Top 7 Best Lock Apps For WhatsApp

Top 7 Best Lock Apps For WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become the most popular online messaging app in the last few years. Most people in our personal and professional circles are on WhatsApp. Since this is one of the most preferred methods of chatting, keeping our chats safe or kept secret from others has become particularly brutal. There are a lot of apps that can help lock WhatsApp but sometimes we don’t want to lock WhatsApp, we just want to hide a few chats. Here are the top 10 apps to lock WhatsApp that can help you hide certain chats and even lock the whole app if you want.

Top 7 Best Lock Apps For WhatsApp
Top 7 Best Lock Apps For WhatsApp

1. Locker for Whats Chat App

The app is a wonderful gift for those who want to lock certain chats on WhatsApp. It's completely free and you won't see annoying ads. Using this application, you can lock your private and group chats. This makes it a perfect WhatsApp chat locker app and also, the user interface of this app is very simple and easy to understand. Grab this amazing app and lockdown your private chats.

2. Lockdown Pro – AppLock & Vault

Another app in our list of best WhatsApp lockers apps is Lock Down Pro. This app cannot be avoided when it comes to the best apps for locking WhatsApp. The app can be used to lock apps using fingerprint and provides rock solid protection for your personal data. In addition to locking up WhatsApp and other apps on your Android smartphone, this app is also able to hide photos and videos from your gallery.

3. Lock For Apps (WhatsLock)

It can lock such apps on your Android device as WhatsApp, messaging apps, galleries and contacts. Use Lock for Apps (WhatsApp) to prevent people from getting lost in your private chat on WhatsApp. This is a great help in preventing people from finding media on your device. The app brings a feature to completely hide photos and videos in the gallery. This will hide WhatsApp chat messages with a cover on them. This will show any messages or photos to the viewer and lock will be displayed. If you are trying to unlock it, provide the password and enter the application. It is a smart app trusted by many to lock WhatsApp chat.

4. Messenger and Chat block

By using a PIN, you can secure WhatsApp on your device. The Messenger and Chat Block app was created to lock applications on Android devices. This app will lock WhatsApp for you to ensure the protection of your personal data on the phone. Like all text, photos and videos in the app are important to you and should not be viewed in public. You can add customizations to the app to lock WhatsApp with auto-lock. Also, the app can click on an image if you enter an incorrect password. Protect your messages and media on WhatsApp with this app on your phone. It works as one of the best WhatsApp security lock apps.

5. App Lock -Lock Apps, PIN & Pattern Lock

With this app you can securely lock WhatsApp as it offers options of PIN, pattern and password. It can lock your personal photos and videos in the gallery to keep them safe on the phone. You don’t have to worry about sharing photos on WhatsApp now because you can now lock the whole gallery on the phone. Also, texts and calls on WhatsApp are kept secret with app lock. This application prevents intruders from invading your privacy. If an incorrect password is entered, it may disguise an error message on the screen. This is a very good chat lock for WhatsApp because no one can access the app without a password.

6. AppLock – Fingerprint

If you have a fingerprint scanner on your device, it is always a safe option to lock it using a fingerprint scanner. The app also locks notifications from apps that you see in the notification bar. You can customize the time when the selected apps are locked, or you can choose the specific WiFi or Bluetooth connection on which your apps will be locked automatically.

7. Private App Lock

The next on our list of the best WhatsApp locker apps is Private App Lock. These are the lockdown messaging applications on your Android smartphone. Like other great apps for locking WhatsApp, it lets users lock apps with a passcode or a pattern. You can lock your other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Line or WeChat. The user interface of the application is easy to understand and it is suitable for those who do not want any application to take up too much space on the device.

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