OnePlus new logo and visual identity

This is OnePlus' new logo and visual identity

OnePlus redefines its first logo, the company switches to a new font and a curved design.

OnePlus' new logo and visual identity
OnePlus' new logo and visual identity

OnePlus has launched a new logo, the first time it has changed its brand identity.

The new logo has curve number 1 and a new font for better readability.

OnePlus is updating its visual identity with the new logo and switching to a new color palette including cyan, green, magenta, blue and yellow.

OnePlus has unveiled its new logo, and while the company isn’t moving too far away from its previous design, it’s making a few changes to make it stand out. The biggest change is that the number "1," is being moved to a curved design.

For the visual identity, the company notes that it retains a classic OnePlus look but has a "more balanced feel:"

The logo introduces a new curve "1" that is easier to read when adjusting the weight of the logotype for better overall balance. With the consent of the OnePlus community, the "+" box in the neighborhood has been enlarged and is now even more prominent, which has played a key role in the company's ongoing success.

The refreshed logo creates a clear relationship between symbols and trademarks while allowing for more flexible application and improved recognition in digital media.

OnePlus is switching to a new font for better readability and updating its color palette to include cyan, green, magenta, blue and yellow:

Visual Identity comes with a new color palette centered on OnePlus' iconic red, followed by an updated secondary palette of cyan, green, magenta, blue and yellow to make the company's design and resources more vibrant and vibrant. A new font improves clarity and is easy for the eyes.

OnePlus says it has worked with internal creatives and an external firm for more than seven months to bring “fresh brand identity”. From Mattis Hawkinson, OnePlus Global Creative Director:

OnePlus is not changing who we are, but strengthening what we are saying - the real consciousness of Never Settle. We always design for our users. We feel that these changes retain the iconic elements of our brand that are loved by our employees and our community and inject both tension and balance into our visual identity.
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