Naaz Joshi

Naaz Joshi First Indian International Trans Queen Faces Discrimination 

Even after winning 6 international beauty pageants for India and being an undisputed queen who is the first and international trans queen of the country, Naaz Joshi still has to face discrimination on the daily basis.

On one side where she is trying to educate society through various Insta live sessions, one recently with Venkateshwara college and many offline platforms where she is called as a guest of honor. Naaz is still a curse to her family. 

Naaz Joshi
Naaz Joshi

Naaz's father died of cancer and then covid in November 2020, his last wish was to see her in politics and on stage.

She had immense support from her father, naaz is still a victim of gender discrimination at many events where she is invited, the organizers treat her worse than any of the paid guests who have no achievements on their platter. 

It's often difficult to understand the pain of a trans woman who is single handedly being a mother of a girl child embraces the abuses of society only for her children. 

She tried to work in a 4-star hotel at barakambha road where she was used only as a mas marketing gimmick. The director of that hotel is supportive of LGBTQ community but co workers are against LGBT workers and don't let many work there because of their trans phobic nature. 

Naaz has no God mother or father in the industry who could get her that space, that a celebrity beauty queen could have. It's been 7 years since she quit prostitution,  but people don't welcome her in their group because she was a sex worker. Who is responsible for her being sex worker, she or people who refused to give her a day job. She narrates that she has to back out from many contests because of her being an ex escort.

The only Ray of hope she finds is doing social work. She wants to change the current scenario of politics because she is devastated to see the covid situation in India. She has tweeted Rahul Gandhi and Indian National Congress to give her a chance in politics but they never replied to her. In the past she has worked with doctor Udit Raj ex-member of parliament and she enjoyed the grass rootwork.

She helds the current government responsible for these deaths in Delhi and worse no one is accountable for these deaths.

Empress Earth is a contest that's focusing on saving mother earth. She wants to raise a plantation program in India with others. Winning a crown is a responsibility and she is always inspired by international beauty queens who really work on the grass-roots level. 

Indians lack awareness, and I'm open to conversation. I'm willing to educate them," she said. "It shouldn't be a stigma in this day and age." She is bringing in the change by conducting various Sensitization Program, says the hurt Naaz, who expects media to help her raise her voice to make our nation better. Naaz has made the country proud and none of the ministers have bothered to meet her once so that she can present the problems of transgenders in the country. 

Her fault is only she is transgender. She is dynamic, she is bold, she is vocal. But she is suffering because she is transgender. Even after winning so many accomplishments, Naaz has chosen her extended trans community to stay with them partially. Today she has a guru and a Gharana, during Diwali and Holi she is out in bazaars to ask for neks. 

To whose fault is this, she wanted a perfect life for herself and her daughter, people still don’t recognize her as a celebrity because somewhere down the line she is not exposed to the conventional media. A mother, a daughter,  a sister but our Lok sabha and Rajya sabha has named her others. 

When shall we stop othering such talented souls, who have so much to offer?

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