwidth that you can set for different devices at your discretion. This setup is definitely good for you but not for other devices. Suppose you set a 2MBPS limit on a device when connecting 100MBPS broadband. Now, it doesn't matter if you are using the connection or not, but the native will not be able to use the rest of the bandwidth that is unused. However, Netziar has the best solution.
In this section, you can set 'High Priority' for your device and 'Low Priority' for some selected devices.
The setup will now be able to give you the first priority of downloading at full speed and other users will be able to use full bandwidth whenever high users do not use the device.
This is a great setup by Netgear.

Let's start the bandwidth control process of some models of Netgear games.

We are going to show three types of models in this article. All models should come from any one of these models in the same way.

Type 1: Nighthawk R7000 (Netgear Gene)
Type 2: R6300 (Netgar gene)
Type 3: WNR1000v3 (Netgar Smart Wizard) 

Control WiFi speed for other devices in Netgear Zenia (R7000)

This model (R7000) comes with three QoS setups. Upstream, downstream and WMM. Here you need to work upstream QS.

Step 1
First, click 'Advanced' and then select 'Setup' under the WPS Wizard.
Netgear Ginny (R700) Cuse

Step 2
Click on QS Setup from the list and click ‘Setup QS Rules’ under the ‘Upstream QS’ tab.

Step 3
Now from the options, select and click "Add Preference Rule".

Step 4
A tab will open. From there, check for the 'Priority Category' option and select 'MAC Address' from the drop-down list. Now select the device from the list with its MAC address.

Step 5
Now, you will get the option ‘Priority’. Select the priority (General, High or Low) for the specific device you want to set.

Netgear Gene (R7000) priority rule
When done, click the application button.
If you have completed the steps correctly, this will definitely work by limiting the speed of other devices connected to the Netgear router if your device needs to use higher data.

Limit WiFi speeds for others in Netgear Genie (R6300)

This R 6300 model has a slightly different setup for QS. Instead of tabs, the settings are listed one by one. Now let us understand how it can be used.
Step 1
First, go to the 'Advanced' tab and then click 'Setup' from the WPS Wizard tab.
Step 2
Click on QS Setup then click the ‘Turn on Internet Access QS’ option and click on ‘Apply’. Next, click ‘Setup QS Rules’.
Step 3
Now click on 'Add Preference Rules' from the options.
Step 4
From the New tab, look for the 'Priority Category' option and select 'MAC Address' from the menu. Now select a device and the MAC address will be taken automatically.
Step 5
Now, look for the "Priority" option. Select the general, high, or low priority you want to set, then click Apply.
Netzer N600 series routers (WNDR3400) should work with the same function as described here.

Set WiFi Speed ​​Preference Rules on Netgear (Smart Wizard)

Now to explain the setup is an N150 series router, model: WNR1000v3 000 This router is very common in humans. Like the NetGear Genie models, this smart wizard model has the same priority rule settings.
Step 1
First, go to to open the router's admin panel.
Step 2
Now click on ‘QS Setup’ listed below Advanced from the left.
Step 3
Tick ​​‘Turn Internet Access QS On’ and press the Apply button. Then click 'Setup QS Rules'.

Step 4
A window will appear with the name ‘QS Priority Rules’ and click “Add Priority Rules”.
Netgear (SmartWizard) QoS priority rule

Step 5
Now select the MAC address and configure the QS by selecting the device from the list. When done, click Apply.
Netware (SmartWizard) Mac's QoS setup
This was the easiest way to limit WiFi speeds on Netgear routers.

How to limit internet speed on LAN devices?

The system is equal until the add priority rule option. Later when you select the Ethernet LAN port, connected devices will appear (if any). After that, you need to select any device and add a priority rule of high or low of your choice. This is the end.
Ethernet LAN QoS
LAN: QOS Setup >> Setup QS Rules >> Add Priority Rules >> Ethernet LAN Port >> Set Priorities >> Apply.

1. How to monitor traffic meter and bandwidth usage?

Just go to Advanced Setup and click on ‘Traffic Meter. Now, a window will open with a form where you can edit the monthly data usage limit. To turn on the feature, just tick 'Enable Traffic Meter' to input the data transfer limit in MB. Then, click Apply. Now, it’s done.

2. How to find the MAC address of the device connected to the Netgear router?

Go to Advanced> WPS Wizard> Security> Access Control. All devices connected to the router will be displayed with the MAC address. You can check and copy all MAC addresses if you need to. You can allow or block any device you want. However, you will need to tap 'Turn on access control' and press Apply to complete.

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