Top 8 Best Android Backup Software

Top 8 Best Android Backup Software in 2022

There are a plethora of reasons why it can save documents, files, photos, movies, videos, apps, and keynotes that we love and rely on our Android devices without a second thought. But aren't you afraid of losing all this data in the blink of an eye for some reason? Yes, you can lose them due to data corruption, phone damage or virus infection and for that you need to find the best Android backup software right now.

Let's go with smart android backup software without losing any valuable data.

Top 8 Best Android Backup Software
Best Android Backup Software

1. Right Backup

It says a comprehensive package for backing up your Android to your protected PC. You don't have to search for different software when the right backup is integrated with your PC and Android. Even if you accidentally lose your phone, your login credentials can get you to the data protected by this best Android backup software.

2. Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone is known as the most flexible way to backup Android on PC. Why is that? With unlimited support on over 8000 Android devices, it allows selective backup options and at the same time takes all your data such as photos, videos, SMS, music, call logs and everything in between!

3. MOBILedit

Get yourself this amazing phone manager that serves as the core of phone content management. This Android backup software is capable of taking media files and Android file system beyond basic contacts and pictures / videos etc.

4. Moboplay

Another great way to use MoboPlay to back up your Android phone is to work with a skilled phone manager, but it also cleans up space, helps transfer files, and restores backups. Additionally, you can backup APK files as well as applications without root.

5. Fonedog

The list of Android backup extractors includes FoneDog is another skill. Download it to your laptop and computer and any problem of broken or damaged phone must be solved while your data can be easily recovered.

6. Mobisynapse

Android Desktop Manager which can easily sync reminders between your Outlook contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, devices is the best way to stay hassle free with Mobisinaps and Android phones.

7. Moborobo

The best way to backup an Android phone is Moborobo, an Android backup extractor that takes your call logs, contacts, messages, files and more and you can easily access them through your PC.

8. SyncDroid

As the name suggests, SyncDroid is a smooth Android sync manager for connecting call logs, bookmarks, music, videos, etc. between PC and phone. This free method for Android backup on PC supports USB connection and Wi-Fi connection using USB debugging mode and SyncDroid application.

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