How To Become A WhatsApp Beta Tester

Easy way to Become A WhatsApp Beta Tester For Android

Like any other app, WhatsApp releases updates after developers and WhatsApp beta testers try to make changes to the beta version. Once the updates are tested and bug-free, an update is made available to the public. Those who become beta testers on WhatsApp and think about the updates can take part in the test and help in the development who can join it. How do you enjoy the benefits of messaging service WhatsApp with its alluring features? Earlier this year, WhatsApp launched the status feature just like Instagram Story. This happens every time before an update rolls. So, while we enjoy the latest features of WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned company is already working on its next update. An update to the WhatsApp Messenger beta was released during the test.

How To Become A WhatsApp Beta Tester
How To Become A WhatsApp Beta Tester

The universally used version of WhatsApp Messenger, another WhatsApp Messenger beta is still in the testing phase. You will see the difference as soon as you join the tester program. It's fun to find the latest updates before they're released. Also, adding a comment or responding can help the app improve a feature. So

What is WhatsApp Messenger Beta?

It is also an application created by WhatsApp Inc. so there is no need to worry about its authentication. This is basically a version of WhatsApp that is under development. It is available for testing by actual users and you can sign up for it. To join this program, you must be an examiner to review all changes made by the development team. You can leave your comments for any feature that is under maintenance or development. This gives you a variety of options to see the latest upcoming features on WhatsApp before others. Thus, you can gain the experience of a privileged group of testers. Each beta version is responsible for future updates. The beta version has several changes that occur just before each WhatsApp update.

How do I join WhatsApp Beta Tester?

So, now we know what the beta version of WhatsApp is. Let's discuss how to enjoy this service and become a beta tester on WhatsApp. First of all, there is no need to have another application for this. The app you are using is the key to the beta testing program.

When you apply for it, you may not immediately receive a response to join the program. Many times it takes a few hours to get feedback from the team as many have applied for the tester joining program on WhatsApp. It may be accepted within 24 hours to get the information check on the same page given in the link above. Please note that only the approved beta version of WhatsApp is available on the Google Play Store.

If it is not accepted, you will see a message because this type of program has reached its maximum limit. So WhatsApp Messenger can be a beta tester or try another time for another beta update for the app.

After the update, you can see that the name of the app changes to the beta version of WhatsApp with its number. You can test the latest feature in the details test. Also, you can see the comments section at the bottom, which will be a response from the testers to the developing team.

Note that the beta version has frequent updates and you may want to update your application regularly if you want to check out all the features.

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