user not found on instagram

Instagram Profile Picture shows but User not Found 

I was looking for someone on Instagram and searched for that name and when I tapped the name I found the "user not found" message on his profile. I have a lot of bookmarks in my browser on different Instagram profiles and every time I click on it redirects me to the profile where I can see all the things if the profile is public or if I follow it.

Typically, Instagram shows you posts, the number of followers, and the list below, even the profile is personal or without an account. But here I did not see any post count on that profile and I wondered what it means to 'no user search'.

This is why I came up with a number of things to understand the reasons for ‘User not found’ on Instagram profile and I found the reasons that will lead you to this kind of error on your Instagram. Finally, I correct this in this article.

Instagram Profile Picture shows but User not Found
user not found on instagram

There are a number of reasons for this 'User not found' error. If you misspelled the username or the profile is disabled, you will see this error message in that profile. Not only that, sometimes I see a person whose account Instagram itself was banned from, showing this kind of message to others whenever he tries to open his own profile on Instagram.

What does 'user not found' mean?

‘User not found’ is displayed when someone simply deletes their Instagram profile or changes their username. Also, if he just blocks you, you'll see the same error.
If you have just changed your username or password and you see such errors, you need to look back in the search bar to find your username there. Not found?… This error actually occurs for many reasons, I have listed many of them but not limited to. Most likely, Instagram has banned your account due to the fact that you can see your profile picture in the account, as well as the 'user not found error, you need to request a review on your Instagram to restore access.
If you see the profile picture with the 'User not found error, make sure that the person does not have access to his account for any of the Instagram accounts or that he has only temporarily disabled his Instagram.
Now, in some cases, when a user is banned by Instagram or disables the profile, you will still be able to see the old profile picture. I saw it on a friend's profile when Instagram temporarily locked his account due to a violation of community standards.

Instagram user not found means blocked or inactive?

If you see the 'User not found error on your Instagram when you try to open someone's profile, it can happen on your Instagram for a number of reasons. If you mistype a username on Instagram just to open someone's profile, the same will lead to an error that shows you that the user could not be found.
Also, either the user simply changed his username or simply deleted his profile. In both cases, this type of error occurs when you try to open your profile from your Instagram account. Now let’s find out what causes your Instagram user not found the issue.

1. The user can delete his profile

‘User not found’ means the person is not accessible to Instagram from your profile. Now, this situation occurs whenever a person deletes his Instagram profile.
Come on in, take a look and enjoy the 'Unknown Users' issue. First of all, you must make sure that someone has deleted their profile. Whenever you open his Instagram profile from your Instagram app or on the desktop, if you see his profile picture, it may be a clear indication that the person simply blocked you or simply removed his account from Instagram by deactivating his account.
In my case, when I was trying to find him on my Instagram I was looking for the same person, I got exactly the same error message ‘User not found’. I switched to incognito browser mode and checked out her profile via profile link and I found that the same profile is visible with all the information like following count, follow count and post count.

2. The person may have changed the username

Now in another case, I've had someone experience that whenever he tried the same way by searching his profile without an account in the browser window, he actually saw the same message as 'no user found' and it just became clear to me that the person Disabled profile or just changed its username. I thought that if the person just changed his username he could be on the list below and soon I asked my friend to find his profile from the list below that profile and if the case just changed the username of his profile, the person can still be found in the list below Where a new username can be found for a new link to his Instagram profile.

You know that the person will only be available if they have changed the username of their Instagram profile without blocking you, in this case, all your likes and comments will be found in your posts and you will not be removed from the list of followers.

3. You misspelled the username

This is the most common mistake you can make by mistaking the username of someone's profile link. Whenever you open your profile on your desktop try to check the URL correctly to open the right link.
I remember whenever someone sent me an incorrect profile link to open from my app I only saw the same error ‘user not found. The next day when I pinned my friend to open the link again with the new URL, he later confirmed that he had just typed the username incorrectly and that was why I received the error message on my Instagram.

4. The user can disable his Instagram

In that case, if the user temporarily deactivates his Instagram account you will see a profile picture with his name and a 'User not found error message. When you see this type of message on someone's Instagram profile, be sure that the person has deleted his or her Instagram profile, but he or she has blocked you if you see the same from your friend's profile.

I have a lot of friends like this who showed me the same error message over and over again every time they opened their Instagram account. I made sure it was temporary inactivity of a profile when I see them back on my follower list a few days later. These days you won't see the profile of the person who just disabled his Instagram (with error messages like "User not found").

5. Instagram has probably banned accounts for spam

Another reason is that if a person spamms excessively on Instagram, it ends up showing 'user not found'. In that case Instagram will block his profile for a limited time or may ban his Instagram profile permanently. It is suspected on that person's Instagram that a community took action against that person by blocking their actions and complete profile (sometimes temporarily) for violating the standard guidelines for that Instagram.

If someone encounters such a situation, you will see their profile under the error message 'User not found' and the solution to the problem is automatic. A few days later, you will see the profile again on Instagram when Instagram removes the ban from its profile.

6. The page no longer exists

If you have the link to the profile, just type in your mobile browser or desktop browser window without logging in to an account and check what it looks like for that link. If you notice that an error message like this page is not available or the user does not exist, the link is lost and the person is not available on Instagram or simply deletes his Instagram profile.

Bonus: Whenever you first see this kind of error, do a fact check. If you see a 'user not found' in a profile instead of a name, you can follow the button, the post count on the profile which means the user is tricking by changing his name into a message error and if it's really funny you can find it You may find that I did the same for my friend who actually changed the name of her profile to 'Username not found', when post counts, followers counts, and counts below were visible on the profile.

Instagram user not found but can view profile picture

If you want to fix the 'User Not Found' issue on your Instagram, you need to take a few steps to resolve this issue from your Instagram account. Many people have experienced that whenever they change their username, their Instagram is automatically blocked by mistake or the account is temporarily suspended due to some policy violation on Instagram. Now if you see that there is a problem with your profile, you can fix it.
But if you see the problem for other people, it will be restored on Instagram at the request of that person. Now let’s talk about some of the best fixes that can help restore an Instagram account that shows “user not found”.

1. Delete third party applications

If you use a third-party tool to automate your Instagram to post your likes and comments, or to gain a follow-up list, this could be a spam problem for how Instagram may permanently or temporarily ban your account. To resolve future touch issues, you will need to delete a third-party application that automatically accepts your Instagram credentials in order for the bot to use your account. And it is recommended to change your password to recover your account from this hack

2. Wait a week

While a few Instagram accounts are restored a few days later, Instagram automatically restores all your access to the account to perform all activities. If you wait a while like a week, you can see that account access will be restored automatically. When Instagram temporarily bans your account for b days, keep in mind that the time to block your account can range from days to days to weeks, and this is determined by the activity you are performing. Unable to open your secondary account on Instagram, there may be a chance that you will soon be banned if you notice such activity on your new account again.

3. Request a review on Instagram

The final solution is to contact the Instagram team to request a review. If you think Instagram has been blocked for spam or abuse, and you think it was an error, you can request a review from the Instagram team, they can return your account to you if the problem isn't serious. , Explain well if they need any specification to recover your account on an urgent basis.

Now it may take longer for the Instagram team to review your account, or sometimes they may not even take action within the first week, and the worst part is that they may not respond to you whenever your account's spam activity has increased so much. Cannot be restored again.


Finally, I would suggest that if you see this kind of error, it could be that person has blocked you or your Instagram has banned your profile. In either case, if you think something went wrong or if it is temporary for your own account, you can resolve the issue automatically by requesting the Instagram team to restore your account access to access your own account. Becomes fixed.
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