Turn Off Skype Ads

How to Turn Off Ads in Skype - Working Method

Do you want to remove ads from Skype? Advertising is more annoying than selling. When you open the Skype app to make a call, you must face a hang or it will work slowly to fully load the app. This is due to Skype ads.

Skype is mostly used for video calling, although it is also used for business phone systems, cloud PBX, etc.

Turn Off Skype Ads
Turn Off Skype Ads

Unfortunately, there is no option available on your Skype to stop your annoying ads. Skype software developers will do nothing about it as it is their source of income.

However, we will show you a simple process to completely remove the ad placement from Skype.

How does it work?

Skype is a very popular app where you can easily send lots of free messages and make free calls to your friends and family. We use it for our business and personal purposes. It has worked great over time but the ads have made this app heavier and more data subscribers.

Skype is a very common and user friendly software. Ads play a significant part in that area when you're typing or chatting with your friends. So, usually it creates an embarrassing situation. If you want to get rid of these ads, this content will do it easily on your Windows PC.

Bonus: I'll share with you multiple ways to block those ads. In this article I have revealed two ways.

How to block Skype ads permanently?

Just follow the step-by-step guide below to easily block annoying ads on Skype

1. Open the control panel

Open the control panel

First, go to your control panel via "My Computer".

2. View by category mode

After entering Control Panel, click on ‘Network and Internet’ as viewed by section mode. 

3. Click on Network and Sharing Center

Then click Network and Sharing Center.

4. Click on Internet Options

Click on Internet Options. After clicking on the Network and Sharing Center, a new page will open. On the left side you will see the Internet option.

5. Click on the Security tab

A new dialog box will then appear in front of you and then click on the "Security" tab.

6. Click on sites

Click the site. After clicking on the security bar then click "Restricted sites" and then "Sites".

7. Type https://apps.skype.com and click Add

https://apps.skype.com and click Add

After clicking the Site button, simply type https://apps.skype.com in the box and click the Add button.

8. Click the Close button

After clicking the add button, you can see that the Skype URL has been added to the box below. Next, click the Close button and then click OK. After that, you need to 'restart' your Skype so that your changes take effect in an ad. Once you've saved your settings, you won't see any ads on your Skype home screen. If you have just updated your Skype, you may need to take some additional steps to completely block ads on your Skype.

Because when you upgrade your Skype app, your app will be updated to their new program. So, for this you need to do some additional activities which are shown in "Method 2".

Remove Skype ad placeholders in the latest version

If the above method does not work, it will definitely help you. Follow the steps one by one to find the solution to your problem for ads

1. Go to the menu

First make sure you have the latest version of the Skype app. To check, you need to go to the "Help" menu and then click "Check for Updates". If you have the latest version of Skype, you'll see a message like "You already have the latest version of Skype." 

2. Select "Show hidden files, folders or drives" from the View section

Go to the My Computer window and click the "Organize" button which will be displayed at the top left, then click on "Folder Options". Then a new window will appear, just click on the view. Tick ​​next to "Show hidden files, folders or drives". Then click the OK button to save the settings.

3. Configure. XML file

After saving the setting you need to go to my computer and access the C drive. Then click Users. Here you will find your username, just click on it and then click on "App Data". Then, click on Roaming and here you will find Skype, just click on it.

After clicking on Skype, you will see your Skype username and then click on it. A.

4. Mark read-only

Then right-click on "Config. XML" and choose the Properties option and mark it as read-only. Then press OK to save your entire settings.

5. Restart your Skype

Then restart your Skype and now you can chat and make video calls on Skype without any banner ads. So how can you do this. I hope you got the idea!

How to update your skype?

If you want to update your Skype, you can do so easily with a few simple steps. Just follow these steps below -

1. Click Help

Just click on the "Help" menu at the top of Skype.

2. Click Update for Check

After clicking on the help menu, you will get "Check for updates". Then click on it.

Note: After clicking there, your Skype app will automatically receive updates, you don't have to do anything else and you can enjoy the latest and ad-free Skype.

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